New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

I already have, you’ve already ignored the entire thing with all the context- find it yourself if you want to ignore it again.

That is obviously BS- they had all the data, y’know, that data you guys love to talk about so much- they were extremely aware of how long players were playing. The complaints about the r14 grind aren’t unique to Classic, we knew in Vanilla the undertaking, the system was designed to reward the players that spent the most time playing and pretending Blizz didn’t know that players were waking up, doing BGs until past when they should have been sleeping- rinse and repeat for months on end. There was considerable feedback during Vanilla from people who made it and those who burnt out regarding how much time it took and how unpleasant it was.

And the decay system nullifies that excuse- because even if they didn’t know that players would spend months of unhealthy play to get it, the decay system is deliberately designed to prevent players from taking time off, that wasn’t some sort of mistake they made- it was intentional. If they truly looked at 18+ hours a day play that these rankers were doing and were concerned, they had what, a year and a half to change the system during Vanilla and didn’t?

This was a system that was in the game for a significant amount of time, where they would have seen the hours players were putting into it, where threads regarding the exhaustion it was causing in people were common- and they kept it in. So trying to pretend ‘they just did not know’ is so insanely ignorant to the sort of game Vanilla was.

You’ve made up this fiction for how you think players were in Vanilla, and used it as an excuse to support or request changes to the game because you think yourself and retail Actiblizz can do a better job of making Vanilla WoW than the people that made Vanilla WoW.

And if retail Blizz is truly deluded enough to honestly think that playing ‘too much’ in a dungeon is reached at 6 hours, and that’s really why they made the change and you guys are right about it being ‘too much’. Why haven’t they preserved the ‘spirit’ of Vanilla by limiting anything else? If they truly feel that it’s too much to spend 6 hours in dungeons, then shouldn’t 18 hours a day in BGs be massively more alarming?

I always give lengthy responses where I support what I’m saying, and I’ve been requesting sources for a lot of the things that white knights have been stating not as opinions but as facts in this thread, yet never getting responses.

You’re one of the worst for that, constantly quoting half sentences or just a word and ignoring everything else people said.

Of all ironies for you to say that. If you don’t want to be called a white knight start coming up with arguments that don’t revolve around blind faith in what Blizz meant but didn’t actually say, which is what the argument for this change has been so far. There’s hundreds of posts claiming Blizz did this because players farming too much ‘is not Vanilla’ or ‘hurts the economy’ despite playing too much not being either ‘automated’ or ‘exploitative’, it’s neither botting nor cheating.

And Blizz said nothing about this being to fix the economy- so instead the white knights moved to saying ‘too many players were doing it, this many players did not do this in Vanilla, it was too widespread’, while Blizz is saying that it is not widespread and effects very few players.

I’m not going to pretend that players who; make up reasons for Blizz doing something and try to pass it off as fact, use reasons that directly contradict what Blizz has said, and at most respond to about 10% of any post because they’re not looking to discuss anything but to try to find one phrase like ‘white knight’ to get made about so they can use that to ignore everything else. I won’t pretend those players aren’t blindly defending Blizz while intentionally antagonizing everyone else (and constantly calling players bots, making patronizing posts about how to better spend our leisure time, etc… is clearly meant to antagonize).


Yeah, AFTER it was released. They couldn’t just create a new system out of thin air, they removed that awful grind and were extremely happy they did in TBC.

New Dungeon Visitation Limitation System

Each character on a player’s account may enter the same dungeon up to three times per day, and may visit a total of five dungeons over the course of a twenty-four hour period. Keep in mind, each character on your account is flagged separately so with eight characters, that’s a total of 40 dungeon-runs per day!

Wow, that’s sure a LOT different than just:


The honor grind and titles era definitely has its place in the history of WoW, but I can say with a great deal of confidence that we are much happier with the variety of PvP options that are available to players today.

The games we tend to love the most are the ones we can keep playing and keep striving toward goals in. Mind you, they need to be attainable goals, and we’ve changed the honor system just for that reason.

They obviously weren’t okay with people playing all day every day.

I don’t have to do anything except hit the report button. Eventually people will stop throwing around insults because they won’t be able to post anymore.

A game company would be idiots to not be ok with their players voluntarily playing all day. Which would make sense, given this idiotic change and its supporters.

