If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong

Anyone that played vanilla from the beginning knows deadmines is DM. I don’t know when this VC crap started, sometime way after launch back in the day, but most people on my server still use the correct term DM.


You can argue with everyone if it makes you feel good…On my realm(maybe it was different on OTHER realms)…It was DM until a Shortly after Dire Maul released. Yes they would say east or west but that faded and DM became VC and DM just meant Dire Maul. I like calling DM for Deadmines. When I started seeing VC i was like WTF is that?

Yeah. I suspect (perhaps naively) that both sides feel the same.

In any case, I’m glad that the link to that guide came out from all this. It’s pretty interesting to look at.

Have you seen the part about a “Puller?”

Puller Person who pulls monsters for the party.

Pulling One of the players in a party heads out and leads one or more of the monsters back to the party so that the party can attack them. The idea is to prevent too many monsters from attacking at once by drawing them to a “safe” zone.

I think we ended up just called that a hunter :wink:

I was Horde up until 2005 when I rerolled Alliance. Was surprised ALL the Alliance on my server regarded Deadmines as VC. As Horde, we always called Waling Caverns WC. But I remembered very distinctly, it was called VC for Alliance, even before Dire Maul came out. Granted, it could vary by server.


Back when people actually did quests and spent time in westfall, people did the questlines and had to read them. This was the first major questline for alliance and even though it ended with Bazil Thredd in Stocks (and Escovar in SW), the most memorable part was running The Deadmines to kill Van Cleef.

It probably made more sense from an alliance perspective since the westfall questline wasn’t a thing for horde.


Thats where i played too. It always was and still is DM.


what I think is funny is how the bosses name in the Deadmines is EDWIN not VAN
So people using VC is still wrong. It’s EC or EVC.
it’s amazing to read all the excuses players have for bad grammar then saying it’s been like that forever as if that matters.


VanCleef is his last name sir. You seem to be in full blown contrarian nitpick mode. As usual, this backfires.

https ://classic.wowhead.com/npc=639/edwin-vancleef#comments

You’ll notice this is one of the very few bosses in the game with a 2 letter acronym commonly used too. Some other notable bosses like Princess Theradras (Princess) and Baron Riverdare (Baron) and Ragnaros (Rag) have shorthands. Like I said, Vancleef was more recognizable than the instance name itself which is why the acronym was the obvious usage for its time.

I’m not saying 100% of people used VC in Vanilla, but the supermajority definitely did because it made the most sense.


Then you have no grounds to even call out the merit of someone when you yourself do not even want to back up your own claim - irregardless or whether or not you played beta - fifteen god damn years ago when that crap doesn’t matter now. In. The. Now.

I really don’t care except that you can’t back it up lol.


Also, irregardless is a double negative.


lol bye felicia

I mean it makes more sense, but in 2006 when I started everyone was definitely calling it VC


This was a thing on release too. At no point was there ever a decision to change it from DM to VC when dire maul came out because…it was never DM to begin with.


I’ve always known it as VC–since vanilla–even if it was briefly known exclusively as DM. I must have been too low of a level at the time.

Even if you knew it as DM, calling it VC is not wrong. VC (Vancleef) is the last boss…unless you kill Cookie after/out of order. The Alliance quest is to kill Vancleef. And on top of it, it indicates that you’re clearing to the last boss–a full run. Which I’ve never heard of partial run, but just sayin! It makes perfect sense to call it VC despite the dungeon name.

It also makes perfect sense to call it Deadmines, of DM, or whatever you want. Because you’ll be in Westfall/high teens and clarity will not be necessary.


IDK people calling The Deadmines “DM” remind me of players who got into WoW X expansions in and are looking at a dungeon list and deciding how to shorthand the dungeons.


[quote=“Jawah-moon-guard, post:1, topic:316146, full:true”] You don’t call Stratholme “RD”, or Molten Core “Rag”. So why would you call Deadmines “VC”?

“LFM tank and healer princess runs”
“LFM 1 dps arena/angerforge spam”
“LFG ST 51 rogue” (hell, Sunken Temple isn’t even the name of the dungeon, it’s the name of the pointer quest that directs you towards the Temple of Atal Hakkar. Why did we abbreviate it after a quest instead of “TAH”?)


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I remember doing Baron runs (even though UD strat was also used).
Tribute runs, Princess Runs, Spamming Jed…there’s all sorts of shorthands. But yeah "Sunken Temple ‘ST’ " is one of the best parallels and kinda reflects how quests defined dungeons sometimes.


It’s not an endgame dungeon.

It started getting called VC after Dire Maul came out it’s not a private server thing.

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Because when most people played the game in Vanilla, you did this dungeon for the quest. And by most I mean 99% who did the dungeon when it originally came out. The idea of gearing up twinks and spamming it for gear wasn’t a thing until long after battlegrounds came out which was much deeper into the patches.

So it was never “Who needs The Deadmines” it was “Who needs VanCleef”…the same way you try to recruit people for killing hogger.