Ideal Horde Council set up

As much as I wish the past three years didn’t happen, we’re stuck with what we got, so, ideal wish granted scenario

The Horde Council would be thus:

  1. Warchief Thrall (Presiding Officer)
  2. Overlord Geya’rah
  3. Queen Talanji
  4. Chieftain Rokhan
  5. Kiro of the Vulpera
  6. Lashk of the Tortollan
  7. Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof
  8. Chieftain Mayla Highmountain
  9. Chieftain Roanauk Icemist
  10. Queen Calia Menethil
  11. Regent Lord Lor’themar
  12. Master Ji Firepaw
  13. The Monkey King
  14. Trade Prince Gazlowe
  15. Grand Magistrix Thalyssra

And odd number such that in the event of a tie, Thrall is the deciding vote. Warchief (Presiding Officer) is elected only unanimously, but can be removed by simple majority (50% + 1)

Important Addendums in such a scenario:

  1. Calia has some Shadow development (perhaps alternates between Shadow and Light?) and works with the Primus to help the Forsaken
  2. Yaungol are still in talks in joining the Earthmother Confederacy, not finalized
  3. Primus helps Helya deal with her trauma without being Evil, goes beat up Odyn for attempting to usurp the Shadowlands, Helya works with the Forsaken from then on
  4. As noted, the Council of Tribes is established and all trolls are unified once more. ALL TROLLS.
  5. The Trade Coalition is made actual in-game canon

Gonna do Alliance next.

Yes, all Alliance-race pirates will be under Kul Tiras, under Lord Flynn Fairwind as the secret Pirate King :stuck_out_tongue:

Borrowing from colonial privateers working for their respective crowns.

edit: oh and Governor Velicinda is back because why not, we’re in the Maw, she was cool. I’d get Brother Zelling back too tbh.


New super image (original)


super image v10, divided by Alliance, Horde, and Neutral


It still annoys me she never ranked up to this title. She could not have a more blatantly obvious successor as first arcanist than Valtrois.


plus it would’ve been a cool foil to Lorthemar’s refusing to claim any title other than Regent Lord

he could establish an electoral monarchy where the monarch is selected from among the standing military leaders upon death from then on


Seeing those words together again after all these years makes me happy.

And then I feel a yawning chasm of sadness when I realise it’s not real :sob:

In all seriousness, Thrall returning to a political position was a real highlight for me. Reading about him at the head of a Horde Army in Shadow’s Rising sent shivers down my spine haha! Warchief Thrall was always the best version of Thrall.

Anyway, totally support this idea overall. Although, are the Tortollan a part of the Horde now? Missed the memo on that one if so!


my boys High Executor Anselm and Overseer Nazgrel always get forgotten.

This becomes a case of Chekhov’s Gun. Because Lor’themar has established a means to replace himself, he will be replaced.


Sure are a lot of war criminals on that Forsaken council.


Anselm would be under Belmont and Nazgrel would be part of the Orc council! I wasn’t about to list everyone lmao

Just look at the Zanchuli Council


They were added to the Zanchuli Council, so it stands to reason they are, since all their homes are in Zandalar while only an outpost and a few bars exist in Kul Tiras.



15 people? I’m not sure blizzard is competent enough to write such a system…sadly



Just put me at the top.

I can run the Horde.


The Horde Council in canon right now is 12 people

The only people I added was Lashk, Roanauk, and the Monkey King.

The Representatives in my diagram are almost all canon as it stands lol

And? Do you ecpect a good written council?

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Well again, it’s what we got.

My wish granted scenario for the Horde Council as a body is literally exactly what we have except we add the Tortollan, the Taunka, and the Hozen.

It’s literally what we got already. You seemed to be unaware the Horde Council was 12 people as it already stands.

Whether Blizzard will actually make an effort (they won’t) remains to be seen, but hey, their choices, their problem!

I just want Turtle/Yak/Monkey justice.


I’d like to move a motion that we include Sylvanas and Nathanos on the Forsaken council purely to spite this guy.


I mean with Faranell and Belmont there you might as well

Their racial motto is “We will slaughter any who stand in our way” so like, they’re the Forsaken. They’re not the kiss-alliance-happy-zombies. War criminals is what they do haha


This council and the one set up by blizzard are pretty unrepresentative and unrealistic. Factions like orgrimmar should have a lot more votes than say the bilgewater cartel, or the bloodelves. They bring a lot more to the table.

Orgrimmar isn’t a faction lol

And nah votes aren’t proportional to power, that would leave the Tauren with the least votes even though by all accounts they’re probably the most populous Horde race.

And again, it’s what we got.

I posted my ideal Horde Council awhile back.

Seating chart of the council hall:

My council members:

  1. Kah Kah [Grookin Hozen]
  2. Ji Firepaw [Huojin Pandaren]
  3. Roanauk [Icemist Taunka]
  4. Mayla [Highmountain Tauren]
  5. Baine [Thunder Bluff Tauren]
  6. Rokhan [Darkspear Trolls]
  7. Talajani [Zandalari Trolls]
  8. Geya’rah [Mag’har Orcs]
  9. Thrall [Durotar Orcs]
  10. Rexxar [Mok’nathal]
  11. Tharg [Stonemaul Ogres]
  12. Gazlowe [Bilgewater Goblins]
  13. Neri [The Unshackled]
  14. Kiro [Voldunai Vulpera]
  15. Lor’themar [Quel’thalas Blood Elves]
  16. Thalryssa [Nightborne]
  17. Wrathion [Black Dragonflight]
  18. Calia [The Forsaken]
  19. Kael’thas [The San’layn]

I didn’t come to this forum to get aroused, but it happened anyway


What you just said sounds super silly. Orgrimmar is and has been the literal backbone of the horde. The Tauren have been depicted as anything but numerous.

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