If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us

This mentality where if somebody wants anything that slightly differs from the original vanilla WoW, they’re officially a retail shill and should stop ruining our game is a really awful way to go about doing things. Classic WoW should be how Vanilla was. I agree on this point. But I’ve seen several people in very different posts saying that if you want “x”, retail WoW exists. For example, I saw something when the loot trading controversy was still live and somebody said “Hey guys loot trading doesn’t seem to be too big of a deal, super excited for classic though”, and he got several replies going “loot trading is in retail, go back to retail, obviously that’s the game you prefer”. People on the forums are constantly creating a strawman version of Retail. It doesn’t matter what is in retail to these people. If it’s something I don’t like, it’s probably Retail. There’s a large difference between Retail WoW and Classic, and people are saying: “It would be kinda cool if Classic had this” and getting the response “go play retail, you obviously don’t respect us or vanilla” is only going to turn people off of playing Classic.
You’re aware this project only gets to exist while there’s interest in it, right? If you keep alienating people from the game, eventually, the playerbase will be so insignificant that Blizzard has no stake in keeping it running.

Edit: I have been told that my last claim about Blizzard not having a stake to keep it running was denied by Blizzard, and have received a source verifying this information. In the interest of integrity, the original post remains, but know that I am incorrect about the last claim. Source provided by Swani.

EDIT: EDIT: I’d also like to state for the record that in the original body of my original post, it states:

Classic Wow should be how Vanilla was. I agree on this point

I am not proposing any changes. I am not sympathizing with those who HAVE proposed changes. I’m saying that not everything that people say are with ill intent or are trolling. I’m saying that some people are just conversing, and sometimes even asking questions on certain viewpoints, and that there is an incredibly hostile environment in this community towards those that do this.
If you think I’m trolling, fine. I can’t prevent that.


go back to retail if you want to complain.


To be fair, I deserved that one.


These servers are fully intended to be as faithful to vanilla as possible in Blizzard’s own words. So if you’re proposing a change that was not there in vanilla, that’s the reason why.

If Blizzard adds changes willy nilly that weren’t there in vanilla, they’re going to fail. The demand for these servers is for vanilla not remastered vanilla.


Ok so people are viewing classic as a trip to a museum.

I don’t go to a World War Two museum and start saying “wow… they should include World War One stuff here. That’d be great!”

Let classic be the museum it was meant to be.


That’s not the point I’m trying to make. Classic should be as close to the original experience as viable. The point is that acting as if anybody and everybody is an enemy for simply saying that “it would be cool if this happened” as a hypothetical, not even a real suggested change, is toxic.


We don’t all act like people are an enemy for proposing things, but those that want changes specific to their interests rather than everyone’s interests are the ones that get reacted to poorly. You seem to be generalizing everyone rather than just a select vocal few.


I agree, but we’re on the forums. That makes us the select vocal few.
That being said, there are commonly found individuals on these forums who are larger offenders, but I’m not going to call out anybody.

They already said they don’t care if there’s a million people or 100 people playing classic it’s going to stay because it is a museum piece.


As far as I am concerned, I am just happy to be able to play Classic soon.


Oh, really? I never saw that. You mind finding a link for me on that? I’d like to see it.
(I know this sounds sarcastic, and I’m really not trying to make it sound that way, I’m genuinely interested.)

It is really, really simple. If you ask for changes you ARE trolling. No one wants trolls here. If you want to be part of the “community” then don’t be a troll. It is not rocket science. The only thing “toxic” on this forum are trolls wanting changes. If you talk about changes, you want changes.

NO ONE cares about " hypothetical" questions. If they involve changes then they are not going to happen and that is trolling.


I’d understand it if the posts say “hey guys the game should have LFD and LFR because not everyone has time to make a raid group”. That is not a hypothetical, and it’s not even a conversation. That is somebody saying “hey the game should be different to cater to me”.

The posts that I’ve seen the behavior outlined in my original post are things like “I wonder what it would be like if this happened.” Not even a suggestion, just hypothetically. Commonly, said thing isn’t even in Retail WoW, and people still swarm them with “go back to Retail WoW” or “You obviously never played Vanilla” or any other exclusionary phrase.

I agree with the Luuni-mobile on this one.

If you want to change Classic, it’s not for you… or please come play Classic and enjoy it for what it is.

The people that want to change stuff, I get it… you have energy , you like to think you’re innovative, you know what you want … but… save that energy for Retail. It sorely needs it, and you.


Have you looked at the US lately? Tribalism is the new black. Either you agree 100% or you’re the enemy. The forums are no different.

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You seem to have some delusions about Retail’s development. As somebody who cleared 7/8 M Uldir this expansion, it’s dropped subs because things in WoW don’t cater to ANYONE right now. People give the devs suggestions and they feel like they’re being ignored. You can’t say that they should be talking to the retail devs because in both cases it’s changing nothing. Classic’s going to be as close to vanilla as it would allow, and they’re aware of that. They’re just making friendly conversation and getting insulted.

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Because it’s just unintelligent. Why would they do it other than to troll? The players that voiced their demand for Classic for so long are the ones that made this happen, so isn’t it sort of a slap in the face to them for some clown to come in here and say some dumb garbage like “lul let’s make transmog happen in classic”…

It’s just stupid. And shouldn’t be any surprise that they’re met with such reactions.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I agree with you, but it’s a rather pessimistic view to say “This is how the world is, and it sucks, but if that’s how we’re doing things, the forums are that way too.”

He is level 116 with 560 achievement points yet is 7/8 mythic Uldir.

I smell a troll. Report and move on. :grin:

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Not to mention, the Vanilla forums were far far more vicious with far less moderation.

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