I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

Imagine that 6 hours a day * 7 days a week = 42 hours a week on WoW running the same instance over and over. Imagine the equivalent of a job + 2 hours of overtime tediously doing the same thing over and over a game. I can’t imagine that as anything but a chore.

Here again, I’m just asking the question please enlighten me.

Doesn’t matter on which server you are or if you’re transferring gold or not.

It will now takes 4 times as many bots to farm the same amount of resources.

So at the end is buying the extra account outweigh the profitability margin?

Yes, and all hell is breaking loose. People are leaving, the Reddit is laughing, every media outlet for WoW HATES this change.

Playing the game Too much that we pay 15$ a month to play is exploitative? I don’t see any reason as to how that could be the case as long as you are a real person playing one character and not glitching.

People are throwing a tantrum and claiming to leave. There were queues to log onto Pagle last night. That doesn’t suggest the mass exodus that’s being proclaimed here.

Bot for 6 hours on 1 server, bot for 6 hours on 3 more, wala you’ve made the same amount of gold, except it’s across 4 realms. Did you drop out of high school or something?

Me and my friends have personally unsubbed, and we’re only sticking around to see if it get’s reverted. People leaving classic is going to hurt the game, because the community of people that farmed there own gold through instances, and BiS for doing there own personal raids DID NOT REAL MONEY TRADE. The community that’s left behind is the community that is going to be RMTing for gold, not the community that farmed it.

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Blizzard could also say that people who still have all their fingers are exploiting because some people don’t have all their fingers and it puts them at a disadvantage and you would probably agree with then.

Went back and read the change. I thought it was for the whole account not just for the realm.

For someone asking to discuss like an adult you’re throwing insults real quick.

Let me break this down for you, 4 mages, across 4 realms, is the same amount of gold. Yes you need 4 accounts, but you’re making 4x as much gold.

It removes the incentive to bot by drastically reducing the amount of gold they can farm per day on a given account. The workaround is to create more accounts to bot with, but that also cuts into their bottom line. It’s simple economics. If they can’t make money botting, they will quit botting.

2 hours play time.

which means he could be doing something else out of game for those 55 minutes.

according to this i should have kept my cadaverous armor instead of taking malfurion’s blessed bulwark. dont tell the lc i lied about it being an upgrade :sweat_smile:

No it doesn’t, this argument is insane.

Or log on an alt and play that? oh wait! You can’t anymore!
Edit: Well, you can, I just have to play the way you want me to play.

It’s not so much the 30 instance cap that I feel players are upset over, it’s far more the idea that Blizz is so out of touch with Classic that they think this fix will do anything to solve the botting issue. Along with “we here your concerns with botting, just keep rcr” it would have been better if they said nothing tbh.

It’s also strange how private servers did a better job with antibotting then Blizzard has been

Well in her defense, you were kind of acting like you knew more than they did. Even though you clearly made a mistake. But even if it’s just one character farming 30 instances. A mage can easily make 600 gold per hour. And about 1000 gold roughly sales for close to $50-$60. Which easily makes more profit than what the $15 subscription costs and all they would have to do is roughly farm for a few hours to make that profit.

Bots are still running around rampant regardless of the change. That’s the problem we have. They didn’t fix anything. My server went from not having a queue about a week ago to now having a queue of around 900 because of these multi boxing bots. And it’s getting worse by the day.

See you when TBC comes out.

They would probably in quite literally need to limit the instances to one per hour to actually make botting completely unprofitable. Seeing as a mage but can farm 600 gold per our fairly easily And the last time I had researched, about 1000 gold costs roughly $50-$60. So just one bite farming for 2 Hours Made Way more than a $15 a month subscription would cost them. So limiting it at all with a daily cap Is just insane