I want to raid, but I don't want a 2nd job

LFR hasn’t been this since Mists.

After Mists they trashed it into “tourist mode” garbage and it never recovered

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Could you get 1 ready? Do you have to raid on 2 from the start?

I want to raid, but I don’t want to do all that garbage outside of raids :+1:

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Are you sure? According to data only about 10% of the player base actually plays that way.

your correct some. i’m one of those people who are if i cant challenge myself i wont bother lol thanks for correction you… cute furry creature

Shadowlands is looking way better for upkeep.

No AP grind alone already puts it head and shoulders above BFA and Legion. Anything beyond your weekly M15, Torghast clears and 2 ranks of renown is pretty much pure fluff.

I thought I was going to get SL and that I’d jump right back into raiding with a guild but the closer SL got, the realization I would have to wait and wait and wait for flying and the fact that I do NOT want a “wow schedule” made me not even get SL.

When I do come back I’ve resigned myself to just be a casual. I just can’t stand the thought of a raid schedule. Maybe I’ll try to pug my way through heroic here and there. Or maybe I’ll just stick to M+.

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A lot of us did . The following thread has been going since August.

This was all about separating the power from the cosmetics.

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The soul ash you get for completing a layer is part of what you need for your legendaries . So yeah it does give something.

Last I checked, classes and specs have more than a 5% variance between them in DPS, yet most players will still take the class to a raid that they prefer playing. If a difference in DPS was really that important, you’d have a full raid made up of only the class/spec that is the strongest and only the tank with most dps.

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People make assumptions and treat them as fact.

My guild raids for 3 hours, 2 nights per week. I hardly call that a 2nd job.

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4-5 hours of wow a day from the launch of SL to the release of Castle Nathria is more than enough time for you to have one, and even two characters to 60, and in full heroic dungeon gear. Raids aren’t magically going to require 190ilvl to enter on day 1. If you start your own pugs and limit it to 171 ilvl, I bet you’ll struggle, but most groups, even geared will struggle. But you’ll be able to get a raid going day 1 no problem.

Torghast doesn’t give gear though… legendary mats yes, but not gear… and WHY ONLY 6 FLOORS PER LEVEL?!

It’s not the raiding itself that’s the problem but the copious amounts of grinding up a character’s gear, soulbinds, soul ash, etc. that make it feel like a 2nd job.

I LOVE the actual raiding itself. I just wish the time investment to bring a decently geared character was a bit lower (and it definitely has been in past xpacs).

I think you’re just flat out playing the wrong game entirely if you don’t want a 2nd job. Pretty much every endgame activity in this game is like having a part time job.

Gearing for raids didn’t feel like a job back in Cata-MoP for me so I feel like they can make the same true these days but actively choose not to do so.

I stopped giving a flip about raiding stuff. Did it. Done it. Ova. I do the campaign, find treasures, LFR when I want to see the raids, help guildies with mythics or heroics. Much more fun when you realize just to relax and enjoy yourself rather than playing because you HAVE to do _________ or _________.

Imagine being able to raid without having to have a second job. You just show up, play an amazing series of boss fights or even just a single over the top well designed boss fight for an hour or two 1-3 nights a week, and every few months the creators patched in new raids, bosses, dungeons, and you could play Torghast if you wanted but it wasn’t necessary and it was just for rewards that were unrelated to gear.

Imagine just doing the stuff you want to do and none of the tedious chores that this game forces you to do in order to reward you with allowing you to do the one thing you want to do.

Imagine just having your stuff done for the day/week and having a myriad of other stuff you could choose to do or not and just hanging out with your friends doing stuff that isn’t related to an endless treadmill but is still fun and supported content that is also challenging but not absolutely necessary for a raid-or-die person.

Imagine if the developers respected your time like at all.

There’s a free trial for FFXIV where you can play it till level 60, unfortunately you have to get through a main story quest that is 100x longer than shadowlands but its infinitely better designed, paced, and the writing is so vastly better its basically like watching a TV series until endgame. Also you can do endgame stuff as a low level player and you will make lots of friends playing with level capped players long before. Also you don’t have to do the main story more than once because you can play every class on one character.

Imagine if WoW’s devs weren’t cynically trying to force /played time to be as high as possible and they just constructed content around what’s fun and just doing that for 10 hrs a week instead of blizzard sprinkling the fun things into a schedule of 40 hours a week with 30 hours of mediocrity, frustration, tedium, and a total lack or respect for its players.

I gave shadowlands a chance, finished the story, but once again its endless world quest grinds, torghast sucks and is a very bad version of FFXIV’s deep dungeons. This is just BFA 2.0. Get out before you spend two years again waiting for it to get better.

When has raiding not taken alot of extra work outside of the actual raid? Its always been like that.