I'm sad about state of TBCC

We could easily have the best TBCC ever if they just squeezed down the amount of servers. Or just connect multiple servers to be with each other on same world. run layers.


Yeah, Old Blanchy feels like a ghost town more than ever outside of scheduled guild events, and I’m sure most servers are like that now. The PuG/dungeon scene is all but dead & LFG channel is now the social channel for the trolls/idiots, if anything. Pretty sad.


They need to start incentivizing players to roll as the opposite faction or to fill the realms in general. That or merge them. FFXIV does a good job with this in the way of increased xp and ingame financial compensation for people that leave high pop servers to low ones. I don’t see why Wow can’t do the same. Again that or make two mega serves since nobody actually wants to world pvp clearly by metric alone just make two like 100k cap normal servers one Horde and one Alliance and call it a day since that’s clearly what the players want according to those metrics.

But they will do nothing and rake in that sweet $25.

Incentivizing players to roll the other faction half-way through an expansion—that boat was missed. Everyone is so invested at this point.

Merge seems to be the only way.


I mean I just started not knowing the state of the game until now. To me if you said roll on x server and get a bonus I would’ve done it, but now I’m on a mega server I hate with a boosted Mage I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would. But again that’s me I’m not trying to act selfishly, but had steps been taken I would’ve joined the dead servers if there was a bonus to do so.

ÂżPorque no los dos?

Merge them to like 6 servers and give people incentives to populate them.


The state of servers isn’t the problem. It’s the symptom. Reacting to the symptom as if it’s the problem won’t solve anything. Magically reducing servers to only a handful won’t bring new players into the game, or stop people from leaving.

Here is a list of reasons why TBCC is headed in the wrong direction and why servers are seeing very high attrition rates over the past year and a half.

  1. The game is old. It’s not bringing in new players, and it won’t bring in many new players. The people who tested the waters in classic 2019 have come and went.

  2. Honor gains are too slow for this era of gaming where people have so many other good games to choose to spend their time on.

  3. Arena changes nobody asked for; which greatly reduced casual participation.

  4. Lack of QL improvements like dual spec.

  5. There really isn’t that much content in the game and you can get through it very quickly.

  6. Ethical concerns regarding the company.


ya i agree, the state of the servers needs adressed

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I mean… free xfers should be given to dead servers but that’s it.

It’s obvious people don’t want world pvp or they wouldn’t have xferred the way they did.

We need two pvp servers on the east coast. Faerlina and Benediction. That’s it. Delete the rest from the game. Then link the two for wintergrasp in wotlk.

Nothing else needs to be done world pvp is a meme go to grobbulus if you want that.


…the players cared and Blizzard cared.

Neither do.

Keep your rain gear handy.

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I am also sad. I am even more sad about this country. But there is no easy solution, so just deal with it.

it is same size as the second largest SOM realm.

Lmao casually ignore mankrik and it’s 10k players.

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just link the servers…blizz no one cares about MUH NAMES. Force renames or just leave the server name next to the name like “zugzug-faerlina” and “zugzug-whitemane”. EZ

Yeah sorry I would never play on a PvE server.

And it’s not because of pvp or anything, there are just significantly better players on faerlina and Benediction.

That’s not being rude or a jerk, it’s just facts.

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That is why I transferred to a high pop realm and it was sooo worth the $25 to do. I am now having a blast playing.

He said PVP servers.

Mankrik is incredible! You can sell non-green items and make money! Demand on that server is crazy:P