Is ganking cyberbullying?


Well if he is in a pvp server he is implicitly concenting to get ganked.

Tell him to stay in pve, you also have no right to “convince him” to do something he doesn’t want to, he will not enjoy a pvp server jut let him be.

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Goes into a PvP server and expects not to get ganked. Gets ganked and claims he was cyber bullied. This is more of a joke than Diablo immortal.


Yes it is a cyberbullying that both party fully agreed whether they would be bully or the bullied one.

The moment they clicked into that red PVP realm text


Except that is not what TC is describing.


Make sure especially that your friend isn’t on the same server as SERENITY NOW


Your friend needs some tea.


I feel like he kinda needs some bullying.


It’s as much cyber bullying as killing someone in an FPS is…


lol what? your friend has skin so thin you can see right through it.


How do you paste image on post


Consent is expressly given by rolling on PVP. It is not revocable. PVE server, or retail is the correct place for him.

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No because your choosing to put yourself in a pvp situation. Don’t want to be ganked, there is a simple resolution.


I heard Alliance completely and utterly owns Kromcrush.

Proud of those guys.

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Roll with him on a PvE server? There’s no law saying you can’t play on more than one server.


Technically yes…but no.


Simple, Op! tell him that he doesn’t want to play on a server with you then he should go and practice killing boars in the forest. As long as you’re grouped then a pvp server is no big deal.


The forums have levels. You have to be level 3 to post images. I don’t know why they did this.

This post details it more.


And then when you have friends who want to roll on a pvp server in the social game, you either

A. don’t play the social game with your friends

B. play in an environment you hate until you’ve made too much of a time investment to go anywhere else

let’s not pretend there aren’t coercive elements that get people to play somewhere they hate


Phew, this post really brought out the tough guys.

Ganking is part of the game, but yes it can cross over into griefing/bullying. PvP happens on PVE servers too, but you can decide when to participate in it. I’ve played on both, and I personally didn’t miss anything on the pve servers. Ymmv.


If you create a character on a pvp server, you are consenting to PvP. There’s a solution for people who don’t want to be ganked. Create your character on a normal server, not a PvP server. Problem solved.