In-Game Combat Log Range Decreased

Great change. I have to use Spy just because it’s the meta, and I hate it. Will probably still have to use it but this is a good nerf.


The rest of the post said it is “closer in line to the original 1.12 behavior”. Probably left over from them using the Legion client as a base to start with.


ive literally been flying over searing gorge and instantly get mind vision by some sweats with Spy addon cause i popped onto their list. Spy will not be missed.


thank you. me too. not fun to feel like my character is currently held hostage until blizz changes the game.

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Crybabies won again. GJ Blizz


Thank you for making Spy less spammy. Now i definatly know when it triggers the enemy is basically within target range.

+1 for a great hotfix.


they should’ve thought a bit more about population balance before they just threw part 2 out there. it doesn’t affect people like me on pve servers at all. it just screws people on the non-dominant faction on pvp servers.

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for real. with us being tricked with layering for months and people being civil before honor i was suprised by this, and i bet many others were too dispite the crys on these forums from people acting like seasoned war vets who forseen this coming since the time the game was announced.

Yeah, I know the #nochanges crowd gets pretty rabid, but problems like this were bound to pop up.

As much as people have been complaining about Spy, this should keep people a little quieter.

And guild sync is now turned on, gg that change. Get your fingers out of the pie.
A couple dozen discord-brigaded threads get made and bumped and ya’ll cave to whine artists.

Grats on the whine threads though. Let’s get some #Change tantrums going and get rogues/mages/hunters nerfed next since we’re all about mucking classic up for casuals and bads.


you do realize that vanilla was by far the most casual MMO of it’s time and people from EQ made fun of how easy it was, right? so lol at calling out people who don’t play like you as casuals. why aren’t you playing a hardcore MMO? :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes spy more consistent now because before you could see someone popup but not able to click them

thanks for the addon buff :+1:


Honestly from a defensive perspective, it sounds like this addon is going to be a lot more useful now. Perhaps not so much if you’re out there looking for reds to murder, but if you see a rogue went stealth nearby you know it’s actually nearby. Hell it could even make those aggressive types have a better time since they’ll have a smaller radius to scour instead of a larger, more general area. It’ll be interesting to see the forums over the next few days, that’s for sure.


Yeah you guys are talking about two separate add-ons.

Healers have to die works via the combat log

BattlegroundEnemies is how players know you’re a healer before the gates open

I’m a healer. I play Rsham, disco, mw, and hpal. I’m a 2.2k scrub and neither addon has affected my gameplay

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You don’t need to download an add-on to oom enemy healers. Just download retail after the 3/13/19 hotfix.

Well, to be honest I don’t care if Spy is broken or not. Yes, I run it, but I use it to have an idea of how many enemies are nearby and to track a KOS list, that’s it. However, good job whiners getting threat meters and realtime dps meters broken. I’m sure some of you don’t care about dps meters…and to be honest I don’t really either…mostly b/c I’m a tank in classic. However, threat meters being busted is going to make Rag and especially Onyxia a complete clownshow now…so thanks.

So, let me understand this - if this hotfix primarily related to Spy and it only operates outside a 50 yard radius from the player - if a rogue doesn’t activate stealth or engage in any other combat activity while within 50 yards they can still sneak, but if they do anything within 50 yards, Spy will still pick them up?

It is just for long distance stuff?

You don’t look like a rogue.

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This is for stuff like gladiatorlosa and omnibar. It’s not just rogues, you could know enemy CDs from across the zone/map

ah yes, there is that. Might not be so troubling if classes with stealthy abilities had a means of blocking the add on - perhaps some clever add on creator could come up with some way of doing that. Anti-Spy :slight_smile:

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