I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

Nobody should support a change directed against bots that affects how real players play the game, regardless of how small the number.

This change does not affect bots at all and only negatively affects very dedicated players, and no matter how you play the game you shouldn’t advocate it. I hope those of you who can’t see this change your mind.

The change does kinda suck, but I can get used to it.

The bot problem has gotten completely out of hand.


The OP should have just said;
…This move by blizzard doesn’t really affect me directly, therefore, it must not be a real issue or problem at all… I just don’t get it



That’s not different at all from the people saying

…‘This move by Blizzard really affects me directly, therefore, it must be a real issue or problem for all… I just don’t get it (why some people actually approve of the change)’.

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This. For the most part this change will only affect bots and those “professional” players who are either playing for RMT, boosting other players for gold (for either in-game gold or for RMT transfers), or who are farming instances for rare loot.

It will not affect the majority of the players who are not trying to make money off of the game, or gain access to rare items and levels via instance resets and pathing exploits. However as Shinree has pointed out, those people who object cannot state their REAL reasons why they object. It would be like a burglar expressing outrage over an alarm system being put into place. :smiley:



This heavily affects me, as I only have one good day a week to play. Sure, I log in for 2 hours on Sunday to raid, but on my single day I have to play, I usually spend all day playing. I just don’t have the time or motivation to play after work in the week with my schedule.
I help guildies out for farming their prebis, I farm dungeons, and get materials for raid the next day. I play for a good 12 hours that day, sometimes more, as I know I won’t be able to for the rest of the week. I could easily accidentally lock myself out of raid the next day.
Why make it a daily limit, when a weekly one would be just as (in)effective… Blizz says this is to stop automated and exploitative gameplay, but really it just limits that to 30 lockouts a day. How does this solve anything? Why make me count lockouts and stop farming and helping friends on my one day off to play?

Even then, if someone was actually making $200/day, they could easily afford $15 more a month for a second account and still make $200 in a day. This really only affects legitimate players who aren’t selling gold. Hell, they don’t even need to buy a new account if they’re selling gold, they just need to go to another server and farm gold there instead until the lockout is up. This doesn’t stop RMT in any way whatsoever.

It may not stop it, but it will slow it down quite a bit. It also shows that Blizzard has the tools and reports necessary to observe and curtail habits that are mostly related to exploits and gold farming. Is it a perfect solution? Probably not, but even Blizzard admitted that they are always fighting a constant battle against exploits, gold farming, and RMT and this change will help slow them down and also who knows? Maybe they are also going to start taking a closer look at all those people who cry out about this change as perhaps their playing habits could also help them in that fight. :smiley:


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It won’t slow it in the least… Most gold farmers have many accounts and alts on many servers, it does absolutely nothing to curtail it. It really only hurts legitimate players who like to play for longer periods on some days (or all if you have no job and are pure no-lifing it).
You don’t even need to play for that long to lock yourself out if you’re farming for SGC or something similar on a weekend while doing other things around the house.

Uhhhh, I know numerous people that do frequently. I know a massive about that do occasionally.

If ‘nobody’ actually means ‘I don’t personally,’ then maybe. But others most assuredly do.

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Numerous occasions helping guildies.

It was a drunken, fun time, with no gear at the end.

My buddies that I’ve played with since vanilla.

10 hours+

0 seconds. We all get together on Saturday and get it.

In the nicest way possible, do you even play Classic? These are basic questions for anyone with a social group they game with, especially in an old school MMO focused on grinding.

Do you understand how much time the AQ farm event takes if you want to be the server first? Or the relative drop rates of certain items from specific bosses? I mean, this is really basic info for anyone that likes being competitive. And if you aren’t being competitive, what are you even doing in game?

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Well, our guilds feral druid tank is now going to have 30+% less aggro generation after just a few boss fights because he can’t farm crowd pummeler to the degree he needs to in order to have enough for raiding.

And you can do your 5 lockouts very quickly when farming specific items for raids like this. Heck I’ve been doing gnomregan for the charged gear of nature resistance (prep for AQ) and can get to the boss kill it and reset within 5 minutes. So I can reach my 5 lock outs in 25 min. And thus reach my daily lock out with less than 3 hours of play time. And that’s not even fishing for a rare spawn…

Did I mention I can lock myself from raiding while farming for gear for raiding?

Nobody should support a change directed against bots that affects how real players play the game, regardless of how small the number.

Is there any reasonable response to this from the other side? I have yet to hear it.

yeah… its REALLY stupid.

That’s like saying “this doesn’t affect me, so deal with it”.
Really, the issue is that it can seriously screw up people who prefer to play in larger chunks rather than spread out throughout the week and it really doesn’t even accomplish what Blizzard said the change was meant to fix… At the very least, making it a week long timer, rather than a daily one, wouldn’t be so disruptive.
As it is now, it doesn’t accomplish it’s goal at all and it also hampers a good portion of legitimate players.


