I'm 60 and disappointed

Yes but the issue is that he CHOSE to go down that path himself, likely with a group of people who also willingly chose to.


I was like he aint foolin’ nobody! xD

I didn’t choose for dungeons to be busted and bugged. I beta tested and reported issues.


You noticed they were busted and bugged yet you still did them all the way until 60, then complained that you did so? That makes no sense.


It’s a sign a lot is wrong…

The point is regardless of whether or not you saw a bug, you made the CHOICE to keep playing with the bug until you hit max. You could’ve strayed off and did questing or normal leveling like the others if you wanted a normal vanilla experience. Don’t abuse bugs to your benefit then complain about them and the fact that it doesn’t feel like vanilla.


Yah, from … 15 years ago… Here’s the funny thing about memory, its objective… And you skewed it with private servers… You also seem to expect this to be the same as 1.1 was… It’s not, its the a late run balance when things have been re-turned to get more people into earlier content, to get ready for later content quicker…


Reasons why not rush through the leveling


I have a feeling layering is going to destroy classic. At least the pserver people will probably end up going back to the next big F R E S H.

No matter what they say, layering will not be disabled because it cannot. The hardware isn’t designed to do it. They would have to go back to single servers like they had pre-sharding and that isn’t happening. Layering (same thing as sharding) is a cost savings feature.

Once everyone hits 60, they too will realize how awful it is as wpvp will be very limited. You’ll have 100 people standing around asking for a pvp layer invite. A couple hundred people battling in one spot will break the game.

I’ve also noticed problems with mobs in instances. In DM caves, you have elite mobs the same level as you walk by, like 7 yards away, and they don’t pull. Typical blizz to tune down content because they’re afraid to lose the casual audience. Digging their own grave once again…

Solution. Add mega servers. Extra fee per month. 15k cap, no layers, tuned content. Please!


So he’s basically just like the rest of the retards that exploited the instance cleave? Sound right?


My man. Also Aizen is top class.

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Yea that is why I had to pick the name :slight_smile:

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Have you reported it or just complained here?

Maybe it feels different to people who played on private servers because they were different,and you got used to that? Just thinking about it and wondering.

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I don’t believe they gave more than they used to? I mean I’ve been reminded of how much I forgot over the years, but I remember always trying to make a push to do every dungeon at least once in classic for the experience and quests.

I was in WC for about an hour last night, maybe more we wiped once when the healer ran out of mana.

To say they give too much exp rubs me the wrong way since being able to run dungeons as easily as we can do today isn’t going to last long once the leveling rush ends. Also it’s been suggested you were leveling with you guild and having an easier time…

the bugs im talking about are fundamental mob AI problems not XP values.


It’s absurd how people keep spouting nonsense like “we’re better and more experienced players today”. None of that has any impact on purely undertuned numerical values and broken mechanics which classic displays.


90% of forum accounts do not read OPs beyond the thread title.

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wtf is undertuned? This is Vanilla as of 1.12, we knew what we were getting…SO I find it absurd some clown instance cleaves to 60 and comes crying…


People were running 5 man dungeons with 10 people getting the same XP as if it were a 5 man. You could do the same in Vanilla but got like 5xp per kill making it pointless which is why not many people knew about it because no one did it. Blizzard fixed the XP yesterday but not before a bunch of people used it to level way faster than they should have been able to.

It’s sad that most of the replies to this post focus in on the OP being 60 and NOT that AI is broken at later level dungeons. In Vanilla, if a mob ran and got to other packs you pretty much wiped because it pulled the other pack, they didn’t just run past them forever.