If Blizzard can do spell batching, keyring, etc, they can do pre-nerf heroics and raids

Except this is wrong.

There was a small vocal minority that lied about spell batching being a skill based game element(most of whom weren’t in beta) and got it added very late in beta.

As soon as it was added in beta most of the people who actually were playing with it pointed out how awful and broken it was.


I’m not talking about how well it was for the game or why it needed to be added. Saying it a vocal minority is a straight up lie though. Go read the thread when it was released and go do a tally on how much people were for it. Go ahead I’ll wait

Thanks for putting yourself as a troll. No need to comment to you again. You’re clearly clueless

Oh no, however will I handle not having to talk to someone like you who constantly nullifies what he says, lies and misconstrues a tiny group of players on retail accounts as everyone while ignoring a year of people saying the opposite of what you want.

At least you’re finally taking your own advice and removing your clueless opinions from the discussion for good.

Yep it was a vocal minority that wanted it, many of whom were not in the beta.

The people who actually were in the beta expressed how awful it was as soon as it was released.

What stats are you going by to say it’s a vocal minority? Seriously you can’t just say “yeah vocal minority whatever” as if it holds any meaning without providing something

I’m still waiting for you to show your overwhelming majority that wanted it and that noone had any issues until it went live.

I never once said no one had issues with it when it went live, so I’m not sure what you are on about. What do you think my argument is exactly? I’m genuinely curious

You’re the one claiming everyone wanted it during beta and there were zero complaints until it went live.

I used words like “everyone” just like he used the phrase “no one”. The overwhelming majority of posts on here during the time where blizzard basically said no more spell batching was just people asking for spell batching and leeway. Just like right now the overwhelming number of threads are complaining about bots.

Right now I’d say “everyone is complaining about bots” yeah sure maybe YOU aren’t or Joe Shmoe but a LOT of people are.

Just in case you didn’t read the context (you never do) the dude here basically said:

“blizzard won’t add tbc patches because if they don’t have to put in the work they won’t”

I said:

“Actually you know they added things like spell batching, leeway, and extended phases along with other changes they didn’t have to because the community was begging for them”

He then said:

“No one asked for any of these things”

Then this brings us to my argument. A lot of people did. I would say a majority of posters on here did and were begging for it. You claiming it was a ‘vocal minority’ is complete bogus. There is absolutely no way for you to prove this. I proved what I said by linking the very thread it got announced and, just like I said, the overwhelming majority of players were extremely happy about it.

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there’s a lot of veering off topic here but what Rorshak just said above is relevant, a few people here say they won’t do certain things in tbc because it would be work, and the fact they DID do certain things in classic that they didn’t need to shows they have the capacity to.

Remember when blizzard said they were only doing 4 phases of content? Many people asked for more phases and look what happened. All I’m asking for is to put eyes on this topic and let Blizzard know alot of people would like to see the original difficulty of TBC heroics and raids, even if they still are easy compared to today’s standards.

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The vast majority of things that blizzard has done for classic have been time gating content, or things like layering. They have made no changes to rebalance anything around what people want.

And using early version of TBC heroics would have some of the same issues that vanilla had, later versions typically included bug fixes etc…

I mean honestly, the majority of things people are asking for is just the values differences for mobs, classes, gear, etc… They are already doing stuff extremely similar to this like gating the quests, gating gear drops etc.

This is 100% do-able for them and it’s almost do different considering they have all the information patch by patch on what needs changed.

Also as for the bugs, you know that they aren’t actually working with the same version of the game as they were working with before right? They are working off of the BfA client. Yeah some similar bugs and new bugs might be present, but they aren’t literally uploading the 1.12 or the 2.4.3 client onto their game and bringing up all the same exact issues in with it.

Yes that’s part of why they picked 1.12 and not an earlier version… had they used an earlier version those bugs would still be present. The same would apply to TBC.

spell batching is terrible, anyone who advocates for it has a brain without wrinkles.

private server players really ruined this game.

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Absolutely incorrect. They used 1.12 because they didn’t have any other version that was ‘complete’ and I realize when a lot of people on here heard ‘complete’ they think of things like bugs, no they actually didn’t have the data.


Partly, it’s also more complete in the sense that it has the most up to date version of mechanics and balance that they arrived at for that iteration of WoW so it’s not just bug fixes.

And once again the same applies to TBC.

That’s all speculation lol. I mean if they have X but they don’t have Y then they 100% have to go with X no matter what they want to do unless they want to play a guessing game and make stuff up.

This does NOT apply to TBC at ALL. They have all this data, they can (and should) run tbc patch by patch, there is literally no reason not to. If they can release the 1.12 version of the game they can release the 2.0, 2.1.1, etc etc etc. Bugs have absolutely nothing to do with this. There’s always and forever going to be bugs whether they open up new patches or not. Anyone who has ever played any video game and payed attention knows this.

No it’s not speculation, it’s taken straight from the dev water cooler on classic

The first—and among the most important—decision we had to make was which version of the game to focus on. As many of you have noted, the classic period was two years long and full of changes. Core features like Battlegrounds were introduced in patches after WoW’s original launch, and class design similarly changed over time. After careful consideration, we decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation, because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience.

Nothing in there about not being able to use an early patch, they intentionally used 1.12 because it represented the final version of classic with both the most features(BG’s) and complete class designs.

And it completely applies to TBC, just like vanilla TBC was also not a static game from TBC launch till wrath.

Yes the dev water cooler which came out before the video I posted. They could have said “we picked this because it was our favorite version” and it’s instantly nullified once they say at a later date “this is all we had to work with”.

Also, none of what you just linked said a single thing about bugs, which is what your argument is about. This has absolutely nothing to do with bugs, they straight up said we. Don’t. Have. The. Data.

Nothing in that post, no, but the video I linked you at blizzcon which was AFTER this post specifically says they didn’t.

It does not apply to classic tbc at all. Classic vanilla did not have the old data to go patch by patch as per blizzard at blizzcon. They specifically said they have everything post 1.12. Which means they have every tbc patch archived.