I told you so

I told you layering would ruin servers and kill their economy’s
but no you said no “how could this kill servers lol who cares about ah prices” “who cares if people use layering to farm mobs let them play how they want XD” “put you’re tinfoil hat on” now you got some dude saying he made 10k doing Strat live runs after have killed Balnazzar over and over again.
but yeah we sure did need Layoring, glad we got over a million Devilsaur leathers and black lotus


Do you have any evidence whatsoever that the exploiters have significantly affected any server’s economy?


actually i made more , i made around 1 milion gold^^ using this method. gonna buy the whole server now.


I’m not for sale…
Wait 1 million??


layering has been bad for the game, but it’s too late now. just hope blizzard cleans a lot of the mess it caused.

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actually i made around 3-4 milions but im hiding taxes ^^ so shhhhh!


So glad there is another post about this ty.


Only 4 million?

Tsk tsk :stuck_out_tongue:


l still dont see how this would even remotely affect more than a handful of players.

Theres no way it affects someone like you.

Citation needed.


Yes, look at the price of flame sacs on whitemane, an item that’s normally around 1g is going for 15s (an item used in mandatory fire resist pots might I add, that are still top tier until AQ). There’s plenty of others that I’m sure you could find if you just look, I heard Free Action Potions were also going for around the same price and just the thought that greens could be mass farmed leads to substantial implications for enchanting mats. “I’ve not seen it myself so it doesn’t exist” is a very poor way to look at things.

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Normally around 1g where? What’s the evidence that this is being affected by exploiters and isn’t the natural price of the item on the server, given that it’s an extremely high population server with a lot of higher tier players pushing high levels?


Buy them up, when more people hit 60 they will be needed.


Exactly. Correlation does not mean causation. You have a bunch of people pushing the same content, all with 15 years of knowledge telling them that flame sacs are worth money, so they go farm the crap out of them for mount money, which drives the price down. And hell, mass farming of greens is something that has gone on in the live game for years. I know I’ve spammed old dungeons on my 120 warlock and disenchanted everything to sell on the AH before.


For the launches of Nost/Lights Hope/Elysium (which included dynamic spawns and a higher spawn rate, something you can check on their github page by looking at the drop rates in the world DB) flame sacs sold for 1+g for all of T1 and T2, not to mention that these items are part of the consumes you are generally expected to bring to a raid until you’re in AQ there is a substantial demand for them which leads to it being a very lucritive revenue stream, on top of this and the whelps generally being farmed 24/7 for these sacs on a server with around the same population as whitemane currently hosts that included dynamic respawns they still sold for 1g within the first month of launch for all 3 servers and did not see a drop in value until BWL was no longer current content. There is no other reasonable explanation for such a substantial loss in value than that these items are being acquired at a far greater rate than they normally would which anyone who knows anything about economic can tell you will inevitably lead to a drastically lower price, even if you ignore past evidence you cannot ignore the blatant fact that +supply = -price which is a constant in any situation relating to the buying and selling of goods.

But we already had that previously on other servers with nearly the same population sizes and it’s still been the same prices.

Yeah, because private servers are a reliable source for actual numbers. Definitely. < /sarcasm >

Actually, there are plenty of reasonable explanations for the substantial loss in value. Addons like Auctioneer have a function that scans the AH, finds the lowest price, and then allows you to undercut it. It is a really popular addon, especially with people looking to make gold.

This leads into another factor: people who tank the market to make quick gold. They undercut the cheapest price by a lot, looking to get a quick sale. This cycles into people using the addons undercutting more, which leads to further cutting of the market. There’s plenty of items on the AH on my server that are literally listed below the vendor price.

But the most damning reason why this isn’t because of layering? Because it predates layering. People have been doing this kind of the live game on the live game since before sharding was even a thing, much less layering.

EDIT: Also, economies will only support prices that the people are willing to pay. When there’s not a lot of gold out there (like currently) prices will be depressed. Most people are in the 20-40 range, and are saving up for mounts, which decreases the available funds for buying items like flame sacs on the AH.


if the matts are cheap the end result will be fiarly cheap too. Also your guildies might be able to keep the guild supplied without needing to grind so hard.

I also feel that most people when they think of how the economy was, forget that the servers are still young, and not the same as the mature server they played on in vanilla. Most people are still in the 40-early 50 range, and either just bought (and are now broke) or saving for their first mount.

this means very few people willing to spend money on anything, unless it’s super cheap. So if you want to sell something the price must be low.

Have seen people trying to sell twink weapons/armour at super high prices. No one has that kinda gold atm (maybe some of the exploiters who made 10k).

You know what would have been worse than the economies MAYBE being slightly wonky due to the layering making it easier to farm things? If we were all still lvl 1 stuck in the starting area trying to get a tag on the quest mobs among 50000 other people.


Years of private servers are far more accurate than no data whatsoever and the only possible inaccuracy would be drop rates which as I can attest is next to unnoticeable with the slight possibility of classic having a slightly lower drop rate.

Aux also exists for 1.12 clients, filling the same roll in a more effective way I would argue.

But it doesn’t, in every instance in which layering was not present prior the prices were at the range the should be yet the only instance it was has seen the value plummet.

People are willing to pay 1G, I’ve sold sacs for that much when the AH clears out (which hasn’t happened in over a week) and if you look at the value of them now you can clearly see the price decline is smooth indicating that it is a series of undercuts resulting in where we are now.

All of this aside, it is pointless to argue if it is a causing factor as it is plain to see how it would lead to an increase in items available to the general playerbase and how that would directly lead to a decrease in prices with everyone posting on the AH wanting to post at a lower value than everyone else in order to sell. To deny this concept is to deny the very fundamentals of economics, surplus leads to lower cost and there is an inevitable surplus when you have more places to acquire what you intend to sell.

When? You only have two posts.


People on the private server were willing to pay the 1G. People on the Classic servers are not.

It has existed prior to layering, because this behavior has been in the live game for at least three expansions now. Maybe not with flame sacs, but plenty of people rounding up everything they can with the help of gold-making guides and auction addons and tanking the market.