Initial Free Character Moves Starting at 4:00 p.m. PDT

We intend to open the free character move service in the Americas region at 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT) today. We will begin with transfers from these two realms:

Herod Earthfury (new realm)
Skeram Earthfury (new realm)

We will be opening free character moves for the remaining realms that we previously listed here as soon as possible.


So it begins.


Are the new servers going to be same time zone as the ones being transferred from?

No the new servers are oceanic…


I’m just bummed all the new servers have all the coolest names.

Figured that alone would get more players to flock to them.


Hi Kaivax,

Most of us are really worried about what is going to happen if the new realms don’t work out population wise. That alone is stopping a lot of people from moving for the fear of abandonment.

Do you or the classic team have anything that could help alleviate some of that stress that they will help to reduce queues but moving but wont be abandoned if the server does not populate as expected?

Thank you!



i still think a little bit more time would’ve been better, give people time to move their guild/communities/friends over to a new realm


You know they are running out of server names when they have to dip into weapons and food

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But, for how long are we eligible to transfer? I’d like to see / gage the easement on the queue before committing to transfer with friends…

We’d all be mighty pissed if we transfer into the same queue we were attempting to get away from…

So much for early notice to guilds that would need to plan out moves…

This is big medicine right here.

When will whitemane start?

This is the truth

Not buying the dead server paranoia. Aren’t these like 15k pop servers? Correct me if I’m wrong. I think that’s like 5 times the vanilla cap. And there are still 10k+ queues at times to the current full servers. If even 5k transfer, that’s still way more than a full vanilla server. Am I way off base?


Is this realm transfer available for only a few days? How is that going to work?

Says it starts today but doesn’t say if it’s for a limited time.

This is fast…!

I agree with your #1; but 2 and 3 are just salty… better off trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

They haven’t said how long it lasts, but yesterday they did say there would be a 1-day restriction on creating new players on these new realms, to help transfers keep their original names.

In other words, not moving on the first day might result in you not keeping your original character name, for whatever that matters to players.


I didn’t think you would do this so soon. I might have to start being less skeptical.