I'm 60 and disappointed

Even if that worked fine, it seems that people already just gather and AoE down everything right now because monsters are nerfed.

Why is mobs running away a problem? Kill them before they run away. Problem solved, no bugs. Or are you saying that you remain stuck in combat even after killing fleeing mobs? As a Mage, you should not be letting mobs run away.

As for “2 of 7 mobs” pulling from packs, this isn’t necessarily a bug. I recall this being possible quite frequently. It was something I would always hope for in fact. I wouldn’t have hoped for it, if I hadn’t experienced it.

And the only reason, I can personally see why anyone would even want to complain about getting less of a pull, is because it hurts their XP/HR as they are AoE layer hopping power leveling. I would risk to say that, nobody and I mean nobody cares about this trivial ‘problem’.

Have fun?


So how did you get to 60 ? lol did you sit down and level up your fishing for fun on the side ? did you go out and run quest and ended up fighting some mobs you can’t kill on your own and decided to invite some one to a group for it ? what about your professions ?

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seems that way. a lot of people attacking the fact that he’s 60, instead of the content of what his post is about :man_shrugging:


it seems as if he abused layering and sped past content in order to get to where he is now. complaining. Majority of the people know that you’ve abused systems to get there and to see him complain is stupid.

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So you dungon grinded non stop to 60 and now are crying nothing to do and some how it’s blizzard’s fault?

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I have plenty to do, I need 3 characters to 60

Where is he crying about nothing to do? He talking about dungeon tuning, layer hopping and mechanics.


There was a bug where raids were not deminishing XP gained, so 40 people could rush around wacking everything in sight and all 40 got the max xp they could get from it for their level - also likely why I believe him when he said 90% of his guild is 60, they were also in the raid :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully Blizz can track those that abuse the layering and perma ban them.

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I’ll have to take your word for it because I’m not there yet, but if true, that’s really concerning and makes me wonder if it’s because the beta didn’t let players go beyond lvl 40. How else would they have tested the bugs of higher level content and end game? One can only wonder. And yeah, with the raid xp bug, it’s a telling sign that other things might have been overlooked.


Not true and the same goes for many of your other claims.

sure you will be disappointed 110% agree someone rushing and skipping all the content of the game and exploiting layering ect , is not there to enjoy vanilla and the journey this game have to offer , if you feel that way,i think is well deserved

Oh for chrissake, he was in a party of 6 for a 5-man dungeon and yes, it was giving too much XP. A lot of people got in on that bug before Blizzard nerfed it overnight:

It’s worse than sharding. At least shards will populate the zone when it’s not as populated, but layering you’re stuck with it.

Layering is terrible. Sharding is terrible.

Also: ITT - People didn’t even read OP’s post.

Also, dungeons do feel way to easy and undertuned. I’ve also experienced mobs running away for ever and not aggroing other mobs.

As for the layer hopping, do it as often as you possibly can. They gave it to us, might as well use it out of spite.


Exactly right; everywhere I’m leveling is covered in people.

Don’t blame the game because you hurried through stuff and are bored.

starter zones being empty might be because everyone is busy leveling at higher levels?

the zones im in are super congested because everyone is trying to level up. only people that would be in started zones right now are people just starting or the few people who power leveled to 60

It’s lonely at the top. Level an alt at a regular pace while everyone elses mains catch up.

You rushed to 60 skipping 100% of the content. Nobody cares what you think.

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Yes it is.

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