If the Zombie event remains as is, we need compensation

You mean like the little green “+” icons all over SW?

And that blizz CoC applies to the players since anyone could otherwise use this about any changes they make - like updating computer specs to play the game.

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They quite literally are. This event detracts from others enjoyment of the game when used in the improper way like dragging the virus to questing hubs.

That, my friends, is enabling griefing. And by not banning people who do it, they are indeed violating THEIR OWN Code of Conduct.


It’s not warmode. Check your pvp talents tab. It just flags you for pvp, and while technically, warmode is pvp, they aren’t the same. If you go do quests and offer a bonus for warmode, while simply flagged for PvP, you won’t get the bonus, also pvp will fall off after 5 mins of no pvp activity. Warmode will not.


Naw, they literally aren’t and you’re being a little too overdramatic about this.

You also shouldn’t go around on Blizzard forums, accusing the company of breaking their own ToS…

They even gave people a week without the zombies and then told people to prepare for said zombies.


They -heal- the infection you have. They do not inoculate you from getting it.

I’m suggesting they do what they did at the end of the Wrath event - allow players to choose to be inoculated and thus immune to the zombies.


We wont get it. Do you think they did this for the WotLK.(this version we have now is a dumbed down version) No? Then no. We will not get compensation. You can try all you want but you’ll be beating a dead horse really really hard on this one. But if you want to beat the dead horse continue cause you’re making a complete and utter fool of yourself more than the people whining about the zombies, imo. :rofl:


We’re not at the end of the Shadowlands event yet. It quite literally just started. Maybe our healers haven’t figured out how to cure this one yet? lol

Even before that blue post we knew about it via ptr, wowhead, wow streamers, etc. so that was way more than enough warning about it.


Sounds like you found the cool version of the event. We get sporadic zombies in Org and all the lame players kill them before they can cause a decent uprising


And it’s been heavily watered-down since the PTR! lol


They actually did. We got 3 days of game time.

Note the days. 4 Days before Wrath Launch we were given 3 days of game time to make up for the fact they had made the game unplayable (as it is now) At this point, in an effort to save the players they were losing, they introduced the ability for the argent healers to inoculate you. The next month we were given 1 day of game time to make up for the launch issues.

Fact of the matter is, this event is going to chase away way more players permanently, than it will make stick around. By far. New players are unplayable right now.


Damn straight.


They are going to follow the same timeline as wrath. This event is almost entirely copy/paste of wrath including the quests in Icecrown. You can look the timeline up on WoWhead. So by this weekend the healers should have purged it.

Their code of conduct is for people playing the game not coding it! Since this is a recycled event they would be more than aware if it is against their rules Karen.


The game is not unplayable. Getting around is easy. I’ve engaged zombies when I’ve wanted to and have avoid them when I don’t. Event has been a blast so far.


People like OP are the reason nothing exciting happens in WoW.


I dunno, I think it’s pretty entertaining to see how fast I can burst a zombie down before they finish their spawn animation.


I don’t mean this in the wrong way, but you guys do understand what that sentence means right? It’s literally a turn of phrase.

It means “I never ask for things like this, but it’s gotten so bad I am.” Not that I’m literally the last person to ask for it.


I guess Blizzard could compensate and hand out free, thicker skin.


Once again the RP community attempts to strip any life from the game because their virtual chat room has become slightly more difficult for them to change chat rooms in


There’s always VRChat.

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