Is ganking cyberbullying?


Trying to shame people by accusing them of bullying for playing a game as intended (PVP on pvp server) is cyberbullying.


I might get in trouble for this. But no, cyber bullying is telling someone to kill their self. Ganking is doing it for them. See the difference?


you dont, he will quit as soon he leaves the starting safespace zone


Ya know what, you pick your butt up, run back to your body and continue on. It takes what…maybe a few minutes? Big freakin deal. I’m on a pvp server and have been putting in long hours since launch. Out of all the pvp so far, I can count on 1 hand which were ‘ganks’.

You won’t convince them to play a pvp server, though. There are simply anti-pvp players; one of my friends is one and likewise refused to come to my main server. This is my first pvp server, and if anything I find the added element of world pvp to be a welcome change. No, it’s not the same as flagging on a pve server either.

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Would make sense that you haven’t been ganked if you’re ahead of the curve in regards to player levels


Therapist: Tell me, how did being Ambushed by that Rogue when you were just trying to do your quests in STV make you feel?

OP’s friend: It made me feel bullied and highly oppressed.

Therapist: Have you tried not being a little bi-


Netherwind represent.


It’s not, but at least now you know your friend needs safe spaces.


You can’t convince a person like that of anything…especially “otherwise”.


Your friend is a effn retaurd and you should find new friend

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No. Cyberbullying is cyberbullying.

This is a game. As part of the rules of this game, player versus player combat necessarily involves fighting other players.

Your friend will never adapt to a PvP server.


Don’t bother. If he doesn’t want to play on a PVP server, you don’t have to play with him.


Ganking is cyberbullying.

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No, it isn’t. It’s just a game not a psychodrama. Sheesh.


You shouldn’t try. This is exactly the kind of person that will start QQing after their first gank.

Let him roll on a PvE server, it will be better for everyone.


I just avoided getting ganked by 2 guys. I wasn’t being cyberbullied, I was being ganked. I’m sure they are nice ppl in real life and it was all in good fun. Your friend needs to realize the difference between fun and actual bullying.


Technically? Yes. Realistically? No.

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Ganking is just good, clean, PvP fun. Everyone gets ganked. Rolling on a PvP server is all about the revenge. LOL It’s just good natured fun.

If you have ever been bullied in real life, you would know the difference.


I think your friend belongs on a pve server if they’re that scared of pvp. They should also seek counseling and/or psychiatric help.