New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open - September 4


You don’t have to. But if you complain about queue times in the future people will rightly laugh at you.


Then maybe this free transfer isn’t meant for you or your friends.


Why announce Heartseeker is up and not have it be online 30 mins later?


so dont transfer and stay in queueu, they are giving u the chance to avoid queues for free, no rerolls, u take if u want.


do we know when the option will be available to go heartseeker?

does anyone know, do you have to be beyond the queue [at character creation screen] - to transfer?


They’re starting with Herod and Skeram:

They’re probably making sure the transfer system is stable first before opening it up.


I haven’t once complained about queue times. I’m not doing blizzard or other players on herod a favor by leaving the realm without assurance I could rejoin my friends. I’m just pointing out why people won’t use the xfer.


I want to transfer my character, but I need to wait for a 5000 person queue to clear my mailbox first. This is tragic.


No. There’s a new button now that lets you skip the login queue to transfer your toons.


not trolling? because id rather transfer my toon off stellag onto heartseeker first, so i can rename the character i bring from faerlina… [made alt with same name] - if that makes sense


Hmm, I still don’t see this button on my character screen, above addons. I’ve reentered game, then logged out a few times. I even exited game completely and logged back in.


just wait a day and u create a character there, i think its easier than transfering ur stalagg toon, unles u want the stuff


Are you transferring a toon from Herod or Skeram?

They’re starting with those two realms first.

They’re probably making sure the transfer system is stable before opening it up.


These servers will be ghost towns. They should have allowed transfers to the already existing low pop servers. Nobody is going to transfer to somewhere its obvious will be dead.


Faerlina… I guess it’s not quite Live for us then, on this realm? I misread then.


im in the same boat man, i put auctions up monday and havent been able to get back on since, due to returning to normal working hours.


what happens if you get Arcanite Reaper on Arcanite Reaper


To be honest, I think this is a flimsy excuse a lot of people will use to refuse free transfers. After only one week you’ve met people who are so essential to your experience that you’re refusing a free transfer to make things easier for you- a realm that will be more than populated enough to enjoy yourself? Nah.

I think more people are wrapped up in the idea of a year from now being able to brag about being “OG” Herod peeps who had to suffer through the queues.

Some people who love Vanilla also love lording it over other players, as if suffering is a badge they earned.


My issue is what is the guarantee that if i switch off and Earthfury stays Low Pop that I can leave for Free after the nostalgia goes away and Phase 2 brings 1 layer per realm to something with a larger population?

Because the current risk is I go to Earthfury and can’t find a single group 30+ to do dungeons with or quest with…


That’s not happening. Thousands of people are fed up with queues when they get home… from two servers. They won’t die.