I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

Yeah. Rare.

It’s not really rare if you can reset it 30 times an hour, 300 times a day, is it?

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You could only reset 5 times an hour, so up to 120 times a day if you immediately play on reset.

Please learn math.

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Classic bores me to death honestly. spam 1 abilty and insta kills shots in pvp gets old fast.

It’s not really rare if you can reset it 30 times an hour, 300 times a day, is it?

Your claim that you’ve played Classic isn’t holding up so well. Anyone who’s leveled knows that you can’t reset it 30 times an hour, or 300 times a day.

Except they are:

Missed a bunch.
1 banweave every 6 month?
Def profitable to bot in wow classic.
Basically nothing changes.

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Ultimate solution found! Instead of a simple ban . . . put them all in WoW jail, with no escape. Stream it live as you take all their gold and possessions away, then ban them. The gamer community (not just Blizzard fans) will watch, laugh, and praise the work. I foresee 5 million views easy.

You honestly typed that immediately after this:

What part of “around the clock,” “every day of the week,” “middle of the night,” or “on weekends” suggested that bots are only ever banned in waves? Just because ban waves exist doesn’t mean that they aren’t banned at other times. They explicitly said that botters get banned all the time; the bans just aren’t always advertised.

I don’t get this rhetoric. Genuinely not sure if trolling. I don’t boost, I work part time, I am hitting the daily cap. Nothing else to do during corona anyways.

Many players are getting screwed by this, not just people connected to botting/rmt or boosting.

Weird how quick people are to call out anyone affected as a booster or involved in rmt or simply claim that “you shouldn’t be hitting the cap anyways”.

Why are people so adamant to defend this?

If you are not personally affected, then by all means I can understand if you don’t care as it doesn’t effect you. But it does effect others.

And if they told you that you giving them your money is a great thing and you should keep doing it, would you believe them too?

Wow, are you necroing every thread about this you can find?

Who would have thought the RMT companies have their own shills. :slight_smile:


wow this is an old one, lol. I still love complaints in forums. After 15yrs its still entertaining to watch people complain. They make the game and we pay them if we want to. That’s gamer capitalism.