Listen to this scenario. A guildie asks you to run him threw RFC, even if I didn’t do it in under 6 minutes, I could still hit instance cap easily. Do that 3 times, take a break or go to bed… wake up, another guildie asks you to run him threw RFC, boom instance capped. This has happened on several occasions to me.


Well TBC has alot more day to day content than Classic like Dailies.

Also a gold cap of 10k per character would be ok because that would cover your flying mounts when we transition into TBC.

Also M-F i play 1 hour each day if I’m lucky because of work. On Saturdays and Sundays I am playing about 14 hours each day. I will hit the 30 instance cap in 6 hours.

Its like a mobile game with a stamina system next thing you know Blizz will be charging us $10 to reset that 30 instance cap.

No? They never stated this. And if they wantend to address it they would do so when this was the major content wihch was phase 1 to mid phase 2. Honestly a lot of the BiS for several raid tiers can be found in dungeons.
MCP, hoj and 1hs from rend, stratholme abomiantions, scholo skins are not rare bosses btw.
They stated the nerf was to reduce botting but it simple affects the playerbase. It is just blizzard not spending money on the game to hire people to effective ban bots,

And the 30 count starts at the moment you started playing so basically if you don’t do them asap you may end up losing all lockouts for your playtime on the next day.

Maybe, but all of this is just because blizzard doesn’t want to ban bots because they make money for them and may sacrifice “some”(honestly the majority of ubrs runs are about jed and rend 1hs, and maybe the ring from last boss and brd runs are trinkets)
In all honestly i just see more people willing to pay to get carried instead of risking instance lockouts and wipe.

There is no hardcore technical issue on this subject, LUA scripters are pretty easy to spot and plenty of systems like the guardian which blizzard uses detect it easily, fact is there is not anyone to simple manually check the system reports because they don’t hire people to do this anymore.
Hell private servers dealt with cheaters and botters better.

If you do jump farms or look for sgc you spend those 30 lockouts in less than 3 hours. If you have scheduled 40 people to run raids they may not even play on alts on their realm afraid of sacrificing raid instances, a lot of guilds simple do all those raids in a night in 3 or 4 hours, This can cost 5+ lockouts already(bwl, ubrs buff, mc, ony, zg).

So basically depending on the time you started farming a dungeon like SM to get its items with an alt or played another character running normal groups through deadmines, you gotta count the runs.
That makes no sense.

I literally farmed mara SOLO on my hunter to buy her an epic mount and did a lot of deadmines runs/stockade runs because i like those dungeons with my alts but now i wouldn’t be able to do this because blizzard want to profit from botters instead of dealing with them.
I would have to spend times fighitng bots for mat resources which is pretty impossible lol.

It’s just really lazy oriented.

In all hoenstly most hardcores just go after world buffs, logout and do speed runs the next day for sweaty parses.
Still the only affecteds are actual players.

You can.
However bots that are not being banned just farm the nodes.
Because they are not banned.

Is it worth playing a game that doesn’t ban cheaters?
A lot will say no.

Thats truth, wow is not a job.
Thats why people won’t spend their playtime carrying people that doesn’t care about their time. That would be a waste of time you could use having fun or you know doing extra hours in a job.
Gearing your char is literally how playing a mmorpg works lol

This would be true. If said boss was always present.
However 6 bosses can be there, the one that drops SCG has lower chance of appearing. Then it needs to drop.
Add the fact said boss is only present 9% of the runs.
9 chances out of 100 for a 6% drop.
Not that it is the ultimate drop, you have other viable options, but then again this is pretty fast compared to gowing down to the seven.
And then again it only affects players.
And the again it only reduce maintaining costs for blizzard servers.

If you did the first dungeon of the day at 11 pm it will reset agian only at 11 pm the next day. Basically the moment you log you gotta clear dungeons, that is as fun as doing dailies.

Honestly they could remove the 5 cap dungeon per hour at this point. Soo far all this change does is reduce server maintence costs. Actively baning bots would solve the actual issue for the game’s economy and regular people time spent farming gold due inflation.

I dont play classic anymore but it is fun to seeing bots wins over actual players and people defending it for whatever petty reason.
“Here it is blizzard 15 dollars to maintain the game, how much you will invest back on servers?”
“About 0.07 cents!”
“WOW thats incredible, thank you, may i lick your feet?”

Games still better than retail.

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Blizzard has never, and never will, openly condone extended periods of playing WoW. In other words, complaints about not being able to grind for 6+ hours falls on mostly def ears.