Ion has never used the words “I promise” before the layering thing. Ever. This is a landmark event and one he KNOWS we will hold him to.

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He promised that layering would be gone in the first few weeks, and said that Layering would not affect world bosses because it won’t be in Phase 2.

Like saying:

  • The car will run out of petrol after about 100 miles.
  • No, you won’t reach New York from Los Angeles because the petrol will have run out long before that.
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By definition a “few” means more than one. Period. More than one.
Could be 2, could be 20, could be 48 weeks…any number of weeks up to phase 2.

Just remember that Ion was a lawyer and is pretty keen on using lawyer speak…truthful but vague.

Yeah… no.


  1. a small number of.
    “may I ask a few questions?”
  • synonyms: not many, hardly any, scarcely any;
  • a small number of, a small amount of, a small quantity of, one or two, a handful of, a sprinkling of;
  • little;
  • informal a couple of
    “police are revealing few details about the victim”
  • a small number, a handful, a sprinkling, one or two, a couple, two or three;
  • not many, hardly any
    “to a few, overcoming their fear of flying becomes a challenge”

By the dictionary definition anything over three or four (at a stretch for “handful”) is not “a few”.

All I can say is “dream your dream”

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Sure, but as you said, Ion is a laywer, and uses his words carefully. He did not mean “48 weeks”.

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Well we shall have to wait and see now won’t we ?

Totally get the objections against layering, I’m no fan of the system myself… Having said that, real talk? If I take a week off work for launch and have to endure 10k+ queues like I did in vanilla? Not sure I’d stick around.

I’m not a 19 year old student who can sit at my computer for 12 hours a day anymore. If I’m going to spend half my playtime looking at a number slowly decrease then I’m out.


If the server pop is still too high at the end of phase 1 they should just shut it down and open a suitable number of new servers. People who don’t feel like waiting in a queue can roll new toons and everyone’s happy

We call that “realm splitting”. However, if its still too high after a few weeks, it’ll be a tremendous break from pretty much every realistic estimation.

The only reason we would still use layering at the end of phase 1 is if the pop is still too high. So this is the only circumstance where we would need to worry about it

And its such a tiny likelihood that planning for it would discard every realistic scenario in favor of a fantasy.

“I can’t go to the prom with any students. I’m holding out for Tom Holland…”

Ok so we agree there’s no real concern about layering hanging around for an extended period

Oh there is concern if it does. We don’t want it, and #IonPromised it would be gone within a few weeks.

But yeah, I’m not concerned that that situation is likely.

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and wouldn’t realm splitting be where people keep their current char’s on a new server? Which isn’t at all what i suggested

It would be. A realm with an average of 6k players split into two. But that’s the most extreme case. In reality, you’re more likely to have them make new realms and offer transfers which a portion of the players will take. You’d only need to realm split if no-one wants to take the transfer and the numbers are far too high.

Tha’s what I said, start a new server for new characters. They don’t usually allow xfers to new servers until about a month in. Some will want to stick with their characters and suffer the queue times while others will start anew. The classic vanilla ecperience. The layering at the start will help determine what is required and ensure the launch goes smoothly

I’m still worried.

I really don’t think that people who want classic would quit over overcrowded launches and possibly a server merge even.

I DO think a lot of people won’t even play because of layering.

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But Ion also promised we’d not have significant amount of sharding in Classic, by stating it’d be at most contained to the starting zones if at all…

And now the whole world is sharded aka layered, for weeks or months, because it holds an entirely new purpose that turns out to help server management…again, just like in retail, at the cost of the MMORPG that WoW is supposed to be 100% present in Classic, start to finish.

I’m sorry, but i’m not personally close enough to Ion to make me wanna believe him on his promise at the cost of the game, just so people can see that he can perhaps uphold a promise this time, and applaud him if he does so and allows Classic to release a couple weeks in instead of on the 27th August.

I just care about the game. And layering is looking to mess that up big time, even in the temporary time frame it’s supposed to be present. :frowning:
Sorry Ion, i’m sure you mean well. #nochanges


The only people who care about layering are the diehard #nochanges crowd. I promise you despite their protests on the forums, they will play at launch. An official classic server with layering is still infinitely better than any private server shenanigans.