I'm 60 and disappointed

when someone complains about the classic you use the person’s excuse to go back to retail or you don’t even want to get lvl 60, and when an experienced wow person who has literally reached the top of the game and complains about something, you literally continue to make excuses and blame something, class, dungeon whatever comes to your mind, the classic is full of problems and has always been, like a game that has several classes that can be tank and only one can be used in the endgame can be taken seriously? pally doesn’t even have taunt, because if he wants he has a tank talent then? just look yourself before you say something about someone

Why haven’t you guys cleared MC then?

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Damn… Classic is dead bros…


So dead people be sitting in 10,000+ Qs for hours just to experience the deadness!

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he abused systems in place in order to rush to 60 and is complaining about it, had he played normally and actually wanted to experience classic he would most likely be 42-58 right now and having a blast. he made his bed, let him lie in it.

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Lots of ppl played Vanilla during current time, Others went against the rules and went on Private servers, I myself started in BC and this is all new to me. Congratz on rushing to 60, in my opinion i would just get gear crafted or do dungeons/raids to get blues/epics

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the 6th person isn’t in the dungeon btw if you watch the footage


I can’t speak for high level dungeons as I’m only 25, but…

I’ve never had issues grouping, finding players, or seeing players. Every zone, area, and city is pretty packed for me on my server.

For PvP I’ve had some great experiences so far. A good 4v4 in Stonetalon, some 1v1s around Ashenvale. Although I’m at the level where most of the Alliance I find are a higher level than me, but I haven’t really spent enough time in the contested zones yet.

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its not
its classic
classic its not vanilla

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go clear mc now surely a guild full of 60’s will have it on farm with in 10 minutes.


I think he meant that he has been at level 31 for 5 hours. That seems to be what he is saying and is totally reasonable.

Where is he complaining about rushing to 60? If he had taken his time, the dungeons would still be under tuned, Mob AI and mechanics would still be wonky and people could still layer hop to avoid PvP.

I’m not sure where rushing to 60 makes all this not true.


Here’s the thing, its been 1 week and blizzard can still patch the game. Also having been from the Pserver community I understand that a lot of the hardcore guys are saying Classic is terrible. Give it some time and see what ends up happening.

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I intentionally subbed month-to-month. I’m sure many others did the same, just in case. A lot of us will not re-sub if layering is being exploited or if endgame is buggy or undertuned.

Reports from other 60’s would be appreciated.

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Lol right.

I am having to fight to turn in quests in Stranglethorn. World pvp is alive and well…

I played private, and vanilla. I don’t remember much from vanilla but I do think the dungeons where harder. That being said I never had multiple frost mages controlling everything.

I agree on the agro thing too, it feels off… Stragglers used to bring bring more friends.

That being said. I am having a blast.

I’m noticing in lower level dungeons that until the mob starts running back to you after running in fear, it won’t really pull anything even if you finish it off while it’s in another pack. That could be what the issue is, though I can’t remember if that’s how it’s intended to work on not

He did, he responded to what I posted ^-^

I got the feeling you are right. I remember Vanilla had allot denser mob population. As far as i can see, early on mobs did hit hard … and with more Talent Points they became easier to handle.

Plus, he got gud over the years

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