Yeah I’ll play. I’ll play like it’s retail. all other people are merely a stepping stone on my way to 60 and BIS. You can try kicking me from your group, i’ll still have ninja’d that one item you really wanted. then I’ll just join another group and do the same to them. no consequences, so why not. gank me? hopped. /w invite me pls need to hop this layer is cleared out. thx for the enchant nah no tip.

sucks for anyone trying the “vanilla experience” for the first time, they’ll probably quit before we can start getting that

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It will be bad if they play Ion’s word games and just call it population stacking, or something else, and VIOLA! Just like that “layering” will be no more.

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You do realise that layering doesnt equal different server right? You’ll still be grouping with people from your server, you’ll still get called out for griefing and blacklisted.

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a server with tens of thousands of players, far too many to keep track of all the bad apples of which their will be many considering a large portion of the population is expected to come directly from retail. good luck blacklisting all of us.

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It happened in vanilla, it’ll happen in Classic.

vanilla server populations were manageable. layering did not happen in vanilla.

No, layering just prevents queues. Populations will be the same if not less than those of vanilla. The total population of the servers (as in total number of characters) will be very similar.

completely wrong.

layering encourages queues on extra-popular realms, because layering allows may more people to play on a server than it would normally have. instead of having ~3000 players on a server, you might get ~15000 players on a server between all of its layers depending how many layers they allow.

Yes and if you played vanilla you would know that queues of thousands were not uncommon. Laying allows those that would normally be queued to actually play the game. The total population will be very similar.

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vanilla had many more servers to pick from.

the more people that are playing on a server before a queue begins, the longer people are willing to wait in a queue to play on it.

the total amount of people playing the game will be the same.

the total amount of people on each individual server will be much higher.

Lol you honestly believe the total number of players in Classic will be on the same level as vanilla? No way.

But hey, live your best life man. Grief other players, ninja loot, harass, etc. Leveling to 60 takes a decent amount of effort in Classic. If you ruin your server reputation and end up getting blacklisted it ain’t gonna be as simply as creating a new character and boosting it to max level.

I look forward to your posts asking blizzard to implement server transfers and paid name changes in the near future.

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no, considering you posted exactly the same thing I assumed we were talking about the same total between layers and more servers, not the same total between vanilla and classic.

I’m saying that the total population, the total number of characters on a server will be very similar. Yes there will be less servers, because the total population of the game will be much much smaller.

(edit) The above will be especially true a couple of months after launch when players drop off and people’s play times begin spreading out due to irl commitments.

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Oh, wow. didn’t expect that, you’re the first person I’ve seen who thinks classic will launch with less players today than it did in 2004.

well ok then, idk how to respond to that one.

Considering Wow launched with around 1.5 mil sub across limited regions and there being only vanilla as an option… Yeah. Blizzard doesn’t release their sub numbers anymore but its been estimated at around that same number now world wide.

Not all retail players are interested in Classic. Even fewer are interested in playing classic long term. WoW isn’t the juggernaut it once was.

Your self loathing is not at all surprising.

the 1.5m is from ~5 months after release, Q1 2005. the number we have before that is box sales over release weekend, ~350k.

BFA on the other hand, sold ~3.5m copies on day 1.

indie games get vanilla launch numbers in today’s market.

That would be a win win, since the people who don’t play, will reduce the burst overhead, meaning that layering goes away faster.

No-one who is just playing Classic to have fun is going to be bothered by a short period of layering.

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So your comparing vanilla numbers 5 months post launch to retail numbers on day 1 of a expansion? Cmon man… Goto realmpop, check the total number of characters at 120 and divide that by how many 120s you think people have (hint, it’s alot). Take into consideration anyone that bought the expansion got a free boost to 110 and a couple of hours later was 120.

But hey, as I said, you do you. I’m from Oceania so we will probably get 1 classic PVE and 1 classic PVP and both will be lucky to reach that 3.5k number anyway… So yeah, works for me either way.

I was comparing vanilla launch numbers (~350k) to BFA launch numbers (~3.5m)

Launch is what blizzard is planning for with layers. “gone by phase 2”, most players expecting within 2 months, not continually growing in 5 months.

They are expecting most players to quit by then. meaning, a huge launch, like retail would have, not like 2004 vanilla had.