Yup. That’s right guys I’m making a layering thread. Well actually it’s a thread about #ionpromised.
Yes. I can deal with layering for phase 1. I don’t want dead realms a few months in. Nor should we have to pay the mtx toll to get off a dead server.
I and every classic enthusiast should hold Ion/Blizz to this promise.
If the day comes that they say layering is staying beyond phase 1. We should collectively unsub and light up ALL social media outlets.
Let them and the world know they balked on their word.
Like he said there should only ever be one world boss up per server. I for one am looking forward to the pvp carnage of world bosses. Layering must be gone by phase 2 to ensure this.

I don’t care if it’s gone the day phase 2 begins but gone it must be.
My pledge is this: I will deal with layering through phase 1. I will not accept it beyond phase 1. If layering extends beyond phase 1 (for whatever reason. Idc if the bulk of tourists don’t leave. Hope they have a contingency plan for this scenario. If not. Oh well. They shouldn’t have promised) I’m unsubbing and going full blown fanatical board warrior. I swear my sword to this cause. Who’s with me?
Lok’tar Ogar!


What a random gif to include.


I’m with you on just about everything you advocate. I’m also a fan of your wit.

But on this one, I just can’t do it. I just don’t care enough about layering to want to quit if it stays past phase 1. If Blizz keeps it past phase 1, they probably have a compelling reason and it probably makes sense.

My money is on them keeping it in if the population or whatever else requires it. I would be sad if you quit.


Layering beyong phase 1 would be a disappointment but by then I will already have one, maybe 2 max level characters and a healthy assortment of pre raid bis dungeon gear and raid gear on at least one of those characters.

So no, I wouldn’t quit. Too much time invested. Still better than private servers who regularly vanish overnight.


Not random. 2pac said in 2 live and die in LA: We might fight amongst each other but I promise you this: We’ll burn this down get us mad. edited for language but you get the idea.
Oh and the match is lighting up. Lol.



Appreciate you brother.

That’s coo. We still homies but blizz shouldn’t have promised. I don’t care if none of the “tourists” leave. Someone in thise meetings should have said “what if we’re completely wrong on this?”

They shouldn’t have written a check they might not be able to cash.

I’m going to be sad but now I’ve given my word and I mean it. Come phase 2 either layering or Padre is out. I’m not going quietly though. Twitter, reddit, and facebook don’t require subs to post.


The longer it’s in, the more the game will change away from what blizzard said it is supposed to be. An authentic recreation. Having realms where you can have 10k logged in at once but I only see 1/3 of them is not the same. I remember that Vis Major was a top end guild on my first vanilla server, and I remember inspecting them on the ironforge bridge. I barely remember what guild the alt I’m leveling right now is in. The smaller communities made the game different in so many ways, and long term layering will hurt that.



This dang love cap. I got an hour before I can share more love guys. Like the discourse on this so far.
The truth is we should not take this lightly and we should remind them that it’s not ok to make promises you can’t keep.


I get the fact that they promised and should be actively planning for other solutions in phase 2 and beyond if needed. So I understand your position.

Let’s just hope there is no need for layering past phase 1.


Layering is low priority on the list of game-breaking BS changes that the game has.

We have broken systems changing the combat meta permanently and folks are still up in arms about a couple weeks of layering.


There had better be queues starting phase 2. Assuming layers haven’t collapsed

Given that layering is supposed to keep realms at a healthy population after the dust has settled, there should be queues from day 1 if too many people attempt to go to one server.

A server with too many people after the dust settles can be a problem too.

Only difference with Vanilla is those 10k are logged in, rather than waiting in a queue meaning you wouldn’t have seen them back then either. They would likely have rather been playing than waiting to play back then also.

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They just renamed phasing to layering to make it sound like they are doing something different. Same thing at the end. This isn’t classic anymore, this is going to be another BFA style with lvl 60 caps.

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Phasing and layering/sharding are two different things. They don’t even function the same.

Phasing doesn’t care how many people do what, it just shifts you once a trigger from a quest/event is done. You can’t shift back and forth between phases.

Fixed 4 u

Phasing is for quest chains. Started seeing that in WotLK

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I never liked phasing or sharding and I don’t expect this new layering concoction nor the next to meet my expectations. It isn’t great to see that we are still at page one on discussing this topic since the new forums came out late 2018.
But hopefully we can whinge about it while playing the game soon. That’d at least be more entertaining.

Dead realms don’t happen a few months in…they happen much later.
You’ll see them happen in a year or two.

I think their reasoning for layering is what you saw in the Beta.
Loads of retail players went to Beta/Stress because there was nothing going on in BFA. 8.2 comes out and Beta became a ghost town.

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