I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

The only argument you can make for this change, is that hopefully blizzard catches these accounts before they hit 60 on other servers. If they make it to 60, now they’re making gold on 4 different servers, instead of one. And let’s be honest, they won’t. As far of as the rest of us? We all get limited.

You can play the game as much as you want .

But spamming instances over and over to such a degree which already have hourly lockouts for exactly this reason is pretty exploitive to the economy

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You do realize you’re in the extreme minority on this right? 1.2k views, 28 likes, the community doesn’t want this change. You’re just too lazy to follow a metagame.

Savage Gladiator Chain, like all dungeon epics, was intended to be rare, IMO. Like Ironfoe, or the mount from Baron, or any of the other epics from the end bosses in dungeons. It was intended, IMO, that only a few very lucky people on the server would have those items.

It was not intended, IMO, that every warrior on the server spam the arena and reset hundreds of times until they get it. But even so, you can still do 30 attempts per day in 6 hours, and then you have to try again tomorrow. Not that big of a deal, IMO.

The number of people spending more than 6 hours a day farming for SGC is probably minuscule, and forcing those super-obsessed people to take a break from the mind-numbing repetitiveness of it and try again tomorrow is probably not the worst thing in the world.

Yep, and when they get told. Sorry you didn’t get it and it’s a raid requirement for your class, so you have to sit until you get a spot?

Because that’s happened…

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As a feral druid who farms anywhere between 12 - 20 MCPs a week, this change really only affects you if you want to farm all of your pummelers in one day. I usually only farm 3-4 per day and even my worst streak yet yesterday involved only 25 runs to get 4. Normally, you need less than 20 for that.
So really, this is just a case where ferals have to adjust how they do the farm

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The forums is where people go to complain, and hardly anyone browsing the forums actually takes the time to “like” anything, i almost NEVER like posts i agree with, its a useless metric to judge things on

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I think there are two main reasons why a legitimate player would be upset with (or maybe disappointed by) the change.

  1. It doesn’t appear to be something that will have much, if any, lasting effect on bots
  2. It does appear to be something that will have some lasting effects on player behavior

How does it Address Botting

This one, I don’t really understand. I mean, it will maybe break some bots, for some time. Especially ones that do not have functionality to limit sessions per account or realm, and do not also have the ability to swap accounts or realms.

Those appear to be temporary setbacks at best.

Perhaps, someone like myself is just missing the point of the change, and assuming that “exploitative and automated gameplay” refers to botting. Maybe, it indeed suggests that resetting instances to farm them for gear, gold, materials, experience, whatever more than (insert arbitrary number here) is exploitative.

And if so, then fair enough, I suppose. I would have preferred (personally) that the blue post on the matter had made that clear, with something like, “To prevent players from farming instances for longer than we want them to, we are making a change that will not really have any effect on botting.”

Instead of:

It Affects Players

Personally, as a fairly casual player with sporadic game play time, I do not expect to ever really notice the 30 unique instances, but I may.

I actually am not really good enough at any farms to be clearing any content fast enough to hit lockout, yet, and even in the scenarios where I’d want to grind for something, like the Blade of Eternal Darkness, or DM: E Lashers, I could still do so (mostly, if not always) within the boundaries of the amount of time I have to play, and the 30 unique instances.

I also work full time, in excess of 12 hours/day, which I do not expect everyone to have the luxury of doing. If I were in a different situation, I could easily see hitting lockout within a 24 hour period. I suppose the side-effect of not being able to raid if you are dungeon locked can be mitigated by addons to track instance count, so that part is manageable, at least.

I wonder now, if rather than, “We have a Jed ID” we will see, “Jed ID, 200g” instead.

You realize that the portion of players who regularly browses these forums is minuscule, right? You’re talking a “majority” of a skewed minority. Most players don’t follow the WoW “metagame.”

Again, likely an extremely rare occurrence. And even so, you can do 210 runs in the next week, so you’ll likely only have to sit out one week. And if you’re such a hardcore player in such a hardcore guild, why are you just now starting raiding with that toon 8 months after everyone else began. And if that’s the case, what’s another week?

People always complain so much at every change.

30k views, 90 likes. Stop being delusional please LOL

They never said this, you are inferring what you wish to hear/believe.

Take a look at literally any posts like to view ratio

Judging anything by the amount of “likes” the extremely small portion of the playerbase that visit the forums give to something is just beyond idiotic

Literally every games forums are a cesspool of complaints and negativity, if you judged any game by their forums you would come to the conclusion that nobody in the world likes any games

You’re the one that thinks this is to combat botting.

I dont think its to combat botting. I think its to combat excessive and exploitive farming, the type of farming bots primarily tend to utilize

You seem to really like a very well balanced game, can I point you in another direction? Or are you going to ruin classic for everyone else?

“Everyone else” yeah because the .01% of players this effects is “everyone”

No one wants this change, that is very obvious. You are the minority. Every WoW media outlet is saying that this is the worst thing to ever come to classic WoW since the release. It shows neglect for fixing that actual issues that cause problems in the game, and punishes people that want to grind dungeons on the weekends.
You on the other hand, are mad that the 3 legit mages that do mara boosts on your server, make more gold than you, or that your dps alt takes an hour to find a dungeon group (which btw, was how classic was.) The only thing that’s going to come out of this is, 4 times as many bot accounts, which means 4 times as many bot subs for blizzard.


It sort of makes me wonder if they just meant this change as a fix to all the casters farming Jed IDs.