"Invite to fun layer"

I am starting to think layering can be a huge problem. My question is how is the layer you are put on determined? Is it a first log issue? Or is it based off a priority queue? If its based off a priority queue how is that determined? I have already seen conversations on how to abuse layering to earn gold, but what i am more concerned about is layering FOMA. I can see this being a huge complaint source. Anyone have any ideas on how to avoid the poop storm?


Over thinking strikes again.


Do you have anything to add on how i am overthinking?


Start there. It’s a non-issue. People playing the meta by bashing it.

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So you have nothing to add concerning abusing layering and people on same server missing out on events. Got it.


I am not adding to a non-issue. I am substracting from imagination.


Layering will be done in phase 1. Most of the server probably won’t have hit 60 at that point. If you have hit 60, you will be invited to the layer with the 60s. What exactly are you going to miss out on?


If there were no layering, and 3000 people capped, per server, and you heard about another server where a big PVP battle was happening and it was AWESOME oh man you had to be there!, how would that make you feel?

Would you feel like Blizzard should have connected all realms together into one mega-realm so you didn’t miss out?


Layering will be done after phase 1 IF the server populations shrink. What happens of it doesnt?


Only lasts a couple weeks. When we’re all deep into our enjoyment of Classic, layering will be a thing of the past and everyone will laugh at all the dumb-dumbs who whined about it incessantly for so long.

The game starts a lvl 1 not lvl 60. There is a bunch of things you could potentially miss out on the road to 60.

I’m not saying you’re wrong or the op is right. But we would be fools to think there is not a potential to miss out on community driven events due to layering on the road to 60.


What happens if the populations continue to grow?

Server transfers will be offered.

There was no IF. It ends, at the latest, after P1. No ifs.

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Isn’t layering only going to be happening for a relatively short period, or have I heard that wrong?

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Removed by Content Phase 2 or less

Then they’ll be directed towards new servers - rather than the ones with “full” and a 2k+ login queue. Tis how vanilla was. They already stated there will only ever be 1 version of a world boss up on a server. Layering will not continue after P1

What if, what if, what if, what if, what if… Based on all the information we have it will be a non-issue from a FOMO perspective.


The purpose of layering is to counter the expected population decline after launch. What happens if the population doesnt decline?

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Just play the game, It will be removed by phase 2. I think it will be a positive for the leveling portion. Allows people to get spread out and they can smash the layers as players are spread out.

It just seems like a problem in the stress test because the level cap and content is so low that players are making their own “content” by doing low level raids and trying to summon GMs. I highly doubt there will be a 500 person dance party outside of stormwind when there is actual content to be explored on release.

Not to mention EVERYONE is on the same realm, when there will likely be 40+ on release. The only problem I can see is later in the game and farming materials. But if each zone is its own instance within each layer then there is no reason to have 2 layers for Un’Goro Crater when there is only 20-30 players in the zone.

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