Is ganking cyberbullying?


Honestly, it can be. WoW’s combat doesn’t make for good PvP. After a certain point, people are clearly being dicks for the sake of being dicks.


only if they call you gay.


i mean they aren’t supposed to do it so…yes. that’s called a foul. you should’ve said “in a handegg game”.


Depends, are you doing it daily, for 12 hours over the span of several days or weeks? Getting information about whereabouts from the other faction?

Yes, and even Blizzard might get involved.

A level 60 ganking some level 32? Nope, just wpvp being what it is


You should run for Governor.


I played Horde side from the end of BC until I quit in the first year of Cata. I got bored at one point and rolled Alliance rogue to mess with people while leveling in the open world. Well let me tell ya, that server was so overpopulated with Horde that any world pvp I engaged in resulted in multiple max level people being called in to stop my “bullying”. Kinda sad, especially given that I mostly sapped people, laughed, and hid until I did again a bit later. Oh no, you were inconvenienced for a few seconds, whatever will you do!

That said, when the entire purpose of your actions is to simply ruin someone else’s day, then yeah, you’re a jerk and you need to sort out your mental problems. That type of behavior isn’t healthy (or welcome in civil society). “But it’s just a game” - yeah, it’s not for the people who truly do this as a the only power trip they can muster in their sad little lives.


In practice, in my experience, playing on a pvp server isn’t worth the bother. Most, if not all, the “world pvp” is bunch of high level players killing low level players where it is mathmatically impossible for the high level players to lose. That’s not “player vs. player”, it’s “my numbers are bigger, haha, I win!”, which is ultimately kinda pointless.

The best world pvp I experienced was actually on Feathermoon, an RP server, back in BC. Lots of people would do the regional bonus locations and even flag themselves and RP a bit. It was an experience that felt true to the spirit of the world, of Warcraft, rather than some schmucks on the interwebs getting their lulz or whatever the kids are calling it these days.


Yesterday for 4 hours I was attacking ALL alliance in STV. Only gained 2 bars of XP during that time. I got around 50-70 kills with myself and others. I died at least 20.

It went out of my way just to attack them, Or sap them while drinking and dance.
My favourite was using distract in booty bay to get alliance to run off the docks. That tactic doesn’t not Aggro the guards.

I simply laughed when I died as I know I deserved it. They called in the squad to take me out a few times. It was great.

But I skipped leveling just to pvp. It is what it is.


See, that’s organic PvP, which can be really quite enjoyable. Good on you.

The bullying thing comes into play when people do things like corpse camp someone explicitly to ruin their game play experience, especially when the target is too low level to mathematically be able to win if they fight back. That kind of thing is a sick person taking out their real world problems, which is unfortunate for all parties, both the problem-child who isn’t getting the mental help they need and their target who doesn’t deserve to be the subject of grief.

Serious business, right? :slight_smile: Ah well, always some bad apples in every bunch. Just have to ignore them and carry on.


Different folks, different play styles.
Personally, I don’t think cyberbullying is the right term, but I do understand your friend.
I don’t think it’s really ANYONE’S chosen play style to just lay there dead, get your body, get ganked again by someone 20 levels higher, over and over, which does happen. And if you choose a PvP server, you accept that as a potential part of what you sign up for. If that’s not something you find entertaining, you should probably stay on PvE.


Your friend is a snowflake, u can’t save those people .


No, but DDoS attacks are.


He’s still a good friend of mine though. If only there was some way to convince him otherwise.


and if you were a good friend of his you would respect his ability to make good decisions/


No, pvp on a pvp server isn’t cyber bullying. If you think it is, PvE realms are waiting for you.


I cyber bully people into delicious honor points


I agree with the moo cow, I’ll cyber bully someone for Honor , flex rights and juat because I’ma rogue and it’s what I’m built to do.


You can see everything as cyberbullying if you want, not only world pvp. On a pve server, you can consider cyberbullying if someone steals the copper vein node from you cause he got there first “but you wanted it”, or if someone need rolls on an item that’s an upgrade for them “but you wanted it”, or even if they kill boars quicker then you and you’re left waiting for the respawns… getting out bid in the AH also… everything can be seen as bullying. So to answer your question it’s only cyberbullying if you forgot to take your pills in the morning and that’s gonna leave you having a break down, otherwise no it’s not


Agreed, if you fear to be a victim of the internet, better avoid it.
There are still games out there that work offline or in single player ))


lol back in Ultima Online you got ganked and lost all your inventory just for looking at a stranger the wrong way half the time, it was glorious. while WoW’s PKing can be fun, i wouldn’t consider it bullying. bullying is when you lose your lunch money and pair of Nikes.