If Blizzard can do spell batching, keyring, etc, they can do pre-nerf heroics and raids

Ah, never had the problem of not having the key, thank you!

Strongly disagree.

Im sorry but this posts pretty much proves to me you weren’t a very close follower of classic back then if you believe this. People were BEGGING for everything I just listed back then. Look at the top threads of all time on here and I guarantee the massive spell batching petition is still up there.

As for your time comment. What’s easier than literally pushing out patches already made for you?

Just looked- lets see, thousands of people asking for them to remove spell batching… to remove leeway… seems about right.

Leeway giving melee longer attack range than the hunter deadzone is part of the reason every BG is 50% warriors, and spell batching letting players double up on single use abilities has given global potential to too many players. They’re two of the most hated additions to the game, and Blizz hasn’t done a single thing about them.

Leeway isn’t an addition, it’s always existed and the formula hasn’t changed in 16 years. Leeway still exists in BfA today.

How could something that has never not existed be an addition?

Okay you really need to not comment on what people wanted back then when you clearly weren’t here.

I just checked and the thread was deleted, I think it was made before the new forums were released. But here is the announcement of spell batching, and read the comments following it

Everyone on here wanted it

To the extreme that melee attacks become ranged attacks? It doesn’t exist to this scope in anything but classic.

This has been talked through to death on here since prelaunch… I use to have a file on here literally showing similar leeway on real vanilla. I’m not digging through them again to prove them to you, because you clearly are new here. I would just sit out on these conversations you aren’t well versed enough yet.

You can compare video from 2006 and see that range is identical. Here’s a video from TBC showing the NON leeway melee range a character has when attacking a tauren player:

I just briefly looked through a couple dozen of the posts since launch and they’re all saying this is one of the worst changes Blizz made- so grats on proving your point wrong.

What we have here are simulated attempts to recreate something- which fails both at being accurate and at feeling anything like what it felt like in Vanilla.

My dude. You straight up said “no one asked for these things” I told you that you were wrong because everyone was asking for them. I never said anything about the threads being made after the game was released. We were talking about what was being asked BEFORE the game was launched.

For the last time, sit out on these conversations, you are completely out of the loop. Which is fine to be, but when you start making comments like “back then no one asked for…” when you CLEARLY weren’t here, is asinine.

What’s the relevance of the keyring?

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So you’re intentionally deafening yourself to the community while saying you know what the community wants- that’s an astounding amount of hypocrisy right there, but shouldn’t be surprised.

Saying ‘everyone wants’ when there’s thousands of threads from people saying they don’t want it and hate it is one of the stupidest things you’ve said, really, stay out of this conversation kid you are making yourself look bad.

Grats though on finding a bunch of retailer accounts that want something changed- that’s not exactly a surprise that the people that wanted this are retailers- and the people that don’t play Classic.

I never said some people didn’t hate it when it was released. Never once even implied that. If you read it that way then you need to work on your reading comprehension. I started off by listing things blizzard changed because of what was being asked for at that time. You said no one was asking for it at that time. I linked a thread showing when they changed it and every comment was exited and thanked blizzard. End of discussion.

This would be similar to everyone asking for patch by patch tbc. Blizzard listening and doing so, then people making threads about how they hate it now, and then making the statement that no one asked for patch by patch tbc.

Some people, everyone, nobody? Who knows when Rorshak’s cooking up some BS since he doesn’t know the meaning of words.

Again, stay out of this conversation, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jesus you are either a super troll or you really can’t understand this simple concept.

I’ll lay out a timeline for you


Blizz said no spell batching
People complained and wanted it saying it’s a big part of vanilla pvp balance
Blizzard adds spell batching
People happy


Spell batching happens
Some people decide they don’t like it

You see how there’s a little timeline difference here?

Now when you say “no one asked for these” we are speaking in terms of before the change happened. Do you understand this? Or are you trolling

They had it taken out before the phase where it needed to be added.

Tbh, a very small minority of players want this. The majority would rather have the easier/nerfed versions so they can experience the content without having to no life and/or try hard

Let’s pretend for a moment that Blizzard believes 100% that they have batching implemented correctly. Which of the two following strategies is more likely to result in them reducing or removing the “artificial” batching window:

1.) We accuse them of getting it wrong and demand they remove it because they don’t know what they’re doing.

2.) We admit that the community was wrong in ever wanting an archaic action processing system from 2004 to be brought back in 2020. We ask nicely for them to remove the Vanilla batching system.

Well at least you can admit it was a change, and again, you said ‘everyone’ was asking for it, which is a lie.

And now, it’s been a source of frequent complaint because it’s a change that doesn’t feel Vanilla.

That’s impressive, changing me into we so that you can decide what I’m saying. Oh, and here’s one for you to try to misconstrue- I don’t care for or consider at all what retail accounts ask for, want or post. If you want to include retailers you can go ahead if that helps your case- but their opinions mean literally nothing to me.

Strategy three- make a lot of Horde accounts and complain nonstop about how this is bad for the Horde and benefits the Alliance.

I mean, if we honestly want something changed that’s the one surefire way to get it.