If you're only able to do LFR, you don't matter to Blizzard

Yes we’ve had. So what? This is the 100th thread about this.

If there was a normal version of raid completion from the start, the cat would have been tacked to that one, and not the LFR version.

Which is again, a mistake Blizzard made. They should have and could have been clear about it, for months.

If Blizzard didn’t care about LFR players there would be no LFR.

It’d be pretty easy for Blizzard just to stop making a LFR tier each season. In fact it would require no effort on their part.

I’m not a fan of LFR just because it’s usually a mess. I have no issues with other running it though if they aren’t able to farm higher tiers. What others do or do not, do with their play time is up to them. Why it bothers others so much I’ve never understood personally.

If this issue has taught me anything its that blizzard really underestimated how many players think lfr is worthy of raid rewards… despite not calling themselves raiders


Explain to me why it’s better to pay players gold to do content for me instead of just doing the content myself.

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I knew the RMT angle would come up, because a lot of people that try to push people into higher difficulties also sell carries.


Not always true. LFR Nzoth was a nightmare due to constant wipes. SOOOOO many players would quite after one wipe then we’d have to explain the mechanics again to a new group. But most of the mechanics in LFR you can make a mistake and still live where on normal or heroic it was a wipe.

Which is more proof that LFR is easier due to the fact you can’t get away with that on normal or higher. Everyone has to be doing their jobs or else the raid isn’t getting done. Forget to cc that mechnic? Possible raide wipe. Tank forget to move the boss? Possible raid wipe. LFR is no where near as punishing.

Me neither. The only people gatekeeping are those that choose not to do the content. If you want the mount do the normal raid. If you refuse to do the normal raid then I have no sympathy for you.

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I never boosted, would never boost, I do heroic raiding, and while I agree the change was last second, I have no issue whatsoever from it being normal+.

Hell, take only one poster from each of those 100 threads complaining about it, and you have 10 groups that can do normal.

The same thing happened with raider io. If there was soooo many complaining about it that it was a problem, then it wouldn’t actually be a problem.


Its not. But most lfr players dont want to do normal themselves.

I absolutely love these points. The community loves to complain about group flaws but takes no action themselves to fix it. Then they expect blizz to cater to them further

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That’s not what I’m saying.

Why is it that paying people is somehow okay rather than just giving the people the mount by doing the content they want to do instead of forcing them into content they don’t want to do?

I don’t know, man. Nobody here has given a legitimate reason for tying the mount to normal+. If normal is easy, why not just make it available to LFR? If normal is so trivialized by carries, why not just make available to LFR?

My only guess for why so many people are against giving LFR a mount is because it gives guild carriers another reason to sell a service. If you’re not that group, I don’t know why you care so much.


Why we care? If I wanted mythic raid stuff, I’d do mythic raids. The same concept applies here.

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Guarantee Monday there will be an announcement it will be obtainable in lfr. They will look so bad if not.

If positive PR is their currency right now, it could be true, and this could have been a stunt to make them look like they listen. If it doesn’t happen, this was money driven 100%, but there’s a possibility there’s some focus on public image they want to repair.

Well I hope they don’t. If they do, it means they caved on a trivial thing and then it just gives more legitimacy to all those ready to complain about every single things.

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You mean like caving to raiders who didn’t want to do casual content for raid? Or when they got titanforging and warforging removed?

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Bruh the stupid mount would have been available even if I did normal or heroic to acquire it so that’s irrelevant.

But this isn’t something you can get by only doing mythic raids. I could buy a carry for each fated raid, put less effort in than I would I was doing LFR, and get the mount. Why not just make it available to everyone instead of further feeding into the toxic behavior often directed at the LFR crowd?

Bruh the mount would have been available in LFR if they hadn’t changed it and none of this would have been an issue and none of you cared before now.

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Truth be told they still don’t care now. They just don’t want you to care anymore.

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I mean, the same would apply with titles, mythic mount, gladiator, transmog. If they can all be purchased, and they can, why not just make them available from lfr and unrated battlegrounds?