I told you so

Oh the melodrama!

One person having ten thousand gold significantly affects a servers economy for eternity.

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Is that like normal drama but like… Sweeter? Sounds yummy. Like something you put on a sandwich


The problem is it isn’t just one person it’s entire Guilds. Farming MC and Onyxia multiple times without lockouts. Speed farming certain dungeon bosses without instance resets to attain 100’s of patterns and BoE’s instead of the typical few.

I hope these Guilds get banned and most importantly that items get deleted. As Blizzard stated this was an obvious exploit and they will take action on punishment. Just hope they can fix the economy as well.

PS- Don’t feed the obvious trolls.

Is used layering to make 1 copper.
Pls dont report me for exploiting :c

this was massively abused.

Yeah I’m going to need some evidence here. Where are you getting your data?

Go watch the video, then go google since you don’t understand.

I understand your argument, I disagree with it.

If you can’t figure out how there are 100’s of times the amount of material that there should be

Other than the instanced layer abuse, there should not be more material in-game than there otherwise would be. There are finite layers, and the amount of layers scales with the amount of players in the server. The rate of materials:players then will be fairly consistent (and material:players is supply:demand). It may concentrate those materials to fewer people (and Blizzard has already said they’re monitoring this), but the overall supply is not increasing more than normal.

prices to drop 10-15 times the price they should be

What prices are 10-15x lower than they should be? What’s your baseline for where a price “should be” in Classic?


I agree with you I was just making the point that ONE person ALONE can affect an entire servers economy forever. For example one person with that much gold could decide to corner the market on rares pricing out new players from ever being able to buy them.

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That is a true point. Even 1 person can make a difference. Just there are 100s. Hopefully we stop seeing exploited runs and items sold now in world chat. I am on a big server and there are 100’s of items that should be rare. It’s actually hard to even sell some patterns/BoE as there are vastly more than there should be because of the manner in which this exploit was done to save so much time and bypass lock out mechanics.

Person does a Dungeon legitimately gets an awesome Epic pattern goes to sell it, only to see some guilds that exploited the dungeons and has tons of patterns for sale tanking the prices drastically. It feels bad. Makes it hard for legitimate people to make gold. Gonna be hard to get an Epic mount when you find great items and the price is 10-15 time less than it should be because people exploit farmed them.

The only answer is to remove the items that were farmed and any gold associated with it from the economy.

And players could farm rares and make a lot of gold selling to him, thus putting that one person’s gold out in the world. That one person would only affect the AH. Each zone has their own General Chat. Players could buy/sell there and not touch the AH at all.

What you are experiencing is because players haven’t entered into trade agreements yet and formed cartels. That will happen soon.

When I hit 40 I went to the AH to pick up the pattern to teach the riding skill enchant. Every enchant pattern except that one was available for less than 5g. Most less than 1g. Every single riding skill enchant was 150g. This is what will happen with every rare in the future but the market will be controlled by people who exploited instead of developing naturally.

Archmage robe patterns dropped from 600g to 100g overnight from the sheer amount of people farming it with the bug.

If you need evidence at this point, your either blind or hopeless.

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Well there is 100,000’s of extra gold in the economy though. There was a Reddit thread of just 1 guild that exploited strat to make this. This exploit was known for almost 2 weeks so this will be interesting how it is handles. Just reading all the threads now you have to shake your head. I know cartels happen but the economy got really trashed by this so not sure how it can be happened or how it will change anything like that when so many extra materials and gold exist.