If you're only able to do LFR, you don't matter to Blizzard

The thing is despite selling raids i still ask myself why people buy them. There are some good reasons. Youre a mythic player and buying a run is an easy way to gear up an alt. Or maybe youre a player that just wants to play in a smooth raid once in a while (weve more than once recruited those types of players).

But buying the run because you dont wanna do the content yourself will never float in my book. If i think less of a player thats why. Its a game. Embrace the challenges. Its one thing to claim its too hard, its another to simply not attempt and then whine cause youre not getting the rewards. Normal is trivial for me but its not like that for everyone. Once again thats why ive called it both easy and a challenge.

Its another thing to simply not like raiding. But if thats the case why do you expect the reward from LFR while still using the argument “lfr is a raid difficulty”. Its just a cop out to avoid doing actual content.

I mean, I ain’t shocked they did this. It’s Blizzard, even the Dev’s have the same attitude toward LFR players.


They didn’t change it for all we know. Goes back to my complaint about seperation of normal and lfr achievements.

They absolutely did according to Kaivax.

You’re right, why not? Do you not see the problem with this type of game design?

The only people who should care at all about this, realistically speaking, is Blizzard, because they gain to profit from this type of game design. If this was an attempt to get players engaging more with the game, they’d actually take the measures to restrict boosts and carries, but we all know why they don’t.

Okay, but we simply can’t vet stuff like this so carries to net the rewards and nothing else will always be a byproduct, so why not just make it available to everyone?

Please, tell me where this shows that it wasn’t intended from the start to be unavailable in lfr.

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Why are people who clearly have time for LFR and doing transmog runs not able to make time for a normal raid? And whose forcing them to do anything? You choose to ignore normal raids, not the game.

There’s been legitimate reasons given, you just don’t like the answers. And that’s not our problem.

Complete B.S but since you want to go down that road…My only guess for reasons why so many of you are crying about a mount is because you are an entitled player with a participation trophy mentality who doesn’t understand the concept of risk vs reward. WOW has always had a risk vs reward mentality since the founding of the game. It’s easy to play but difficult to master. The best rewards have always been tied to challenging content. Step in classic for a few hours then come back here and tell me how “casual” friendly that game is and how easy it was to get the same rewards as people that did normal raiding.

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The anniversary deathwing mount was open to all and easy af to get.

I’m curious why blizz picks and chooses to disqualify LFR for what appears to be a mount they’re giving just for sticking with expansion. Makes no sense.

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Cause the only people complaining are those both too lazy to learn how to play and too stingy to buy wow tokens. Honestly the players that should leave the game entirely.

You said it. Anniversay. Meant for everyone subbed. This is different.

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LFR is a story mode. It’s never been intended for anything else. Allow people to see the story without the challenge or major rewards.

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Woah, slow down. You’re testing for 5th grade reading skills there.

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I thought Blizzard was going to start to embrace the concept of equity.

Definition: The quality of being fair and impartial.

(not off to a good start)

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Pugs exist

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Easy for you maybe but I remember quite a few players having an issue with the Lich King defile mechanic. And as already stated, that was an anniversary event completely separate from the current expansion raids.

You mean the mount reward that was given for doing a few raid scenarios? Doesnt at all compare.

Lmao normal is available to all max level players. Thats pretty fair and impartial.

Because they don’t want to and that should be reason enough.

This also doesn’t answer my question. Nice deflection, though.

No, dude. They just aren’t good answers. Every single talking point made against LFR has been easily countered by the fact that you’re either saying normal is supremely easy, which makes me wonder why gate the mount to normal in the first place, or that normal requires you to engage with the games mechanics in some capacity, to which I would say that carries exists so anyone in LFR who truly wants the mount will just buy a carry, so why tie it to normal?

Okay, but normal isn’t the most challenging content, so again, why not just attach it to LFR?

“Too stingy to buy WoW tokens” I could never imagine simping for a corporation.

So realistically, the answer is you have no answer. You just like the way it is and want to keep it that away because you have some major superiority complex attached to the content you complete.

I mean, that’s the only one I reason I can discern from such comments about people being too lazy or stingy, anyways.

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Because the achievement says differently. It’s not difficult to understand.

Surprise, not everybody that posts on the forums uses their max level toons. I thought this would be common knowledge . . . .

Have a different reply to my comment now?

Yes, and distinct achievements for lfr and normal would have fixed that. We’ve been throught this many times.

Doesn’t change that the mount might have been normal+ from the start and the lack of those achievements caused them to mess up.