If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

Here’s my hot take. Why not allow all 9 pieces of the tier set to contribute to the 2/4 piece bonuses?


Yes, you did because what I said has more context to it than what you quoted. Leaving information out is just scummy.

They are tier sets. Just look at how Blizzard uses the term instead of players. The tier set is the the entire set, not just 5 items for a bonus. Its the entire thing and the blue post proves this.

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Again, this isnt hard.

Blizzard creates a new raid tier, that raid tier has some kind of tier set accompanying it that you can get from that tier.

I completely understand what you guys are saying, im saying that usage is wrong and it creates confusion. Blizzard isnt creating confusion because when they release the tier sets, whether its armor type based or class based, its an entire ensemble. They show every part of the tier set when they show it dont they? They dont just make 5 items of a set and then say your screwed for the rest right?

Thats the tier set, its the set of armor (complete) based on that raid tier.

Then you have the tier set bonus. Again I dont care how the hell players use the term because it shows that how they are using the term is causing confusion is it not? And only confusion to the people using the term improperly. Its been shown throughout this thread.

Blizzard refers to it the way I describe. There is a tier set for the Battle of Dazar’alor though its armor type based and not class based.

When I heard people wanting set bonuses back, I didnt hear them saying “tier” I heard them saying set bonuses. When they talked about tier gear it was talking about the overall look and they were asking for it to be class based instead of armor based.

Its really simple when you dont have people saying its the set bonus when it clearly isnt just from how Blizzard uses the term. Yet they want to blame blizzard when in fact these players have been using the term in a different way.

When Blizzard talked about the set bonus did they say “tier” or did they say set bonus? They said set bonus.

They also say this about the tier set that proves that the tier set is the complete set created for that tier.

The playerbase being confused is on the playerbase not on Blizzard. Tier is the raid set designed for the raid, set bonus is the set bonus. There is no room for being confused by Blizzard saying what they did. T# is the tier number.

I have blizzard backing me up of how the terms should be used. Or you can just keep complaining and blaming Blizzard for confusing people because they dont use the terms improperly like some of the playerbase does.

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Those weren’t tier pieces. Those were azerite pieces.

There were transmog sets by armor class in BfA.

They paused tier sets after legion until this last patch.

Sorry sir, but I don’t think you do.

When you said:

You were wrong.

Ion (from blizzard) said that tier sets would be returning in 9.2.

If, there were tier sets in bfa , they wouldn’t have needed to return.

Blizzard has spoken and referred to tier sets as the pieces that give power, not the xmog.

They were absolutely tier pieces by blizzards definition of tier sets. I dont know why you people have such a hard time understanding this stuff.

Blizzard lays it all out and then you confuse people by saying tier = items with only set bonuses on it which is not what it means for crying out loud.

No, they did not pause tier sets, they paused class based tier sets which is what people wanted back. They wanted classes to have their own design and not ones that were designed for armor types. They also asked for set bonuses back and not “tier” I seen person after person asking for set bonuses or tier set bonuses, not just tier.

Believe whatever you want and continue to confuse people.

Blizzard specifically referred to tier sets as the entire set they designed for that raid tier. Its in the damn blue post.

You people act like this game isn’t for low iq folks.
You literally get not one, but TWO leggos requiring ZERO skill.
You now receive high player power via tier bonuses based on ZERO skill.
Every content title in wow for several xpacs is pay2win, especially this xpac.
Personal Loot is a thing for leeches with no skill.

So yes, people will convert off tier bonus pieces without a warning not to do so.
So Thanks OP for letting folks know.

Need more PSA posts in these forums and many of you super need to close your useless mouths. You’re not more righteous than anyone else in a game that requires no skill to play on it’s version of “high level”.


What tf does the catalyst make if you stick a pair of boots in it then?

Does it just consume a charge and spit out the same pair of boots?

Why would blizz even make this a thing?

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There are going to be charges. You won’t be able to just craft all the tier pieces off the bat.

If that is truly the case then I believe you and the people you play with are probably in the minority. The majority of players refer to the same named pieces with set bonuses attached as tier gear, not the offset pieces that having varying appearances to match the multiple class tier sets.

If you ask what Warlock tier 4 is, the answer would be Voidheart.


It will create another version of the boots, with different pre-set stats but same ilvl.
So you’ll need to see if those stats are good for you or not before changing.
The other benefit is that it will give you the raid mog.

This would have been far better if Blizz made all of the pieces to count towards the set bonuses.

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Omg that’s such a noob trap.


I dont think its the majority of players but lets say we are the minority here, we arent confused in the slightest of what Blizzard meant in the blue post.

When Blizzard talked about the tier set bonus, they said set bonus, when talking about the gear they designed for that tier, they said tier gear. Its very clear and straight forward.

Even when people are talking about the DK in the dk forums, they dont say “dk is good because of tier” they say set bonus. “Oblit is being carried by the set bonus”.

Again this stuff is pretty straight forward and not confusing at all.

Voidheart is not just the 5 pieces that carry the set bonus, its the entire thing. I dont know whats so hard about saying tier gear = gear designed for that tier and set bonus = set bonus. The set bonus comes on these primary pieces of the tier gear and nothing else. Again this isnt hard if people just thought for 5 seconds about what Blizzard said.

Some people in the playerbase is causing confusion for other players, not blizzard.

Not to mention people saying im outnumbered here doesnt mean that I am wrong. I might be outnumbered at a flat earth conference, but the earth is not flat. The number of people there doesnt make me wrong and its a bad argument.

Tier set = set of gear designed by Blizzard for that tier
Set bonus = the set bonus on that gear.

If tier = set bonus, what about covenant gear? Are those tier as well since they have set bonuses? There are other things out there that have set bonuses as well, are those tier as well? No, they arent.

yea… only tier pieces get tier bonuses…

OP 100% thought you’d be able to get tier bonus on any piece of gear prior to the blue post :rofl:

Blizzard calls all of them tier pieces in their post.

Why wouldn’t it count if it acted like those in TBC?
When i heard that the Catalyst will allow to craft tier pieces, that’s the first thing that came in mind.

When Blizz said that only the main pieces will grant it… i was disappointed.

Now why wouldn’t i initially think that it acted like the ones in TBC?
That’s what anyone that actually played during that time thought of.

And Blizzard could have easily made the offpieces count towards the bonus.

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Not anymore.

Now they’re having tier pieces in the game that don’t contribute to the bonus. It’ll be the first time ever that they do this, which I think is what’s causing a lot of the confusion.

When I first heard about the catalyst, I thought we could ONLY craft the current 5 pieces.

When I heard there were more tier pieces being added, I thought we’d have more options for getting the bonus.

When I realized this, I thought - then why are they calling those other pieces “tier”? They’re not tier if they don’t contribute to the bonus.

If you couldnt figure out which was a tier piece and which wasnt and crafted a non-tier piece then that is on you for not paying attention.

You can only craft tier pieces from the catalyst.

The issue is that this will be the first time ever where not all tier pieces count towards the bonus.