I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

this dude undercover from blizzard

Considering these changes are being made in 2020, the game was actually designed for you to be able to get things fast.

"Hurr durr 1.12 " is not an argument

You’re grasping at straws at this point

hit me with logic please, not childish insults.

No, it’s a subscription based game. If people are getting all their gear too fast they will quit.

a MMORPG at it’s core is not intended to progress fast.

Done conversing with you, if all you can add is “hurr durr” and nothing else.

Obviously that’s not true, because people were playing like this on private servers for years. I don’t know if you know this Talantyr, but the classic servers were essentially to target the private server community. Anything else you want to say, that I can debunk real quick?

You’re literally just saying " 1.12 is easy, this version of classic sucks, so that justifies using exploitive behavior to make it even easier, games bad so lets keep it bad because they didn’t give me the version i want"

Its literal nonsense

and you are just saying “it’s exploitive because I don’t like it!”

Yea, you are just saying it’s exploitive because you don’t like it.

I don’t see how it debunks my statement.

It’s not because people were playing like this on the private servers they did not get bored out of the game quickly because they got all their gear lightning fast.

Yes, classic was to give a real authentic experience with Blizzard support. But I don’t think the main aspect people were looking for was to farm dungeon 24 hours a day.

Because I can easily run 30 in day on a weekend pickpocket farming, SGC or HOJ farming, DM jump runs and many more things. This change is supposed to help with the hitting issue but it’s only going to make it worse. Now I can’t farm as much as I want while actively playing the game, but a bit can do it 24/7… and if they get locked out they will just make more accounts which leads to more bots not leas

I’m quitting classic now. This is the last straw.

If you think Activision brought back classic servers were brought back because of nostalgia for people that played this game back in 2005, you are sadly mistaken. This game is a cash grab for people that weren’t subbed to the game of WoW, but still played it on private servers. The game was designed in a way that could have people do boosts without limitations (excluding the 5 per hour.) You saying “wah wah wah there wasn’t boosts back in the day, and people didnt farm pre BiS” just means you guys were bad at the game back in the day, and didn’t know what you were doing.
You were not good at the game, people have figured it out, and you don’t like what’s happening and you don’t want it to change. The arguement that people will leave the game because people are selling boosts, and farming pre-raid bis and gold is dumb.

I buy it from bots! :wink:

That was a joke, BTW. To be quite honest, I don’t worry about it. In-game gold is worthless outside the game. I paid off my mortgage with RL money. I’m putting my kid through school with money I was awarded for my three years of service in the army. I’m saving for my retirement with money that I’m continuing to earn from my job, which is where I expend the level of effort that so many seem to be putting into this game just for the purpose of getting gold. It’s not like we’re playing monopoly, where the point is to have more money than anyone else at the end. As far as I’m concerned, the point of WoW is to fulfill quests, slay monsters, and get all the factions to like you. Killing the same monster 30+ times per day neglects most of those objectives.

Yeah, and here’s a newsflash: gold acquisition is much faster in the Outlands. Why should I waste my time now when gold farming (if necessary) will be much easier later?

24 X 5 = 120 instance max you can do before the change.
Now it is 30.

So the bots got their farming time down 75%.

So they will need 4 accounts with 4 bots to achieve the same farming time.

The real question here is : Does reducing bots farming time down 75% make the bots still profitable?

True people aren’t intended to get gear fast. But if I’m paying a sub I should be allowed to farm dungeons as many times in a day as possible with the 5 per hour cap. Blizzard is basically telling me and everyone else that wants to farm gear, gold, herbs, or mining nodes in dungeons that because they don’t want to hire people or spend money to come up with better anticheat software that they will slap on blanket restrictions on everyone just as a minor excuse to claim that they are trying to curb the bot issue

Bot farmers just buy more accounts, or bot on another server instead of transferring gold, please take an economics class.

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Exactly! Even with the changes the loss of a 15$ sub fee by their “bot” account getting banned will pale in comparison to how much they will make.

Well blizzard doesn’t like it either and themselves labeled it as exploitive, so thats all there is to it