If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

How will it not be ?

Any item you put in will show what it will become and the item it is being converted to will show if it goes towards the tier bonuses or not .

might be too many words for people .

Might need a tdlr for the one sentence blue post link

When people see the item named like the other tier pieces, it will be easy to think it will work for the bonus.

Especially after everyone has been screaming for the catalyst to come sooner specifically to help get the bonuses.

The fact that the catalyst can even convert other slots is something new entirely.

It’ll be very easy to confuse players. LIke others have said - they shouldn’t have called the pieces tier and shouldn’t have followed the same labeling pattern for the pieces. These are whats going to trap a lot of naive players.

It’s not too many. It’s using misleading words.

This is a great way to accurately describe the system:

On top of it - they should name the offpieces something else that isn’t similar to the actual tier pieces.

I think players are smarter then people in here make them out to be .

I think the ones that are not smart enough are those in the forums that think people will put the wrong items in thinking they will get tier bonuses from them .

Someone being naive isn’t the same as them being stupid. Intelligent people can get confused depending on how things are presented.

This thread is a perfect example of how confusing things can get. Even people that agree on how the bonus will work still disagree about what is or isn’t tier.

It’s not confusing .

You put the non tier item in to the slot . And it shows the upgrade on the other side .

You check the item with a simple mouse over . If it goes towards the set bonuses it will show if not it will show what the new item is and what stats have changed .

I think most WoW players are actually smart enough to do that .

I think the whole point of this thread was driven by the OP seeing the potential for naive players to miss this. Has nothing to do with being smart.

It’s easy to see how seeing the tier name pop up in the catalyst would make people think it works for the set. Every other gear set that had items named this way always counted towards the set. This is the first time they’re changing it.

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How could it not be?

They did in tbc.

Source: was a 4/4 rogue in tbc with 4pce t6 4pce s4.

It was… spicy.

I think cloak also was used in Legion.

Yeah, because they dont lable it tier sets. But Blizzard refers to tier as the gear they designed for the tier. This is not that damn hard to understand.

Just like its not that damn hard to understand the blue post. If people are looking to get the set pieces, they should know before hand like everyone else what the tier sets go on. If you are just going off of the name, your a fool especially after the blue post.

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So all M+ and Raid drops are technically tier gear? That doesn’t sound right.

I thought only the 5 items that come from the tokens are considered tier? At least that’s how everyone has been referring to them since Sanctum ended and the new patch hit.

Are they expanding the tier pieces from those 5? Because I thought those 5 were the only pieces we could create from the catalyst.

So they don’t even label the transmog set as a tier set in game - got it. Thanks for at least confirming.

The 5 from the tokens are tier but if you use the comparable same slot items from the non tier Head , shoulder , chest, legs and hands from the raid (any level) ,mythic + , pvp and items purchased in ZM with Sand Worn Relics and put them into the Catalyst they will convert to the same items as the token pieces and will go towards the tier bonus .

All other items like wrist , feet and waist will convert to non bonus tier items to complete sets for transmog purposes as well as bis for those items.

Dont misquote me ever again.

Yes. They are designed for that tier. I dont know why this is so hard for people to understand. They designed a whole slew of gear for that tier of raiding, they are all a part of that tier.

Then you have set bonuses within that tier. Sorry that people have been using the term tier wrong but they are the ones confusing people. Blizzard isnt confusing people, its other players confusing people because players cant see what the item is right? You cant just scroll over the item like you should be doing to see the stats and such in the first place, or looking at what slots the set bonus is on in the first place and those that want to get the set bonus should know what items it comes on in the first place.

M+ is not raid gear though, so no its not part of the tier. Again I dont know what is so hard to understand about this. Other people are confusing you because they have been using the term tier wrong this entire time.

I didn’t misquote you.

You literally typed:

It’s still in your post up above.

And you are correct Blizzard doesn’t refer to the transmog set as tier anywhere in the game. I thought I was missing something - but I appreciate you confirming.

Oh thanks for clarifying. I’ve never heard of anyone calling the entire batch of gear - tier.

Like when someone says I got my tier legs. No one wonders “did they get the M+ legs from x dungeon? Or that other Dungeon? Or the BOE legs from Raid? Or the generic legs from Y raid boss?”

When someone says they got their tier legs, people know the exact one item that the player received. The only unknown variable is what ilvl.

I think you’re the only person referring to it the way you describe. But hey, maybe you’re the only person using it correctly, and the rest of the player base is doing it wrong.

I know - like the players that use a term in no way or manner than the rest of the player base uses the term.

But it’s used in the same patch as the raid tier. And the gear is used for raiding.

Even people that agree with you on how the bonuses will work don’t agree with how you’re defining the term tier. You’re alone on this one buddy.

Why would they though? Those are transmog sets, not tier sets.