"Invite to fun layer"

I’ll believe this when it happens

If it is on my server then I should be involved.

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And you have every right to - but these constant forum threads soaked with unwarranted cynicism is just getting ridiculous.

If its within the 3000 person delineation that you’re a part of, you should be involved.

If they called it two servers Blackrock 1 and Blackrock 2, and you were on Blackrock 2 while the party was on Blackrock 1, it’d be the same thing. Make a party in your layer, you have just as many people.

FOMO is strong.

What a horrible argument. “It’s not bad because I said so hurrdurr!” lol

No, it’s quite the opposite. It’s not bad simply because the OP lacks the understanding of the purpose or design.

Where? They said 2 weeks was the original plan with sharding, but with layering they said by phase 2.


Ahh, new information while I was busy with work. That’s a relief, honestly. I was worried a few months would be enough for abuse.

No, it’s not the same thing at all. But I like how you are trying to justify it.

How can you not see the difference between something happening on another server as opposed to being on a different layer on your own server? It is not the same thing.

Edited to add: If some cool world event is happening on your server, everyone should have the opportunity to be involved. People should not have to be spamming and begging in chat to even just see something that is happening on their server.

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OP knows the purpose and the design and so does everyone else. It’s still bad, still breaks up the community into segments, still allows economy abuse, still warps you around randomly into different layers. Got any actual arguments or are you just a troll?


Even if those are true and make it out of beta. It’s a microscopic part of the life of the game.

However, most of everything you listed is hyperbole or products of work in progress.

PS having disagreeing posts does not make troll posts.

It’s bad, but there isn’t another option. They can’t open more servers only to have them die fairly quickly. The benefit to layering is that it leaves servers unharmed, whereas with opening more servers there are more likely to be low population. They can’t leave everything untouched because there’s going to be too many queues, or if there isn’t, far too much latency and stability issues.

If it really is two weeks, that’s almost nothing. Only the most hardcore could even make it to where they could abuse it for resources and Blizzard could put as top to that.

If layering does that it is broken and not meeting the design intention and needs fixed.

And if you cap the server at 1 layer of 3k those “cool events” would be happening on a completely different realm anyway.

Layering is not about making megaservers, its about slicing up the tourists so that when it collapses, there’s one server with 3000 people, instead of 5 servers with 600 each.

I’d say breaking the community into segments is a massive part of the game, not a microscopic part. People play this game for the community. That’s why they’re not playing Skyrim or some other RPG. They come for the MMO aspect, something sorely lacking from retail people are hoping will return in Classic.

Layering is hugely jeopardizing to that extremely important aspect of the game.


It’s microscopic in that with the latest information, it’s two weeks. That’s a tiny amount where so many people are going to be in the same zone anyway.

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Two weeks would be super!

But still…the reduced time does not mean issues should be ignored IMO. Anyway I assume issues are probably being looked at, I have no visibility to any build notes, etc.

To that point, i do really wonder, why is it that these tourists take prio so much on how classic is shaping out to be for its first months?

They’ve said that classic is a love letter to the community. And i do believe them. Which is why i think it’s important to point out in case this is missed somehow, that the classic community that has asked for this game years on end should take priority in how the game get’s delivered and plays over “tourists” who come and go.

Layering/sharding etc is changing the game the community asked for, from it’s launch until weeks or months in, and has a potentially ugly aftermath if the plan fails. That’s because they will have to resort to taking measures they tried so hard to avoid by using layering.
Also, Instead of having layering encourage and support community behaviors, it disrupts it in favor of gameplay/server organization that could instead be handled behind the scenes during launch and if needed afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, either way it won’t be perfect in terms of servers populations, and someone will be disadvantaged. But who’s taking priority here? Who’s really getting served with a system like this? The classic community who know what game they want, or the tourists? Well, you tell me.

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It’s not the same thing though. The players on Blackrock 2 would never interact with or ever see a player from Blackrock 1 and that’s fine. Layering allows for abuse of resources and relies on the assumption of 60% of the population quitting before p2. A server with resources for 3000 people will not do well with 5000 people playing. They should release 90+ servers like they did on vanilla launch and call it good.