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They made tweaks to just about everything throughout Vanilla- they easily could have put in honour caps, increased the number of top rank spots, made it so hitting a certain static honour amount rather than an ever changing target that forced you to keep farming longer if others did.

Or at the bare minimum, removed rank decay so that players could take breaks. They were completely capable of making changes, they made changes to so much else- they chose not to during Vanilla.

Sure, the joke itself was in ways more restrictive and in others less so- but it does prove that at the time they were able to consider putting in a daily restriction, even as a joke- but they did not put it in. When they were thinking up that joke, they easily could have said ‘40 dungeons a day is too many, lets put in a limit of 40 per day to prevent players from doing more’- but they did not do that.

In TBC, which this game is not. If they weren’t ok with it during Vanilla, they had well over a year to change it during Vanilla, and did not. It’s not Vanilla, or even ‘spirit’ of Vanilla when you start talking about things they deliberately waited until after Vanilla to start doing, or else we’re going to be getting xmog, LFR.

That would be the white knight dream wouldn’t it, if anyone who dared to disagree with them or their company they’d just get silenced. And once again, you ignore 90% of what I said while offering shoddy defenses that rely on making up the intent of both retail and Vanilla Blizz.

And that is what you are doing when you invoke the ‘spirit’ of Vanilla, or make up reasoning for this change that doesn’t relate to what Blizz has actually said- you’re relying on shoddy reasoning that makes up intent.


Alright dude, have fun wallowing in negativity all day. None of what you said is worth my time refuting.


I guess Blizz just has the data to prove that not many players are being negatively effected by the way their ignore function works. I don’t use it myself, and since it doesn’t effect me that means I know it works perfectly and have no problem with how Blizz’s ignore function works on the forums and will promptly deny that anyone who has an issue with how it works has a legitimate complaint.

I’m not sure why any player would even need to ignore someone for longer than a few months, I don’t need to so if someone else does it must mean they’re exploiting and doing something bad for the game. We should just realize Blizz deliberately made this ignore system this way because it’s what is best for the community and players. :smirk:

That was sarcasm, just going to note that’s not how I feel about their ignore/reporting systems. Cuz it would suck to just have what you care about be minimized like that by someone who isn’t even effected by it by their own admission.


filing my daily complaint again


Got my Blade of Eternal Darkness today.
2014 runs.
This is my last post in this topic. I don’t have to deal with the lockouts much anymore because my farm is over but this is still a very frustrating change. Hopefully the Devs choose to let off a bit in some way. Even boosting to 35 or 40 would be very welcomed from players putting in the effort for rare items


Lies. They removed the instance cap from raids.

Try again.

ZG is a 20 player raid, ZG still counts towards the instance lock.

Poor guy! Now he has to spend half an hour in Darkshire to get the same XP he would have gotten from you! He might even have fun :cry:


I am stuck at home cant do any thing we are locked to houses by order of law… and the one game i play… i cant… do anything but run around the world in xmog because there is no WORLD CONTENT AT 60… WTF get a brain bliz… it wasnt till BC that you realize there was no world content … thank you for making the same mistake again.

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Well… crap … i dont have anything in wow i can do at lvl 60… so i am just going to keep posting… since this is the only place blizzard has people responding… 3 1/2 to talk with a GM… that is awesome… if it happens at all.


Reminder: This change is ridiculously bad. Get an anti cheat and keep banning bots. Get rid of this trash change.


I have no doubt that if the cap were at 35 or 40, players abusing the instance resets would still want more.


As it should, seeing as it is used as a boosting and farming piñata.

If you cannot find something to do as a L60 outside of an instance, you are not looking very hard. Have you considered playing retail?

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Is this your endgame? 158 posts in this thread to hopefully push people to retail?


My “endgame” is for players to play the game that gives them the most fulfilment without harming the experience of the other players. If that means going (back?) to retail, so be it.

Glad to see you so concerned about my post count, but I don’t see the relevence.

No I interpret that as your husband wanting to AFK his warrior to 60 by sitting in the entrance tunnel to cath and not actually playing the game. Getting 20+ levels in a day without hitting a single mob or completing a single quest certainly sounds like an exploit to me.