Intentionally dragging out IoC

Would just like to kindly request that some sort of timer be put into Isle of Conquest, since specific multi server guilds have decided to continually hijack the battleground on a continuous basis for the past few nights. What ends up happening is they take every node, and stop killing players. They allow the Horde to capture both the quarry and refinery, so that the few non-demoralized players who actually want to try don’t offset the reinforcement gains from these two nodes.

This results in a continuous loop of people afking out (since the match is not ending), resulting in a 15 minute deserter. While not bad in itself, the rate at which people afk out is so bad that any attempt to queue for an Epic Battleground results in re-joining the same dragged out battleground, effectively gridlocking players from playing any kind of epic battleground.

I have submitted multiple reports of players that were part of said guilds in said battleground, as well as one who was confirmed to be their leader as one of the horde players was in voice chat saying she was leading the effort.


Please edit your post and remove the guild names. Public call outs on the forums are not allowed.

That’s all you need to do. Let Blizzard investigate. They will take action if they deem it appropriate.


If you have any suggestions use the ingame suggestion feature or battlegrounds forums - the call out.


Done, wasn’t sure if it was necessary but thinking back they can look at logs and players that were reported. Thanks for the heads up!

Done again… didn’t even realize it was in the title -_-


Figured I would inform the CS reps that once again, this is going on. Multiple people have left, waited 15 minutes to alleviate their deserter debuff, and rejoined the same Isle of Conquest unable to do anything - this is effectively clogging up the Epic Battleground queue over and over again, night after night, without end in site. The persons in question are using this measure as a means to entertain for their stream online - I’m pretty sure intentionally wasting hours of peoples’ time is not “fair and objective” gameplay.


Can confirm this happened again.


Can also confirm i just got out of said bg. I can’t give names but a particular guild was purposefully orchestrating mass griefing at the only horde GY on the beach. They made sure that our resource nodes remained in our control to let our numbers “regen”, and made no attempt to kill our boss until they were finally forced to. I agree a timer is needed for IoC, because being farmed for 20 minutes isn’t fun. Furthermore, this match was streamed and the leader admitted that they farmed for almost 2 hours.

As was mentioned back when this thread was first created - posting here does absolutely nothing.

This forum is for players to assist other players. There are no GMs here. There are no Devs here.

If you have suggestions, post them in the PvP forum or use the in-game suggestion tool.

So far as I know, while a jerk move, there isn’t anything rule-breaking against this behavior. Is it annoying, yes. Is it against the rules? Not really. Much like the AV matches that never seemed to end.


It was way longer than that, I left, took a shower, came back, requeued and was in that same BG again.

When you leave a battleground because it is taking too long or you have no intention of finishing it, the deserter debuff is a penalty for doing so. When you leave a battleground like this one, and then rejoin it after waiting 15 minutes because people are mass exodusing it, you have now been FORCED to waste 30 minutes before even thinking about doing any kind of player versus player again. When you have three hours max a night to play, and burn 45 minutes of it A) waiting on a 16 minute queue, B) a deserter debuff because you’ve been here before, only to C) Re-join the same two hour slog and leave again, there is a problem and you cannot even remotely tell me there isn’t.

Also - no where does it state that posting here does nothing. Seeing as how one person has done this multiple times and burned all of my nightly playtime doing stupid shenanigans by mucking up the queue multiple times, I’m going to post it wherever I like to get all eyes on it thank you very much. I do believe this is a “Customer support” forum, not a “customer to customer only support” forum. When one has limited play time, and has to burn 45 minutes failing to avoid a battleground because someone else decides to prolong it for chuckles, there is a problem. The deserter debuff was implemented to prevent people from dipping from battlegrounds over and over again in order to get easier ones - it’s now being used as a tool to punish people who want to queue epic battlegrounds by this group of people.

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No ,However the SFA’s have stated CS doesn’t take feedback. There is no one here that can pass your feedback along.

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I’m not sure of the acronym, or where else to put it where someone will see it. I’ve already submitted a report about it, have used the in game suggestion tool, and yet it still goes on. I can understand farming a team in the likes of Alterac Valley where resources can constantly deplete, however at the near end of the match they all tried to go up on the airship to avoid combat entirely with the Horde team. Give me a place to put it where it won’t be ignored and I’ll put it there.

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Customer Support is not Customer Service. Again, this forum is one for players to help other players. Our Blues here are SFAs. They’re here to offer advice and insight, and to moderate this forum. They have nothing to do with change of policies like what you’re wanting and they don’t pass these things along. That is why I say to post elsewhere.

By posting here, all you have is an echo chamber of other folks in the same boat. It doesn’t do anything. If you feel lt’s cheating somehow, submit a ticket with the peoples’ names, servers, time stamps, all of that. The GMs can look into that.

Posting on the PvP forum allows for the chance that the Devs see this issue and take note.

Neither GMs nor Devs will come to this forum, so nothing will be done that you’re looking for. You’re venting, essentially. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t say this to minimalize your upset, but I’m trying to point you in the right direction so that maybe, just maybe someone will be able to do something about this for you.


Reports are investigated, and that can take upwards of days, weeks - sometimes even months depending on the scope of the issue. You are not going to get lightning to strike down and fix the issue for you. It’s handled in their time frame. Not ours.

There is also the unfortunate business that things are busier than usual right now due to the pre-patch and the issues it’s brought about.

There just isn’t an instantaneous result likely.

Also - SFA = Support Forum Agent. They’re somewhat limited in their scope to what I described above.


Your response was clear and concise - I did not understand the differentiation initially, and it was never clear from the beginning but you clarified it. If it seems like I am venting, then I apologize - normally I can take any kind of pvp action on the chin and just deal with it, but this is something that I feel is blatant abuse and wanted to put words down where I thought someone would see it. I understand that things will not happen instantly, however from various people this has been going on for quite some time and for the most part people are unclear of how to report it either in game or otherwise. As such, I figured putting it down somewhere would at least be able to draw attention.

I’ll try submitting an in-depth ticket of the event via in game support, thanks for the help.


You are most welcome, and I do wish you (and everyone else trapped with this mess) luck in either something from the powers that be, or at least that the folks doing this foolishness get bored and move along to bother someone else for a bit.