If the Zombie event remains as is, we need compensation

And that is why people should just hang around in BGs for a week. you dont have to pvp and it irritates pvpers. Great fun

That isn’t how things should be tested. A lot of these problems could have been avoided had they actually tested this version of the event.

I’ve been in the Customer Service department for a long time, trust me they will whine if you are over by a single penny.

As for the OP I dont know what to tell you, Expansion is dropping in less than 6 days. If you cant hang on till then then by all means send in a ticket, GD isnt the place to be.

Otherwise itll fall on deaf ears.

I personally dont condone your opinion but like you said in some form its your money. shrug Imma go back to griefing the AH

You paid for gametime to play the game, the game is currently playable. You are not entitled to anything. The game is playable. If you don’t enjoy it, well that doesn’t mean anything. You aren’t paying for enjoyment, you are paying for game time. Getting enjoyment out of it is completely on you and only you. There are ways around things and it is a very short event. Just suck it up buttercup

That’s fine for you but I would very much like to do my farming uninterrupted to work on my gold. It just so happens to be what I want to be doing on my downtime to relax and chill. This event is just making that an impossibility. I just don’t see how that is a difficult concept to grasp. The article you linked earlier made no explicit mention of this zombie invasion event.

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how are you being prevented from doing that?

Players: WoW is boring, plz make it fun!
Also players: OMG!! TOO MUCH!! I can’t /afk in the AH anymore!!!

It’s a one week event where there’s some danger and inconvenience involved. It’s not going to last forever and it’s meant to make a memory of the game that you can one day go like “hey I was part of this!!” Now the only thing this event is going to remembered for is all the people who whined who can’t do their 4830th pet battle.

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Its not a difficult concept to grasp, I used to be the same way.

Then I got older and realized the only one who is going to be looking out for my interests, is myself. I refuse to waste my time waiting for a company to hear my cries and pleas. I simply take my money elsewhere.

Fun fact: I originally had my BFA pre-purchase refunded because Allied Races were going to be tied to reps/achievements when I felt like they should have just included it. The only reason I came back was because some friends asked me to come raid Uldir.

I am choosing not to log in, you are still fully capable of playing despite the inconveniences of going to SW/Org and griefing has always been a thing in online game community.

I dont deserve compensation because I am choosing not to log in. Thats just dumb.

Why? that makes zero sense.

Two separate groups.

The people who say WoW is boring are the people who don’t do anything in game.

The people who are massively inconvenienced by this event are the people who do things in-game.


You know what? Reading this thread has only solidified my view that the entitlement culture is well and truly at the top of the food chain.

What a laughable species.


Actually,they are pretty much all over now in current content. Icecrown and at Nathanos.


What did you want? Another mindless wq and world boss that you can afk your way through in lfg.

I think your definition of “people who do stuff” needs some serious work. New unique cool and fun event trump’s boring wqs and world boss lol

A lot of people have regular stuff they’re doing in-game that has nothing to do with the prepatch event, but since the portal hubs are in Org/SW, the zombie presence there can make things irritating.

As an example, there were FAR more people doing Rei Lun last week than there were doing rares in Icecrown (except for bag boy).

Regardless I am still choosing to not log in.

I don’t deserve compensation because I am choosing to not play despite being fully capable.

Oh I understand,was just letting you no it was no longer in just sw/org.

Umm let’s time warp shall we! So fun!

Boy that took a long time, you have so many posts spinning in this thread, oh and my pizza arrived, went for hawaiian, for some reason this thread made me crave pineapples.

I enjoy the event, the infections, everything. You likened people who like it to that. So again, I call a spade a spade. Grain of salt comment stands!

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This man knows whats up and what went down! Yeah you could even lose your HOUSE if they got your keys. Then they put in that rep system to deter pks? My brothers would just run around a dungeon, look for AOE spells and get hit by them, then kill the caster. lol

The fact is that most actual new players never reach max level. That’s because they are not invested in the game and find being a new player in this game a bad experience in some way, or not worth the effort. The fact that they bought the game and some gametime means they were planning on giving it a try despite the fact that you have some rather odd ideas about what new players should be.