If the Zombie event remains as is, we need compensation

Not everybody reads patch notes or cares about upcoming events. Also, events which cause ingame disruption aren’t common. The vast majority of them are opt-in only and no “forced fun” upon the playerbase. As I stated earlier, I am less interested in playing for events and more interested in using my gametime to make gold to buy the expac with tokens.

It was opt-in on the PBE

Bob: "You no like pineapple pizza?
Joe: “No, I don’t care for it…”

I lose hope for humanity each passing day

Meteor just hit already

It is right on the launcher, and again was foretold. Blizzard does not need to call you when they put it right out there on the front page. This is not a buyer beware situation, it all comes down to you not paying attention, so that analogy you used, is invalid. If this was an egg pelting party like you said, they sent you out an invitation, gave you tips on facebook, and posted it on the door for like a month before the party happened.

And it’s not here. We know, you think telling me this again is going to change the event in the slightest, it’s not.

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You guys should log in, the zombie event is nearly non existent right now and you are missing out on some quality WoW time. If you are alliance on Moonguard just stay away from Goldshire if you want to avoid the zombies.

As an added bonus, I notice that when I fly out of Stormwind now, I almost immediately lose my PVP flag despite having five minutes left on it. At this point, it is very unlikely you are going to experience very many disruptions at all.

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If it was on PBE right up until being pushed to live then the players have every right to believe that’s what is going to be on the live servers. I’m sorry, being told you’re wrong hurts sometimes, but you’ll just have to live with it

It is totally a buyer beware situation. You’re trying to justify a bad event that a lot of people clearly dislike by saying “It’s your fault for not reading the news”

That’s pretty toxic, honestly.

Where am I wrong? You are pulling my entire convo out of context. I am talking about the guy who said well we didn’t know using an egg analogy. Never once did I claim it wasn’t so on PTR so please, stop making up a narrative I never spoke of.

Bob: “You no like pineapple pizza?
Joe: “No, I don’t care for it…”
Bob: “Then why did you come to the pineapple pizza festival? We sent you an email and posted signs on the doors.”


I didn’t come to the pineapple pizza festival, I came to the pepperoni pizza festival next door, but the pineapple pizza festival people are forcing me to eat pineapple pizza if I want to be able to enjoy my pepperoni pizza

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A change just went through, taking a portal removes your flag.

Most people who don’t like the zombies aren’t logging in. It’s so empty on my server now I have to find groups for the world rares. I actually had to start an LFG for Skadi.

That sounds like a job for Mike Tyson.

I can’t imagine how miserable it must be, being a helpless victim.

There is the sound of wind made by a passing object over your head.

Gross dog farts!

I have never seen that they would force flag you for this. In fact I am on the forum every day and have heard people say it was going to be optional.

Dodging I see, cool. It’s the pineapple festival though in these cities, if you want pepperoni there are others free of it available to you.

It WAS optional on the PTR. We had to opt into war mode to be affected by the zombies.