Is ganking cyberbullying?


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I kind of think of being on the business end of a ganking as PTSD treatment. For years I lived in hostile environments and quiet often had someone hunting me, when you thwart an ambush or better turn the table on your would be assassin there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, what’s better and quite addicting is the euphoric feeling of having survived the engagement. It really is quite addicting, I can remember days of wanting to hunt men and feeling this tremendous drive to kill.

When I came back to civilization there were no longer people hunting me, no survivors euphoria, no sense of accomplishment for having thwarted an ambush and I found myself stuck in this nightmare of a psychological loop where I wasn’t really looking for the ambush but instead had this overpowering feeling that I had missed the signs and was standing in the kill box. Almost a constant feeling of panic.

PVP alleviates this to a degree, it forces a person to become hyper-aware of their surroundings and burns off the feeling that you’re standing naked in a kill box. It also gives vent to those aggressive instincts to a degree.

If your friend doesn’t feel the need to be hyper-aware or if their ego is to big to stand the idea that they can be beaten then PVP is not for them, but for those of us that require more complex interaction with the world around us it’s if not relaxing then very therapeutic.

Tell your friend that he’s just helping me work through reintegration into a world that in many ways is now alien to me, I’m sure he’ll feel much better about that.


Cyberbullying is when someone attacks or harasses you without your consent or desire to respond in kind. If you roll on a PVP server, you’re literally agreeing to ganking. If you don’t like that, don’t roll on a PVP server. I personally rolled PVE as I don’t want to deal with that. So should he.


Just an update on this. I showed my friend this thread and he got really upset. I told him about how I go to lowbie contested zones and lay immolation traps on low health players and see if they can out-eat the damage, or how I put frost traps down in front of lowbies running from mobs as a fun game and now we’re not speaking. I think our friendship is reaching it’s end unfortunately.


Don’t associate yourself with weak people. Sounds like your friend wants to be a victim and just wants attention. You’re doing yourself a favor if you distance yourself from them. Weak minded people like that are contagious.

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OMG please make this thread go away.

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It basically is.


No. Anyone who says otherwise is literally making it up or is so detached from reality they make up crap like this.


I don’t think so.

Is it possible to cyber bully on a pvp server? Yes. But I don’t think ganking itself qualifies bc rolling on a pvp server is giving implied consent.


Your friend is very un-smart.

Maybe it’s cyberbullying if they’re getting ganked by a skull level and corpse camped for too long, but otherwise it’s how PvP servers are supposed to operate.

Your friend is simply afraid of PvP and is trying to weakly justify their aversion.


Not reading 232 posts but no, ganking is not bullying. Camping can be seen to be but I’ve never camped someone unless they really deserved it. Gank? Sure.


2 ally warriors ganked me in STV when I fought a mob at 30% health. Payback is a bishop, ran into one of the Warriors alone and got vengeance. Best part dude didn’t have a mount so I killed/camped for 2 hours.

How’s that for cyber bullying? Lol


That’s actually funny because if someone let you camp them for two hours they deserve it.


It’s not. but i don’t have time to get ganked.


Allisow has said it best.
You consent when you click on enter world.


I’m stealing this


I want it back and I want it now. :grin:


You’re a terrible person and I am ashamed that your comment made me laugh.


Some people don’t like that playstyle. But, of course it’s not fun to get ganked… the fun is to get revenge.


You’re friend is a child. Tell them to grow up. It’s pvp.