Initial Free Character Moves Starting at 4:00 p.m. PDT


Thanks! Yeah that’s what I figured. More curious to see how it all pans out!


please reconsider any lvl transfers to netherwind, our average lvl is like 15


aw sh*t here we go again. earthfury on that god tier name


Really stoked for this Transfer! it gives my buddies and I a better chance of playing together.
I would like to know how full the server will be if 10k people transfer over… but, it seems like blizzard doesn’t want to share that yet.
I will say, they’ve been doing this for 15 years, I think it will work out.


I think you’re spot on for the guesstimates we have for population. It’s the same chance you take with any server you join or any game for that matter. Servers/games can and may die.
I know most haven’t read the EULA but yes. Even wow is subject to being shut down.

Well anyways queue up the alts with their rage posts about how blizz is bad for doing this. Lol


Also the slim chance the two people with the same name are xfering. One from each server. So whoever transfers first will get the name and the other is shrekt.


I wouldn’t be able to keep mine anyway, because I already checked the destination realm from mine and my name is taken.



Failed launch.

Classic is the grind. Make a new character or play retail


Well the 1-day restriction is for the brand new realms, such as Earthfury, Heartseeker, Arcanite Reaper. I’m not sure the same restriction holds for already established realms. In your case, DD has been open quite a few days – really don’t know how they expect RP players to move to an already established realm and hope to keep their original names. Grobb should have a brand new destination realm.


It is not like this is going to end soon. This is early warning…

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Say hello to low pop h*ll? :grin:

(Indrct) #35

At what time will the other realms open?


Good point, although unless I missed it, they haven’t said how long the transfer window will stay open.

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Please please PLEASE think before doing this. You’re about to ruin Netherwind’s community with an influx of non English speakers into a realm that majority speaks English at the moment along with allowing people that are already max level to join a realm with people not even at 50. Please do not do this.


I appreciate the moves but I along with MANY others would like to play with our friends that had to play on any low population server at launch just to play. Now with free character transfers that’s restricted to a specific server, when will we be able to re-group with our friends in order to play the game how we intended to play it? I was excited to see the transfers but disappointed when they were heavily restricted.

I understand the skepticism to opening new realms and transferring characters freely but many of us want to be able to transfer to at least ANY lower population server than the one that are High/Full.

Side note: I notice and appreciate all the efforts to relieving pressure of realms, queue times, and over populated gameplay so I just wanted to say thanks.

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I’m hoping beyond hope they limit the levels and hopefully the language of who joins


https:// imgur. com/a/G3cK2ZR

Current Netherwind Alliance Population. Bliz should limit transfers to less than 35-40. This new server community is going to be destroyed by these 50-60 characters coming in on a PVP realm.


can you transfer more than 1 toon?


Putting aside the extreme discrimination of this suggestion for a moment, how would that work?


So how exactly is this supposed to work? in-game command?