"Invite to fun layer"

I don’t put too much truck in “promises” made by software designers. I don’t know a thing about what they do, but I think “promising” something is a bad idea when there is a possibility that they will get down the development road and discover that the promise cannot be fulfilled. I am not suggesting lying, I am saying what if our expectations have been pumped up that layering will not last, and then we find out that we are stuck with it.

That’s a good idea. I read that folks playing stress test and even on beta try to get into the other layers where something is happening and can’t because chat is full of “invite me” from the other layers.

If you really believe, then, nope. Figment of imagination. I won’t do your homework.

Neither do I and that’s why I’m holding off coming back until it’s gone or they tell us what their solution is for phase 2 if that many players don’t leave.


Many times you can’t. There are mass amounts of people asking for invites in chat and scrolls so fast that many get left out. There was a ton earlier. I tried to get as many invited as I could.

Chat was flooded with “invite”, literally.

The only reason I got invited and got to take part this time and the last stress test was some people in my guild happened to be in the layer.

It’s not really a technical thing, it’s more of a decision thing. They don’t think it’s appropriate that a world boss in vanilla would exist on multiple layers on the same server - especially if you can change that layer. I’m pretty sure they’ll just drop layering if they have to with phase 2.

3,000 players per layer intermixed with how ever many layers there are.

If you really think there is such a thing as a bad layer. You are probably in the over thinking this crowd.

If we had 3,000 server caps and you are on a “bad server” you don’t have access to the “good servers”. With layering, you can move to the content you enjoy, if it’s available.

No, but I don’t want to hear about a big PVP battle happening on MY SERVER and not be able to be there.


Here are your choices:

  1. Layering
  2. Don’t play for two weeks after launch.

Make your choice.

Hopefully the real servers don’t have the “INV TO X LAYER!!!” spam every time someone decides to do an event. It’s extremely obnoxious and makes me look forward when layers don’t exist any longer.

Espure…what you described is what happened when CRZ first came in and everyone was realm hopping to farm resources, rares, pets, etc.


The population decline is not an assumption. It’s proven and inevitable. The unknown is the amount of decline and how fast.

There are steps available to combat the lack of decline. What NEEDS to be avoided is What happens when a decline is not expected and it actually does happen.


Well good luck to you if you think layering will only last 2 weeks.

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CRZ is an entirely different system to layering. Layers are on the same server, it’s a closer system to sharding, but even then it’s far more global in scale on each layer with fewer layers overall than there would be shards. If it stays past phase 1 it will severely hurt the game, but I have no reason to believe it will. The devs’ dedication to authenticity is present in so many different ways that I have some faith that they will provide what they say they will.

Honestly I’m hoping they find a way to fix layering and things like thorium/devilsaur leather/etc. It’ll be bad if people abuse it.

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You seem to know more about it than I. If you are right that it is a decision thing, I am more distressed by the idea that they may think that it isn’t appropriate that everyone on the same server experience the same thing than I am by the idea that people on different servers may not experience the same thing.

I am not reassured at all by anyone thinking he is “pretty sure” they will do what they say.

Release lvl 60 beta to all
Let the tourist get it out of their system
That would solve it all before its an issue cause once release is upon us, only the ones who will stay for a while will roll


To this effect, why not live I fear that Blizzard might shut the servers down a few weeks after launch?

All we have is their word and their track record. Blizzard’s track record with Classic has very on target.

That’s the same thing though. Whether its a layer that collapses later or a different server, you’re not involved.

I’ve been promised they’ll drop it in a few weeks after launch…

Won’t argue with your words because I think I see your point. Sure, no one can ever predict what will happen tomorrow. Based upon what I have seen so far, I conclude that it is far more likely that a promise will not be fulfilled than it is that the entire moneymaking game will be shut down. It’s my opinion, that’s all.

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