If you're only able to do LFR, you don't matter to Blizzard

If it was meant to be normal they wouldn’t have listed it for any difficulty three different times. For three different achievements.

Ffs the achievement DOES NOT EXIST. That’s the whole problem.

No one said they had to buy the wow token. Thats just the only other option when you want something and are too lazy to get it yourself. I say lazy because it is obtainable by everyone regardless of skill or ability. Its not corporation simping but im starting to think youre not smart enough to understand it.

Ive given you my answers. Youve been unnecessarily obtuse in response to every single one. As ive said i dont like it the way it is. I wish more people would get over their stupid fear that normal is impossible to complete. Its quite the opposite of a superiority complex but once again you dont understand.

FFS the achievements do exist.


Show me where the lfr and normal achievement are. Please. I’ve been waiting for a while.

This is just speculation but maybe LFR does not count as a difficulty in Blizzards opinion? Queued content is basically non ranked in terms of difficulty so likely they didn’t consider it when writing ‘any difficulty’. Either way as it states content is always subject to change prior to the official release I really don’t see the LFR side coming out with a win here. Blizzard has made their statement and likely once it launches on 8/2 I see it being a lot harder to get changed.

There are no separate achievements for any difficulty individually because it says “any.”

It’s listed as a difficulty for fated raids.

No, for as lons as I remember, LFR and normal haven’t had distinct clear achievement. The only way to know you’ve done normal is if you had encounter achievement that’s part of the meta for mount or title.

If you’ve done all bosses in LFR, you’re not getting any new achievement if you just do normal.

Let’s go with your assumption that Blizzard did intend to consider it a difficulty. That still is a non issue if Blizzard rewords the achievement to say Normal+. As it has not been released yet it is subject to change. Yes it could work in the LFR communities favor but based on blue posts I think it will go against them.

No, you just don’t have any good reasons as to why LFR can’t get the mount.

If normal isn’t that much harder than LFR, then it should just be attached to LFR.

If normal is challenging, players can just buy a carry to get the mount meaning that the challenge is trivialized, so it should just be attached to LFR.

Literally nothing you say can justify this. It’s a bad decision that benefits no one except the ego of those who like to diminish lower-end players, and Blizzard because they gain to profit from it.

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It isn’t. That answer is a total copout and you know it. If you have time to do LFR or time running long old raids like blackrock foundry for transmogs then you have plenty of time to do a normal raid.

I’ve never paid for a carry in my life and neither has anyone I’ve done the group content with. The fact there are players who do that are irrelevant.

Because it’s more challenging than LFR. You can’t que for normal and you have to actually work as a group in order to complete the raid which is the whole point of raiding. But would it make you happier if the mount was locked behind Mythic?

It’s not an assumption. It’s literally listed as a difficulty under their post about fated raids. We get a little bit better gear than we have. The achievement is still listed for any difficulty.


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Good for you? Why is this fact irrelevant? Because it proves that excluding one difficulty is pointless and unnecessary?

No it wouldn’t because I already think this upcoming patch lacks incentive as is to play it, but I would at least understand the reasons behind it. This decision I don’t understand at all.

Fated Raid Rewards

Several new rewards can be obtained by achieving the following Feats of Strength during Season 4:

  • Fates of the Shadowlands Raids – Clear all 3 Fated raids on Normal difficulty.
    • Rewards the Jiglesworth Sr. mount.

That’s from the very article you just linked. Just sayin.

Yes, and the achieve still says any. That’s the problem. That achievement has been there for months btw.

lol, it’s so obvious.

Because there’s no distinction from normal and lfr completions in achievements. Are you being purposefully obtuse?

No I’m not you aren’t understanding that post is from a few days ago, when this controversy started. They had the achievement in the game for months. It was listed as any. It doesn’t matter what some achievements list and there are very specific ones that do list normal and have in the past.

Lmao lfr is literally not a difficulty. Thats what youre not understanding.