If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us


Does anyone really, truly believe Blizzard is going to take the time to create some brand-new system for Classic? Not “I’m afraid they will” or “What if they did” but really believe it? No? Then why should anyone freak out over someone’s daydreaming out loud (in text)?

This isn’t a contest, and we’re not deciding the Most Popular, Best Dressed, or anything else. When push comes to shove, everything is Blizzard’s decision.

Yes, and given that the majority of legitimate item trades that GMs handled in vanilla were master looter or wrong looter issues in Raids, that’s why Loot Trading appears in raids.

I am totally okay with (and have repeated it many times) CP4 being AV 1.5, and CP6 being AV 1.12 (with whatever CP progression is available).

The best suggestion I’ve actually heard is to have “PVP Weekends” where you get an option to queue for one or the other as a special treat. Like a museum having special events.

Maybe they wouldn’t create a new system for Classic. However, there are plenty of non-Vanilla systems in retail and Blizzard would have no problem using one of those.

Take GBs for instance. There have been multiple threads with thousands of posts in total and all of it could be stopped dead in its tracks with a simple “Guild banks won’t be in Classic”. However, that has yet to happen. Do I think they’ll be in there? No, but there are times Blizzard doesn’t help the uncertainty with their silence.

The changes triggered a lot of debate in vanilla as well, but over all most people preferred the newer versions of AV, actually 1.11 was the last significant change to AV.

What happens when players in 1.5 weekend get booted because their time is up and neither side has won? Do you think they’ll come on to the forums and post “We were in the middle of AV and got booted. It’s a bummer, but what can you do?”

This is how I remember it as well.
But still I think the rather bleak reception of the announcement by the forum crowd does warrant some consideration on the matter.

The differentiation of 1.11 to 1.12 is irrelevant though, because CP6 encapsulates both, thus no-one is specifically calling out 1.11 vs 1.12.

The key breaking point is actually CP4 vs CP5, as 1.5 (3) was the introduction, 1.8 (4) was where the NPCs were reduced and Korrak moved out of center, and 1.10 (5) was where Korrak was removed as were NPCs and other elements, and then a final NPC nerf/removal in 1.11.

“1.5” is used as a moniker for “Anything before 1.10”.

I imagine that they’ll continue playing the AV because they queued for it. There’s no need for a time limit on the game, only on entering new games. Any AV that’s run for more than 2 days will have natural attrition and cutting off the queue can simulate that.

True, that statement was more directed at the people claiming that 1.12 only existed for a very short time before 2.0 so it’s not real vanilla. But as concerns AV the 1.11 version existed for quite a bit longer is basically the same as 1.12.

Anything from 1.10 onwards was the one they’re railing against.

EDIT: Looking at my timeline post, that means that the “Bad AV” lasted for fully a third of Vanilla.

Yep and 1.10 on existed for significantly longer than any of the previous versions.

1.10 removed the trolls and 1.11 further removed unneeded npc’s and nerfed those that remained.

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I tried to think of a reply. I really did. The only thing I could was just… laugh. I’m sorry, truly.

So maybe Saturday 8AM Pacific time until Monday 8 AM Pacific? Maybe slant the schedule with more of an east coast bias?

“East Coast”??

I mean starting at 12pm UTC Friday through to 12pm UTC Monday, to allow both New Zealand and Australian players to get a full weekend’s worth, and allow Hawaiian players to get a full weekend’s worth.

Expand your horizons, there’s an entire world out there.

Considering that they are rebuilding classic with the modern engine they would not need to make new systems for some of the stuff.

Transmog? Lfd? Lfr? All been requested. All require making nothing new.

You got a source on the claim most prefer newer av?

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Yes it’s increased participation, and of course blizzard didn’t feel the need to change it again until later BC when they added reinforcements.

1.11 was the most stable version of AV that vanilla had.

That could be easily due to more people playing the game as time went on or shorter matches meaning more matches take place.

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/shrug or more people were actually trying to play it because they enjoyed the changes.