I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

I can understand why people that farm instances are upset, but, I cannot imagine ever hitting the instance cap via normal gameplay. The hourly cap of 5 per hour, sure, everyone has had that problem before. But 30/day? That’s pretty intense. I’ve seen people say they are planning on quitting because they can’t help their friends anymore? Wow! You must be an amazing friend to run someone through THIRTY dungeons daily… I don’t see it happening? Is this really a thing?

Even people that farm dungeons for gear, do you really make THIRTY attempts a day? Don’t you burn out and do something else? I am not trying to diminish what people are saying, but trying to actually understand if its actually a problem or just a hyperbolic thing. People don’t like being limited even if they actually aren’t really that limited?

I mean at 5 instances an hour you would have to grind instances for 6 hours straight to reach your 30/day cap. Who is doing this?! And normally it would take far longer than 6 hours to do 30 instances… I just can’t see who is actually blocked from playing the game by this change except people that farm gold, and I honestly think they can still farm a LOT of gold daily.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and a fun time in Azeroth.


well they can’t say “I was making $200 a day selling gold from boosts so revert it back please” so they have to work with what they got


This is a clear misunderstanding of how a lot of pre-BiS works. There’s quite a few pieces that are early in the instance, and are highly in demand. Skul in Strat is a rare spawn at the entrance, and can be farmed pretty easily - and you can hit the instance lock in 10 minutes. So that’s an hour of playtime, with 5 hours of downtime with this new system.

SGC from arena in BRD is another example. Highly sought after and rare, and easy to rush straight to by 60s.


Jed runs, HoJ runs, Mcp runs, Any t0 and t,05 runs will be very limited all that because the company just doesn’t ban Bots that were easily banned by people running servers in the countryside of russia.
The solution is terrible and barely scretch botters.


basically you only have a problem if you are intentionally burning through instances to force very valuable rare spawns on demand

probably the exact thing this nerf was intended to reduce


Hmm this is a good point, but I still think that only a small niche of people only even might be affected negatively. You still get 30 attempts at your loot a day, which is in most cases plenty of chances. If you get really unlucky, try again tomorrow. If you’re gearing for BiS you have plenty of other things you can work on for your characters progress while you wait for the sun to set and rise. You can still play the game, and do lots (some would call it very hardcore to farm 30 instances a day) of dungeon resets.


Was it? We’re dealing with the terrible vanilla itemization, how is it bad that we found a way to make it work?


It affects anyone trying to get gear that matters.


You’re overthinking it. You need to respond with pure emotion and completely disregard the possibility that this could positively affect the game for the majority of players.


Retail olayers dont understand. Theyre used to play 2 win.


You can hit dungeon cap very easily. If you don’t know this you probably have no farmed on classic. Also it doesn’t touch the main issue which is PATHING. its a bandaid fix which does NOTHING

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Banning bots and hackers would go further.


Only if it takes more than 30 attempts. I can only think of a select few niche items that might take that much, and even then, you can likely do without it. In other words, if you can’t get an item in lets say… a week of farming it 30 times a day or 210 attempts in a single week, you have insanely bad luck.

Is the game an unplayable mess that you need to quit if you can’t get a piece of gear you want after only farming it for a week (worst case scenario)?

I really do think this is a very hyperbolic issue, and almost nobody is going to have any problems with it. At all.


You severely underestimate how powerful SGC is.


It definitely will, theres a lot of issues this comes with and again it doesnt fix the real issue of botting and pathing exploits its just a a slap in the face


30 runs per 24hour period as in per actual day would be nice.

For instance (lol)
tonight im selling dungeon runs, then tomorrow im raiding.

I may be dungeon capped for my raid tomorrow night because I did carries tonight.

Honestly, unless you are farming in classic, you aren’t gonna understand. I’ve done 100s of runs for SGC and still haven’t gotten it. Classic is a very farm oriented game. And making it like a mobile game is disgusting.


Isn’t this classic? A game where you can down raids in greens? If you’re this hardcore, I can’t imagine you quitting even with this cap. So in a way, nothing changes for players like you. I guess what I’m trying to say is you weren’t the target audience of my post. I do feel for the VERY hardcore players, but you account for less than 0.1% of the playerbase. I’m sorry you’re affected by this change, but I still think you’ll find a way to get your gear. You are a very hardcore player after all. Good luck!


And these are the same players who whine every patch that they blew through the content in a day, and can Blizzard please buff the bosses, and also reset the servers if TBC is released because “we” farmed too much gold.

Sorry, but I have no sympathy for those folks. 30+ instances in a day is super unhealthy.


Yeah dude go into BWL full greens 40/40 and see what happens. Unless you play the game I’m not sure why you are even here