If the Zombie event remains as is, we need compensation

I’m afraid I don’t get the reference

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Nor did they say they wouldn’t either. All they did was warn of the upcoming invasion. They even had a post on how to avoid it, so again zero pity from this peanut gallery.

Incorrect. The place you wanted to eat pepperoni pizza at is currently having a pineapple pizza festival the entire week. You are upset because you didn’t pay attention to the emails, adverts, and coupons announcing the event they were planning for the past month, went into the place anyway, and couldn’t get what you wanted.

So now you are throwing a tantrum like a wee-babe in a supermarket who couldn’t get the name brand cereal.


Well if that person has links to all this known information I would love to see it but I looked at wow head a bit prior to paying another month because I wanted to see if it was worth paying and I never saw that part there either.

Do people really do that?
Just get on the internet and tell lies?

If you want me to keep conversing with you you should come up with a sensible argument

Yea, I logged onto my level 19 mage a few minutes ago.

Died within a minute of being in Stormwind. Died again upon ressing. And again. And again.

The fact the damage doesn’t scale so level 50 zombies can one shot low levels doesn’t help.

This is going to chase new players away from the game.

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Been playing all weeks and haven’t seen a single zombie outside of Stormwind and that was only on day one of the event.

Haven’t even seen a zombie yesterday or today the few times I passed through SW for portals and the flightmaster.

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That reply is such garbage as a response to what you claimed.

this is what you claimed - so there was no warning of auto pvp flagging.

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So engaging in reasonable conversation saying is somehow throwing a tantrum? So any time somebody disagrees with you, are they throwing a tantrum in your opinion?

I’ve dealt with this individual before. I’ve played since the very start and never recalled this compensation or mass outrage (people were upset but not mass outrage levels), but they cannot provide any proof it actually happened.

Fell like its a Mandela effect situation and they believe it’s happened.

But you are here…hiding…

Nope, when they were setting up the festival and taste-testing the food they were clear the pineapple would be optional. Sorry

Not at all, I’m just pointing out how your argument is flawed and merely sounds like you are throwing a tantrum because you aren’t getting what you want, and instead of leaving and going to a place where you CAN get what you want, you inconvenience others by causing a scene.

That was posted way back in October, in case you don’t feel like clicking on it. Over a month ago.

Sensible? You said I claimed something I did not, yet failed to even acknowledge you were wrong. Instead you doubled down on a non sensical rant and when plenty point out that they also disagree you come out with this retort. Did you cry out Bazinga when you thought it landed too?

Honestly, the OP made a lot more sense than you do, and my sentiments on that one have been clearly outlined.

I still haven’t seen these horde of zombies >.< What care bear shard is Blizzard putting me in!?

The better analogy would be a Seafood shack that has a decided to hold a week long Shrimp and Crab fest. They have taken fish off the menu for one week and now people with shellfish allergies have nothing to eat because theres no fish.

It was opt-in on the PBE right up until live

yeah… not buying that lmao

I have been playing normally on MG and WRA for days. at their peak hours even (2000-2400 US time).

got zombied on 2 nathanos runs. easy enough to clear. go up, don’t fight anyone and let the AOE and cleave drop you like a stone. if…nathanos is less than 25% DO NOT release. death clears the zombie state, the people kill him, you get the reward. At 25% you won’t walk back in time to get loot range radius.

edit: this is how the VE rogue got her second 115 dagger. last minute zombie status I cleared in death…and I just stayed no release till drop.

Worst i have seen is a portal room ambushes. Pop run/leap/etc move if you want to avoid this.

I literally spent an hour and change by the WRA Org main gate cleaning out 12 chars’ bags. Sell or keep…mostly sell. So it was back to innkeeper on many runs then ah across the street.

Crafting mats sent to relevant chars. So crafting parties happened.

One was the Horde DH I switched over from leather working to alchemy. Many plants mailed to her and…make 60, make 50. make 30. In the open and not one bite.

Then came the BE rogue enchanter. LKots of tailoring (icc runs gave me mats for day over several farmers lol…)to lead to lots of disenchanting and finally enchanting. Not one bite. so…not even sure how people are getting hit afk here.