Illusion: Wraithchill


Posting this here from GD. I got the Epic Edition, but didn’t manage to get the illusion: Wrathchill at all. Is this a bug others are experiencing or is this an issue on my end?


I’m pretty sure all the pre-order contents comes out with the Visions of N’Zoth content update.

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(Jerauld) #3

I already have the mount and pet, I used the 120 boost (but it didn’t work), and Wraithchill is showing up for me I applied it to Scythe of the Unmaker and they look great together!

Edti: OMG Wraithchill isn’t just a glow effect, its a weapon tint change!


See, people have it but I don’t know what my problem is.


It does say it can only be used on certain weapon types. I did not get it on my mage. Gonna log onto my DK and see if it is there.

EDIT: Ok, logged onto my DK and it was there for 1-handed weapons. Logged back onto the mage and it as there listed for staff. Not sure why it did not show initially.


apparently there’s a quest you need to complete to get the appearance? not sure where the npc is though…


Nope … no quest for the illusion. There is a quest for the transmog set. For that you need to be on the new mount and click on an item/box at the rear of mount and the npc appears next to you.


thank you very much!


Seems to have been fixed. Went away to dinner for a bit and came back to find it in my tab. Was weird.


Which tab did you find it in? I’m unable to find it.

edit: Found it on the Appearances tab - but I still can’t figure out how to apply it to a weapon…

(Ekon) #11

Illusions are transmogs, IIRC.


Ok. I see it now. A little icon shows up under the weapon while transmogging.



Not sure if it is intended, but when I enter combat the "frozen weapon appearance disappears. I have to reload my UI to have it come back. Anyone else?

(Lacryma) #14

I had it and now it’s missing from my Tmog list. This is very irritating.

(Ekon) #15

I just checked, it’s still visible in my wardrobe. Though I did just notice that I can’t search enchant appearances, strange.

(Lacryma) #16

Thats the thing. I have the mog enchant active on my Elf. It was on my Paladin, but I realized it’s missing now, so when I changed enchant illusions I was unable to reapply it, even though I bought it.


Just logged in on my Paladin and the Wraithchill Enchant is back. Still a little disconcerting that things can vanish from the Transmog tab like that. We should really have a backup for it somewhere. What would happen if someone’s tab was wiped and the items weren’t there anymore?


It’s not showing up for me at all, I did unlock the Eternal transmog from farming the 40 Echos.


Did you manage to fix this?
Don’t have it availiable on any toons


Are the transmogs only available to lvl 120’s? I was able to summon the npc yesterday on my <100 alts but could not interact with him. I don’t have any 120’s to test this on…yet.


Apparently the tmog from the mount is available for us on 110s and above, not sure if there is one for the illusion.

This is what I’ve been hearing though, so I can’t confirm if that’s the case.