I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

Had just gotten to the point of farming pre bis in dungeons for raids this really sucks for me, this is all instances and i was doing over 30 dungeons playing all day to get pre bis on alts, this is really sad for me.

Don’t get me wrong I hate bots but why do I have to be punished for them? this seriously is making me reconsider getting back into classic time caps and things are the main reason I hate retail. i have 1 or 2 days a week to play but play for over 16-20 hours sometime on those days, playing retail like that sucked made me wanna quit. i was so happy with classic so far but this just hit me really hard…

this suck so much I really can’t express how sad I am right now, I have no clue how long its going to take me to get pre bis months? i was just starting to think i was close to maybe raiding. i started in wrath never played classic. the game has been amazing for me but this sucks now what I have to stop playing

I wish I started earlier. i wanna waste my time off on this it makes me happy. happier then i have been on my days off in a long time. please reconsider how your handling this :sob:

this literally crushed my dreams a bit after just arranging more time off to play the game.

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Not only are Blizzard forcing bad changes (that were April Fools jokes in vanilla), they’re forcing changes in the first place in Classic.

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You are a mage, you literally do the carries my guy. Im a warrior I sell tank services. Imagine.

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I don’t carry. I want to enjoy my playtime.

By what? Sitting in stormwind with your 5g? Cool bro hope you are ready for tbc!


Don’t give up friend there aren’t that many pre BiS items in reality they don’t take that long to get. Even at 30 attempts a day you have pretty good odds of getting what you need eventually.

The change does suck and it sucks that it affects players because of players breaking the ToS. I feel for you guys.

Theres a lot of people mad, maybe it will get changed. ty for trying to understand atleast

Yeah its definitely a bad situation. I don’t like it at all. Stinks!

Molten core in very specific blue and very specific greens by very specific raid comp, with stacked consumables and world buffs, absolutely, and easily too!

That doesn’t mean you can stroll in with the wrong comp in random greens and no world buffs and expect a clear, but I would not hope to prevent you from trying.

It’s actually possible to wipe even in full epic if you have some one do something dumb.

I joined a pug last night and had a 5 hour mc because our raid leader didnt know how to raid lead… imagine

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Grinding rep, helping guildies get attunements, leveling alts, casually raiding MC, and legitimately helping guildies farm BRD gear.

TBC isn’t even announced yet! What does it have to do with anything? This is a game, not my job. I’m not staring down a deadline!

Sorry it took me a bit to get to your post. Thank you for taking the time to type all that up! You obviously care about the game a great deal. I’m sorry if this change affects you. Really.

But! I don’t think it will be as bad as you think! Give it some time and see how things play out. I really do think 30 resets for most things takes a considerable amount of time, and you just might find yourself not wanting to grind that long in dungeons on a daily basis, after all. If you do, that stinks! I’m sorry!

Helping guildies farm BRD gear… but you’re not worried about getting locked out?

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A job - a paid position of regular employment. You are playing the game for fun. When tbc gets released which has already been leaked. Would you like to fly? I mean maybe you like walking. But i’m good. PART OF WOW btw is gold. its a main feature. EVEN IN RETAIL

No, because we’re not insane! Why would I worry about exceeding the 30 instance a day limit when we’re doing Maybe 5 runs an hour? That’s 6 hours of farming! About three more than I can tolerate.

Most people do a lot of brd farming my guy just because your mage is garbage geared, doesn’t mean we cant farm for our Pre raid bis

While I appreciate that you got around to reply to me, as someone who can afford to spend an infinite amount of time on this game, and know plenty of other people who can too, while yes it may be something we can get used to – we shouldn’t have to. There’s plenty of reasons this will not be accepted by a good chunk of the player base.

If we’re considering a long instance like scholomance that might take an hour or so to do, sure reaching 30 in a single 24 hour period is madness. However, if you’re literally walking in and doing the first boss, taking you 5 mins to do while you farm for a single piece of gear, it’s not that hard to achieve. With 5 lockouts per hour, that means I can do this a max of 6 times in a day. Then I have to go elsewhere.

There are many reasons to reset a dungeon. Many. If you’re on a long grind, yeah 30 is plenty. If it’s a short grind, or something you can run in and try to get in 5 mins flat – 30 resets goes by quickly.

You can get gold without carrying others 30+ times a day.

So how do you get gold than Rondu?

depends on the instance and your goal in said instance.

but let me ask you this - do you really think this will help?

some of those instances people farm provide a lot of resources for the eco keeping those prices low. those prices are now going to go up.

as for bots? they will just swap to a different server.
RMT people boosting? do their 30 dungeons on one server. swap to another.