If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

Until today Tier sets are the pieces of gear that give the bonus.
The full aesthetic set for the armor or class is the Transmog set.

Covenant gear and other set bonus gear isn’t tier - that’s on a separate system all together. Just like legendaries are a separate system.

For years the bonuses were only on certain items of a tier set . THe only time they wer on items that they were on items that are now considered non bonus items was probably Vanilla.

THose non bonus items if gotten from raid can be left as is and if not form the raid they get converted to the raid pieces .

WHich will go towards bis and transmog

That’s the Covenant set. Not a tier set. It’s also another transmog set.

I don’t know why you’re so stuck in this. The blizzard game director specific references these tier sets as having gone away after legion and coming back this patch.

What you think are tier sets are not tier sets until the first time in history this reset.

The bonuses have only ever been on tier sets. Other pieces of gear that were part of the transmog set may not have contributed to the bonus, but those pieces weren’t tier pieces.

You are doing God’s work. Thank you

The non tier pieces are there to complete the appearance and could possibly have better stats on those slots from raid item vs what they had before.

THey are still considered part of the raid tier and listed as bis for their slots

There aren’t any “non-tier” pieces that come from the catalyst. They are all tier now.

But they aren’t “tier”. They may have been part of the raid loot tables. They may have been a part of the transmog set. But until this reset, only pieces that contributed to the tier bonus were considered tier.

You don’t get the ones from the raid. You get entirely new pieces. They have entirely different stats than any piece from the raid and have an entirely different name - a name that matches the chest/legs/head/gloves/shoulder pieces.

That’s why it can be confusing to people.

If you created the generic non tier pieces from the raid tables, I don’t think this would be an issue. But they’re literally new pieces all together with tier set names.

Just irritated that every vault 2 or 3 15+ slots every week since the patch not a single tier or main armor peice to convert.

Literally been rings, belts, necks, braces boots or cloaks and maybe 1 weapon.

Like come on…

I thought this was going to be one of those “you are bad and should feel bad, get carried scrub” posts that make no sense but was happy to see it is actually helpful.


That is not true, the cloak, bracers, belt and boots have the tier name on the items but they dont give the bonuses.

Shot caller!

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Class based tier sets did go away. But there were absolutely tier sets created for that tier.

Every tier there has been an accompanying set right?

-Soulforged Dreadplate
-Grand Sentinel’s Greatplate
-Cosmic Aberration’s Plate
-Naga Lord’s Warplate
-Gravelord’s Direplate
-Eternal Curator’s Protectorate

All of those were gear sets created for a tier of raiding. Aka a tier set.

People here have been saying tier = set bonus. Thats why I brought up covenant gear because it has a set bonus. By their definition that would be tier since it has a set bonus.

Why I am so stuck on it is because people like you confuse people by not giving proper information to others so when Blizzard says something like

you confuse people. And then you get people expecting any piece of gear to contribute to the set bonus because its “tier”… yet thats not how any of it is being used if you went to school at all.

I know english is hard. You will get a handle on it one way.

I sadly saw this too late. RIP us non read good people.

Can’t believe they made an entire feature like this just for mogs

I mean, I’m going to stop you there, because it absolutely is. There are no “Voidheart Bracers”, “Voidheart Girdle” etc.

Pretty sure I already explained that. That is why tier sets are referred to as such, it distinguishes them as a gear set that comes from that tier of raiding.
Not a crafting, dungeon, campaign set etc.

Malefic Girdle isn’t Warlock tier 4, nor is it Voidheart gear. It’s accessible to all classes, it simply shares the skin with Voidheart Raiment.
That is the same with all “off-piece” items from raids.

Plus, if we really want to go there, the off-set pieces of “tier” that the creation catalyst creates are 100% unobtainable from the raid tier.

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So what? They still designed the entire set.

Duh. Thats why its called a tier set. Then there is the set bonus within that tier set.

Which since WoW’s conception has exclusively had a set bonus.

There is no “within” lol.
The set has always had the set bonus on every piece. Period.

Also I noticed how you didn’t address the fact that this so called “tier gear” does not exist or is obtainable from the current raid tier.

It’s almost like all gear that is typically part of a set, all have the same naming convention.
The off pieces you are talking about have never followed that convention, because that is what they are “off pieces” ie not set pieces.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt before by saying that you and your group must have simply had a different view of it to most, but now you are just being obtuse.

Needless to say, enough people have been confused about it to determine it was poorly designed and unintuitive. It is impossible to deny that without calling them all liars and claiming they knew how the system worked.

Clearly you and your gigabrain chad meisters are just on a whole different level to the rest of the playerbase.

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I mean, they did. It’s literally right there in the tooltip.