Ideal Horde Council set up

Can I opt out of either faction?

You lost me at Warchief Thrall.

Personally I think the last thing the Horde needs is a restoration of orc centricity.


My ideal Horde Council would be one that was wiped out by the new warchief, at his or her earliest convenience.


No, but I don’t think the size of it matters for that. The Council of Three Hammers is only three people, and it’s not well written either.


we should also argue, that…blizzard cant write concils …:smiley:

Dunno how to tell you this but Orgrimmar isn’t a faction onto itself, it’s the capital city established by the MU Orcs under Thrall.

Shadow Rising has canonically stated the Council rules Orgrimmar given at this point there’s an enclave for each member race within the city.

Warchief Thrall is cool. He’s the only safe Warchief.

Who else would it be?


“Safe” is arbitrary. I want my Warchief back. With a council to keep her in check.

A passive Horde is not a safe one. That’s a doormat. We had a good Warchief, she just needed checks and balances.

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Checks and balances wouldn’t have stopped the story Blizzard wanted to write. If the horde had a council going into BFA, we just would have been treated to an intro where Sylvanas (with secret jailer help nobody would know until Shadowlands) manipulates or politically disables everyone to take control.


We’re talking post Shadowlands, restored Sylvanas not BfA and before manipulated Sylvanas though.

Sylvanas with her soul restored, previous Ranger General of Quelthalas with experience leading and ruling would make a good Warchief, with checks and balances.

I know a lot of ppl aren’t ready for this suggestion yet.


Well, you did phrase your the end of your previous post in past tense. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s fair lol.

Though in the eyes of a Loyalist she’s always been in there under all the bad.

I mean it’s more the reality that it’s hard to find hope or joy in thinking about the future of the Horde when we know the writers will villain bat us to instigate the next faction war.

So this council in my mind makes that villain bat harder to land because it’s not one person anymore.

So if they’re willing to villain bat THE ENTIRE COUNCIL then that’s blizzard confirming what some of us suspected all along.


It’s so defensible!

Maybe next time Genn lashes out without impunity we can actually have the moral high ground!




This is way too complicated. The council as it is already is nearly perfect. I’d just swap out Lillian Voss with someone from the RAS since they worked with the Forsaken government and are more culturally relevant, so they’d probably be more inclined to what the Forsaken want.

The council is already as described :stuck_out_tongue: it’s 12 people who are also the heads of their respective governments, I just added 3 new people

  • There is a Trade Union of Goblins that is in canon limbo
  • The Zandalari do have a Zanchul Council that includes the Tortollans but not the Vulpera for some reason
  • There was implications that the trolls want to be unified once more, and still look to Zandalar for guidance
  • The various Loa Priests also are part of the Zanchuli
  • The Kalimdor Tauren already exist in federation, as do the Highmountain Tauren, they just aren’t unified
  • Silvermoon does have a Triumvirate under Lorthemar, but Convocation is still schrodinger’s canon like the Goblin Trade Union
  • Hozen allied with the Horde like the Jinyu did the Alliance but that’s yet to be seen
  • Thrall is already chief of the ogres/etc part of the Horde
  • Etc

What you’ve done is give subcouncils for each representative race, which I assume would vote on matters and then have the representative give their result to the council. But what would happen if those subcouncils get deadlocked and miss the deadline? Their representative would have to not give a decision on whatever the matter is. Then there’s your proposal that the Vulpera be a part of the Zanchuli council, which would either take Kiro off the council or give the Vulpera more significance since their vote would be added to both themselves and the Zandalari. It’s confusing.

Nah, it’s just denoting the internal governance of each race.

Lorthemar decides on behalf of the blood elves as Head of State and Government in matters concerning the Horde.

However in matters concerning the internal governance of Quel’thalas, that is a matter of the standing Statocracy (Magisters, Farstriders, Blood Knights) under his Regency.

It’s how the Holy Roman Empire worked un Habsburg rule, in fact. Confederate Electoral Monarchy with regional autonomy based on Royal Audiences dependent on territories dependent on local Viceroys or appointed Royal Audience Presidents.

Nah it’d double dip.

Kiro is part of the Horde Council on the basis of race, and Lashk should be there too.

But both Lashk and Kiro have their people living on Zandalar, and thus Kiro should’ve been included next to Lashk on the Zanchuli Council.

I mean, it’s fairly simple.

Troll + Zandalarian Races = Talanji, Rokhan, Kiro, and Lashk
Horde Pandaren + Horde-alligned Pandaria Races = Ji and Monkey King

Kiro and Lashk have a voice for their people for the Whole Horde, but also help Talanji in the governance of Zandalar.

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I see, I understand better now. Now that I know, making Calia the representative is a bold choice.


Again, in a wish granted scenario, the Forsaken future development is:

  1. Primus helps Helya move past her trauma and beats up Odyn for trying to usurp the Shadowlands, Helya is now an ally to the Forsaken, Kvaldir join the Forsaken Navy
  2. Primus takes responsibility for the Forsaken, teaches them Proper Necromancy so they don’t rot and eventually wither away
  3. Forsaken are drafted as the House of the Forsaken, the Primus charges them with making sure the Sepulcher is protected (probably on Azeroth, but we’ll see)
  4. Calia is assigned Margrave of the Forsaken, and she’s taught Necromancy to help her people
  5. Some Calia vs Arthas vs Zovaal drama that causes Calia to obtain a Shadow Form (after all, if she’s Light Undead, then that coin can be reversed like a Naaru).

side note made this thread:


I don’t think Helya should be anything other than a villain (which she is). Helya’s far outdone Odyn in terms of ‘bad things’ done - let her just die for bloody real.

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