I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

did you just quote yourself lol

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dude… people spend their ENTIRE life on games. I bet a few people sleep at their computer… have you seen that post on social media about the bed that has a whole crazy gaming set up built onto it?? yeah… 30 is not enough for some people

The two big items are Savage Gladiator Chain and Hand of Justice.

he may as well not even bother with either, sadly.

Whelp, I just hit my instance cap for the day, not sure when it started and stopped. However, I know that I’ve been getting ZG boosts from a guildy and I’m 55 now, but he was planning to do it all day. Thanks to this, now we can’t.

I understand what you’re (Blizzard) is trying to do, but whoever makes these decisions, assuming it’s purely to combat bots and not to generate revenue, must be completely disconnected with the community.

I’ll take the bad with the good #NoChanges

Uh… that is just entirely false.

It would be nice if they hadn’t fire 800 employees and automate everything extremely poorly. Private servers had a better anti-cheat and prevented botting much better than blizzard. I find it insane that blizzard refuses to be better than amateurs


The solution to eliminating “automated game play” was a real face palm. After 6 hours a bot will have done plenty of damage. The player response seems to fall into two camps. Those who use or take advantage of “Automated game play,” and, those that see it as a band-aid for a broken arm so blizz doesn’t have to deal with it.

It takes me 15 minutes to clear 5 mcp runs. So I play for 15 minutes every hour. I do this on Sunday all day while doing other things for that 45 minutes, like playing Monster Hunter with the wife and kid, doing house work, reading. Playing board games. I have legit looted the crowd pummeler robot 90 times in a day and still only got 10 mcps which only lasts one week of raids.

It’s just a bunch of retailers playing a game they don’t understand or can’t remember. Vanilla was never about rushing to BiS. It was about playing the game. Classic is meant to be a nostalgia trip for the players that have been around since the beginning. I don’t understand the need to try and sweat on content that was already completed 15 years ago. This whole rush to BiS and min maxing bullcrap is the same type of mindset that is hurting retail right now (along with a slew of other things). The game was never intended for you to spam reset instances to get BiS gear, so there’s no reason the developer should be scolded for forcing you to play the game the way it was intended.

This was never a 1 day a week game. To truly min max you should be farming winterspring for winterfall firewater, mats for pots, consumables, etc. You can be supplementing all of this between your resets and farm runs. You want gold? Farm tyr’s hand and hearthglen. You wanna play with your friends? Make an alt to run with them. Play the damn game for Christ’s sake and stop looking for ways to make it faster than it needs to be.

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To go further, it does frustrate me that they didn’t even try to fix the bot/pathing issues. That being said, it’s disheartening to walk into a major city and see so many people sweating so hard for literally no reason than bragging rights. I’m happy they are forcing people to slow down.

What do you mean by “sweating” ?

You’ve done 90 Runs in a day?

5 an hour. 90 \ 5 is 18. You’ve farmed gnomer for 18 hours straight? While having a family and kids?

Either you are A) A liar. (which this is the obvious answer)

or B) Someone who doesn’t deserve your family.


Never fished for Jed, I see.

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From what I understand, an MCP run is like 3 min, so its really only 1.5 minutes played time overall. They arent sitting there for 6 hours straight running gnomer. So its pretty easy to hit that cap in 1 afternoon.

But even so, have you never played more than 6 hours in a day? Not even on a day off work, you set the day aside to do some grinding or whatever?

Min/maxing your character. This isn’t mythic ny’alotha, you don’t need to fine tune anything for the content in classic. This certainly was not a commonality in Vanilla, don’t see why it needs to be now.

I think there’s just a breed of gamers that enjoy being hyper efficient and competitive.

Personally, I don’t see why those types of gamers play Classic, when retail seems much more suited for that, but whatever makes them happy I guess. I play Classic for the exact opposite-- so I can spam frostbolt while talking to my friends about nonsense.


This right here. Exactly my point. I min/max in retail because in many situations it requires it. Classic is relatively effortless, so putting in so much effort is pointless and frankly takes away from what makes Classic so great to begin with.

I’m a fairly frequent player, but nothing over the top. I started during the first week of classic and have about 40 days play time. I play a mage and I’m part of an active guild, so I’ve always hit the gold farming pretty hard to ensure I could buy raid consumables each week. This is always 50 gold to re-spec to farming, 50 gold to re-spec back to raid. 125-150 gold for a flask, 50-75 gold for pots. If I have the real life time, I’ll try to get ahead a few weeks so I can just login and raid.

Being completely unaware of the 30 instance limitation change today, I started a morning session farming ZF zombies for gold. I hardly ever hit the 5 instance cap and my farming efficiency is pretty “meh.” I was in and out a good bit this morning for a few hours. Sometimes I’d die and instead of running back in the instance and doing a partial pull, I’d just reset before entering. A few times, I entered the instance and wasn’t sure if I had reset it or not, so I backed out and reset to ensure I did so before re-entering. This is normal behavior as there’s nothing in-game that gives you any feedback regarding the 5 per hour limit and running through ZF to realize it hasn’t been reset sucks.

I logged off for a few hours after my morning session and returned to BRD for a few runs - I was rusty and died multiple times. There was less preemptive resetting here, but I typically max my hourly 5 at BRD because of how quickly you can leave, reset, re-enter, and pull. I logged off at this point for 3-4 hours.

At about 8:30pm, I logged back in to hit ZF a few more times before I went to sleep. I ran 2-3 resets until I was getting the “cannot reenter” message.

I mentioned it to guild mates and they let me know about the new 30 instance limit, but it didn’t truly feel like I had actually reset dungeon instances 30 times, so I filed a bug ticket. Unfortunately, the in-game feedback regarding this limitation is so lacking that it’s hard to make sense of what actually happened:

  • Did I just merely “over-reset” by needlessly resetting a newly created instance I mistakenly interpreted as an old instance?
  • Did resetting after death cause issues with the resetting tally?
  • Did I actually reset 30 times?

Let me acknowledge the fact that I understand there was some ignorance on my side regarding the existence of the new limit. However, even if I was aware, I’m still not sure my behavior would’ve been altered given that 30 feels like an unachievable # of instances for my moderate farming methods.

If there’s a point to be made in this rambling, it’s that I enjoy putting in the farming effort. If I did, in fact, hit the 30 instance limit, there’s something that didn’t feel quite right about it, at least in my opinion, which understandably carries a lot of personal bias. To combat the bias and prevent being any more counterproductive, my constructive critique is that there should, at the minimum, exist a VERY CLEAR and easy way to check your current instance count.

To OP, I understand your point because before today, I would’ve agreed. In fact, I still mostly agree with your perspective. Most days when I play, I get a few farm runs in and log out, so this is certainly not a reoccurring event. However, it felt really bad to look forward to farm runs this evening, have the time to play, and not be able to.

Just remember that the original complaint is concerning bots farming, not players. If there exist players that are negatively affected by this change, then is it really worth changing? Theoretically, If I don’t think that bots farming in the game have a direct impact on me because all I do is farm gold, buy consumables and raid, is it ok to discount your concern over bots as over-reacting? And while yes, the botting problem and instance limits are vastly different, the impact on players is real. I’m not sure if you were sincerely asking or just looking to ridicule responses, but I hope my situation and answer can provide some perspective.

PS: I did stream my farming session from the AM. I will likely review it tomorrow to see how many instances I racked up in that time: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653456290


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