Ignoring posts

Hi. Is there a way to ignore forum posts from someone who has chosen to make their profile private? Thank you.

You can do so through your own page when you click your icon on the top right:


That system has never worked for me. The added user is never added or ignored. Additionally, the entire ignore interface is inaccessible to characters below trust level 2 or 3. Which is…stupid.

Are you including the server name? For instance if I wanted to ignore you, I’d enter your name as Trustlvlfour-haomarush.


I really hope they work on the ignore function. I’ve used it but ended up removing all the ignored people because it doesn’t really do anything. It only lasts for a few months and anytime someone quotes someone you ignored, you see their posts anyways.

I want it to straight up remove every post responding to an ignored persons posts. I don’t want to see that the ignored person is posting at all. It’s also really hard to avoid clicking the “VIEW 1 HIDDEN REPLY” button that spams the threads if you have a few people ignored, human curiosity and all.